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Shop Class

Hart Snider
2018 | 8 min 49 s



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Hart Snider
Writer, Director
Photo : NFB

Hart Snider

Hart Snider is a filmmaker who tells personal, funny, and ultimately inspirational stories about his childhood and teenage years in Edmonton, Alberta.

His first animated short, The Basketball Game (2011), won Best Animated Film at the ViewFinders International Film Festival and was nominated for four Leo Awards. The short aired nationally on the CBC and was formally recognized by the Alberta government for being “innovative and thought-provoking” and “informing audiences on how hate and discrimination impact children.”

Hart’s latest projects include I Am Heath Ledger (2017), which he wrote and edited, and working as the story editor/editor on the National Geographic series Facing… (2016) and an upcoming NFB feature doc about the National Youth Orchestra of Canada.

Hart has an MA in Media Studies from Concordia University in Montreal. He lives in Vancouver and can usually be found either in an edit suite or at the park with his wife Galit, daughter Leora, and dog Wolfie.

Shirley Vercruysse
Producer, Executive Producer
Photo : Emily Cooper

Shirley Vercruysse

Shirley Vercruysse is the Executive Producer of the National Film Board of Canada’s BC & Yukon Studio, where she leads the team producing documentary and animation projects. The studio’s latest projects include the feature-length musical documentary The Road Forward; the animated feature film Window Horses; the animated shorts I AM HERE, The Mountain of SGaana and Shop Class; the mid-length documentary Beauty; the soon-to-be-released feature doc That Higher Level; and the documentary series True North: Inside the Rise of Toronto Basketball.

Teri Snelgrove
Associate Producer
Photo : Emily Cooper

Teri Snelgrove

Teri Snelgrove is the Associate Producer at the National Film Board of Canada’s BC & Yukon Studio, where she’s worked on acclaimed documentaries such as Highway to Heaven (Sandra Ignagni), Because We Are Girls (Baljit Sangra), The Road Forward (Marie Clements), Debris (John Bolton), and Beauty (Christina Willings), as well as the interactive project Bread (Mariette Sluyter). She’s also worked on several animated films, including The Mountain of SGaana (Christopher Auchter), Shop Class (Hart Snider), and The Zoo (Julia Kwan). Teri is a Newfoundlander and a graduate of the film/video program at the Emily Carr Institute (now University).


Written and Directed
by Hart Snider

Fred Ewanuick

Shirley Vercruysse

Associate Producer
Teri Snelgrove

Original Music and Sound Design
Adam Damelin

Production Supervisor
Jennifer Roworth

Production Coordinators
Kathleen Jayme
Justin Mah
Kristyn Stilling

Technical Coordinator
Wes Machnikowski

Studio Administrator
Carla Jones

Re-Recording Mixer
Chris McIntosh

Sound Mix Facility
Postal Audio

Brad Gibson
Jesse Cote
Eban Sullivan
Carlos Rossell
Michelle Clement
Jason Campbell
Sophia Sunju Lee

Animation Supervisor
Brad Gibson

Background Design
Jesse Cote

Character Design
Sean Covernton
Eben Sullivan

Hart Snider

Story Consultant
Elan Mastai

Special Thanks to

Barry Cooper
Danny Freedman
Mike Felber
Shohan Felber

Shuyler Jansen
Sandy Coles
Mike Silverman
Michelle Van Beusekom
Brian Horwitz
Michael Fukushima
Dani Elias
Heather Puttock
Galit Mastai
Leora Mastai-Snider

Executive Producer
Shirley Vercruysse



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