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Vincent Morisset, Sean Michaels, Édouard Lanctôt-Benoit and Caroline Robert
2020 | 6 x 15 min
Interactive website for your phone

Selections and Awards

  • Winner - Best Interactive Experience: All CategoriesPrix Gémeaux (2021)

  • Winner - Grand PrizePrix NUMIX (2021)

  • Winner - Online Original Experience Prix NUMIX (2021)

  • Official CompetitionFestival du nouveau cinéma, Montreal, Canada (2020)

  • Honorable MentionAwwwards (2020)

  • FWA of the DayThe FWA Awards, Rippingale, UK (2020)

  • Official SelectionElectric Dreams Online (2020)

  • Official Selection - IDFA Doc Lab SpotlightIDFA Doc Lab, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (2020)

  • WinnerThe Digital Dozen: Breakthroughs in Storytelling Awards, New York, U.S.A. (2021)

  • Winner – Prix nouvelles écrituresFIPADOC - SMART, Biarritz, France, (2021)

A curious adventure that reaches through walls

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Vincent Morisset
Director (AATOAA)

Vincent Morisset

Vincent Morisset is a director and the founder of AATOAA studio. Morisset first came to prominence through his collaborations with the band Arcade Fire: Neon Bible is considered the first interactive music video; Just a Reflektor won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Creative Achievement – Original Interactive Program. He also directed Sigur Rós’s live experience Inni and the groundbreaking interactive projects BLA BLA, Way to Go and Vast Body. Some of Morisset’s appearances include Sundance, Venice Days, TIFF, the Japan Media Arts Festival, SXSW, the Museum of the Moving Image and the Cooper Hewitt Design Triennial.


Sean Michaels

Sean Michaels

Sean Michaels is a novelist, short-story writer and critic. Born in Stirling, Scotland, and raised in Ottawa, he eventually settled in Montreal, where he founded the pioneering music blog Said the Gramophone. His debut novel, Us Conductors, received the Scotiabank Giller Prize and the QWF Paragraphe Hugh MacLennan Prize for Fiction, and was nominated for the Amazon.ca First Novel Award, the Kirkus Prize, the International DUBLIN Literary Award and (in translation) the Prix des libraires du Québec. His second novel, The Wagers, was published in 2019. Sean’s award-winning writing has also appeared in The Observer, McSweeney’s, The Guardian, Pitchfork, The Walrus and The Globe & Mail. He enjoys cold water, warm madeleines, and songs with colours in their titles.


Édouard Lanctôt-Benoit
Programmer (AATOAA)

Édouard Lanctôt-Benoit

Édouard Lanctôt-Benoit is a creative developer and technical director. Forging a way through uncharted territories, he pushes web technologies (WebGL, WebVR, WebAudio, computer vision, etc.) to levels of sophistication rarely matched. He joined AATOAA in 2010, bringing with him his boss-level skills in the development and creation of interactive videos and installations.


Caroline Robert
Editor (AATOAA)

Caroline Robert

Caroline Robert is a multi-disciplinary artist admired for a timeless, signature style that bridges handmade craft and modern technology. As an artistic director and endless fountain of ideas, she wears an impressive variety of hats: illustration, animation, graphic design, UI, photography, video, sets, costumes and, for the first time in Motto, experimental video editing. Caroline has played a central role in all of AATOAA’s past projects; as designer of the iconic artworks for Arcade Fire’s albums Reflektor and The Suburbs, she received a Grammy Award for Best Recording Package.


Marie-Pier Gauthier
Producer (NFB)

Marie-Pier Gauthier

Marie-Pier Gauthier is a producer at the NFB’s Montreal Interactive Studio and has been contributing to this rich narrative laboratory for the past eight years. Whether it’s digital creation on mobile phones or on the web, interactive installations or virtual or augmented reality projects, she supervises the execution of projects by innovative creators working at the crossroads of different disciplines. She produces projects using a range of storytelling tools, including social networks, code, design, artificial intelligence, and conversational robots. With degrees in journalism and interactive production, Marie-Pier has collaborated on more than 100 interactive works (including The EnemyDo Not Track, and Way to Go) which have received more than 100 awards in Canada and abroad. Marie-Pier is the first woman to occupy the role of producer at the Interactive Studio.

Louis-Richard Tremblay
Executive Producer (NFB)

Louis-Richard Tremblay

As an Executive Producer, Louis-Richard works at the converging point between documentary and technology and is involved in projects where interactivity helps to explain phenomena that affect individuals and societies. Trained in political science, he veered into radio and architecture before collaborating on the multi-platform media Bandeapart.fm and the creation of digital journalism units at Radio-Canada. His recent productions explore mobile experiences and immersive environments in virtual reality.


Created by Vincent Morisset, Sean Michaels, Édouard Lanctôt-Benoit and Caroline Robert. Developed by the studio AATOAA.
Produced by the National Film Board of Canada.


