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A film for computer by Vincent Morisset (AATOAA)
2011 | 5 min

Selections and Awards

  • Capitaine Futur ExhibitionGaité Lyrique 2012

  • Signal for Real Official SelectionInternational Film Festival Rotterdam 2012

  • No Comment ExhibitionMuseum of Art of the Seoul National University 2013

  • Netart CategoryWebby Awards 2012

  • Interactive Awards Champion - Art CategorySXSW 2012

  • Excellent Prize - Art CategoryJapan Media Arts Festival 2012

  • Grand Prix Site Web CulturelGrafika 2012

  • Innovation AwardFestival du nouveau cinéma 2011

  • Grand prix Fou mais formidableBoomerang Infopresse 2011

  • Site of the Day (August 24, 2011)FWA Awards 2011


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Vincent Morisset
Photo : John Londono

Vincent Morisset

Vincent Morisset (1976) is an explorer whose work revolves around existing or imagined borders, acknowledging them for the pleasure of blurring them. Taking off from familiar grounds, he then takes a step back and hands us the steering wheel to shape the paths he opened. Embarking with Vincent is a truly transformative trip, in which routine online and offline interactions and everyday mediums become the keys to compelling and unique stories. vincentmorisset.com

Philippe Lambert
Sound, Music and Voice
Photo : Minelly Kamemura

Philippe Lambert

For more than 12 years, Philippe Lambert has been exploring the outer limits of the human voice. Obsessed by voice as pure sound, he regularly performs in the Montréal experimental scene under the name Monstre(Alien8Recordings). He also has been collaborating with NY percussionist Will Glass(Dirty Projectors) as Monkey King. With his psychedelic rock band Goa, he recorded 3 albums and played multiple festivals in Canada and the US. Lately, he has been composing for Les esprits frappeurs, a project focusing on digital voice and 16 mm film projections with musician Alexandre St-Onge and filmmaker Karl Lemieux (Mamori).


Caroline Robert
Visual Design and Animation
Photo : Minelly Kamemura

Caroline Robert

Caroline Robert (1983) is a multi-disciplinary artist celebrated for her timeless signature that bridges handmade craft and technologies. Artistic director and invaluable source of ideas, she wears an impressive amount of hats: animation, costume design, video, illustration, print, set design, photography, user interface… Caroline also designed the iconic artworks of Arcade Fire’s two albums The Suburbs and Reflektor. She is the love of Vincent’s life. http://caroline-robert.com

Édouard Lanctôt-Benoit
Programming and Technology
Photo : Minelly Kamemura

Édouard Lanctôt-Benoit

Édouard Lanctôt-Benoit (1989) is a creative developer and technical director who belongs to the distinguished league of coding geniuses. Fending his way through uncharted territories, he pushes web technologies (WebGL, WebVR, WebAudio, computer vision, etc.) to levels of sophistication rarely matched. He joined AATOAA in 2010, where he brings his boss-level skills in the development and creation of interactive videos and installations. http://www.edouardlb.com

Hugues Sweeney
Producer (NFB)

Hugues Sweeney

Hugues Sweeney has a background in philosophy (Dominican College of Philosophy and Theology, Ottawa) and multimedia (UQAM). From 2000 to 2007, he worked as head of Radio-Canada’s Bande à part multi-platform project (Web, radio and television) before going on to head programming at Espace Musique from 2007 to 2009. He has since joined the NFB, where his work includes developing interactive productions anchored in the great traditions of animation and documentary.


Creation: AATOAA
Production: National Film Board of Canada

Hugues Sweeney (production), Édouard Lanctôt-Benoit(programming), Vincent Morisset (direction), Caroline Robert (visual), Philippe Lambert (sound). © Minelly Kamemura


Vincent Morisset (AATOAA)

Sound, Music and Voice
Philippe Lambert

Programming and Technology
Édouard Lanctôt-Benoit (AATOAA)

Visual Design and Animation
Caroline Robert (AATOAA)

Puppet Armature Design
Jean-François Lévesque

Vincent Lambert

Minelly Kamemura

Additional Prototype Programming
Mathieu Campagna

Prototype 3D Modelling and Animation
Joshua Sherrett
Jonathan Fleming-Bock


Hugues Sweeney

Manon Provencher

Project Manager
Dominique Willieme

Production Coordinator
Hélène Regimbal

Interactivity Officer
Anne-Marie Lavigne

Martin Viau

Administrative Assistant
Lise Lévesque

Information Technology
Pierre Métras 
Sergiu Suciu
Bruno Gervasi

Marketing Manager
Sophie Thouin
assisted by Karine Sévigny

Press Relations
Stéphane Burelle
Pat Dillon Moore

Legal Services
Stéphanie L’Écuyer


Rose Paquet
Louisa Schabas
Jean-Philippe Fauteux 

Press Relations

  • About AATOAA

    AATOAA (pronounced “à toi”, meaning “yours” but also “your turn” in French) is a Montreal-based studio dedicated to original productions. For over a decade, the small team — an internationally acclaimed dream squad — has been recasting how we experience the Internet, music videos, virtual reality, video games, album artwork and films. They’ve worked with Arcade Fire, Google, Sigur Ros, Red Bull and Skrillex. The studio has been awarded with an Emmy, the Art Directors Club Tomorrow Award, six Webbys and the FWA People’s Choice Award.

  • About the NFB

    The National Film Board of Canada (NFB) is one of the world’s leading digital content hubs, creating groundbreaking interactive documentaries and animation, mobile content, installations and participatory experiences. NFB interactive productions and digital platforms have won over 100 awards, including 21 Webbys. To access this unique content, visit NFB.ca.