Directed by
Vincent Morisset

Written by
Sean Michaels

Coded by
Édouard Lanctôt-Benoit

Editing by
Caroline Robert

Caroline Robert & Vincent Morisset

National Film Board of Canada

Marie-Pier Gauthier

Executive Producers
Louis-Richard Tremblay
Hugues Sweeney

Production Manager
Marie-Eve Babineau

Technology Director
Martin Viau

Editorial Managers
Valérie Darveau
Laurence Dolbec

Senior Production Coordinator
Léa Graziella Formigli

Interactive Media Coordinator
Caroline Fournier

Marie-Andrée Bonneau

Senior Administrative Coordinator
Claudia Boutin

Production Coordinator
Dominique Brunet

Information Technology
Sergiu Suciu

Marketing Manager
Laurianne Desormiers

Marketing Coordinator
Stéphanie Quevillon

Social Media Strategists
Emilie Nguyen Ngoc
Hannah Martin

Community Managers
Alyssia Duval-Nguon
Melissa Sauvé

Press Relations
Nadine Viau
Jennifer Mair

Legal Services
Christian Pitchen


Fixer (Chili)
Pablo Esquer

Fadwa Lapierre

Archive Footage

Aaron Morris
Albert Courtemanche & Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec
Apollo missions, NASA

Caroline Robert & Vincent Morisset
Conrad Poirier & Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec
Justin Bilton via Storyful
Metropolitan Museum of Art

Wikimedia Commons

First Contributions

Aaron Varquero, Aimée Kassi, Alexe Louisa, Angel Carpio, Anne-Marie Lavigne, Astrid Feringa, Aymane Sahrane, Benedicte Kurzen, Camille Foisy, Carl Ruttan, Chilandre Patry, Deborah Chèrenfant, Diana Aziz, Diderik Evers, Dorothy Alexandre, Éricka Alnéus, Erwin Verbruggen, Eva van Dijk, Ewelyn Wnek, Fanny Robert, Francois Turcotte, Gígja Reynisdóttir, Greta Petronio, Guillaume Lee-Millier, Hamza Abouelouafaa, Harm Croockewit, Inge Bongers, Israel Hernandez Ruiz Velasco, Jean-Michel Portail, Jean-Philippe Côté, Jessie Dorélien, Jessy Thermil, JF Nadeau, Jorge Camarotti, Jumoke Sanwo, Kevin Plasman, Leisa Lee, Lily Tremblay-Viau, Lyne Godin, Marianne Bourdages, Marisol de Santis, Matteo Frescobaldi, Nancy Thibodeau, Nicholas Klassen, Nicolas Ouellet, Nizar Lachqar, Pascale Daigle, Pascale Tetrault, Perry-Delphine Séraphin, Peter Antoine, PM Fortin, Quirine Racké, Rachid Sahrane, Rafaella Wang, Ravenne Portail, Rosalie Léonard, Sabrina Lachqar, Samantha Pietro, Sanne De Wilde, Sarah Spring, Sophia Jasmin, Sophie Robert, Soumia Sahrane, Stephane Buellet, Stephane Lafleur, Stevens Charles, Tawan Arun, Tracy Maurice, Yazmin Solorzano, Ying Gao

Special Thanks

Andrea Costabal, Arlen & Jan Michaels, Canadian Museum of Nature, Casadel Films, Caspar Sonnen, Catherine Emmanuel Brunet, Claudette Raymond, Daniela Ábrigo, Emily Wood, Gabi, IDFA Doclab, Jessie Van Vreden, Lily Jeanne Babineau, Marcela Cavallaro, Marisol Bacunan, Martin Babineau, Neues Museum, Québec’s public daycare system, Raul Titerman, Rolando Santana, Samantha Pietro, Sandro Perri, Sylvain Mazas, The Morisset family, The Pereda family, The Robert family, Thea Metcalfe & Miro, Thierry Sirois

Press Relations

  • About AATOAA

    AATOAA (pronounced “à toi”, meaning “yours” but also “your turn” in French) is a Montreal-based studio dedicated to original productions. For over a decade, the small team — an internationally acclaimed dream squad — has been recasting how we experience the Internet, music videos, virtual reality, video games, album artwork and films. They’ve worked with Arcade Fire, Google, Sigur Ros, Red Bull and Skrillex. The studio has been awarded with an Emmy, the Art Directors Club Tomorrow Award, six Webbys and the FWA People’s Choice Award.

  • About the NFB

    The National Film Board of Canada (NFB) is one of the world’s leading digital content hubs, creating groundbreaking interactive documentaries and animation, mobile content, installations and participatory experiences. NFB interactive productions and digital platforms have won over 100 awards, including 21 Webbys. To access this unique content, visit NFB.ca.