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This November, stream a wealth of new documentaries on nfb.ca


October 26, 2023 – Montreal – National Film Board of Canada (NFB)

The month of November will see even more films made available for free streaming on nfb.ca, with a generous and diverse selection drawn from the NFB’s studios across the country.

This latest curated offering shines the spotlight on documentary creation at the NFB, with five feature films making their online debuts, including several award winners: Beyond Paper, directed by Oana Suteu Khintirian, Anything for Fame by Tyler Funk, Lay Down Your Heart by Marie Clements, KOROMOUSSO: Big Sister by Habibata Ouarme and Jim Donovan, and The Secret Order by Phil Comeau. Three themed channels are also available, complementing a number of new documentaries.

In all, nfb.ca now features more than 6,000 online films and a collection of more than 100 interactive works.

Reminder – On October 28, celebrate International Animation Day

  • Theodore Ushev: Unseen Connections by Borislav Kolev (2022, Projector Ltd. [Bulgaria] / NFB’s French Program Animation Studio)
    Documentary feature (78 min)
    Press kit: mediaspace.nfb.ca/epk/theodore-ushev-unseen-connections

    Theodore Ushev is the auteur behind a number of renowned animated shorts. In this documentary, he reveals his inner universe, formed by a half-century of personal experience acquired in a constantly changing world. The film was selected to screen at many festivals in Canada and Europe and won the Best Bulgarian Documentary Award at the Master of Art Film Festival.

  • Collection curator Camilo Martín-Flórez has written a blog post about the filmmaker, Theodore Ushev: More Than Two Decades of Animation Innovation, to shine a spotlight on his impressive body of work at the NFB. Eleven of his films are available on nfb.ca.

Reminder – Starting October 31

  • Undertaker for Life! by Georges Hannan (2022, NFB’s Quebec, Canadian Francophonie & Acadian Documentary Studio in Moncton)
    Documentary feature (52 min)
    Press kit: mediaspace.nfb.ca/epk/undertaker-for-life

    Undertakers are anything but gloomy; they’re funny, generous and dedicated. We would gladly go on vacation with them, but sadly, they never have any dead time. This film won an award at the Festival international du cinéma francophone en Acadie (FICFA) and is the first film from Acadie to win a Gémeaux award for Best Documentary Program or Series: Society.

  • Halloween Channel
    Fill a bowl with candy and turn out the lights: this chilling channel features 27 animated films that will have you quaking in fright.

Starting November 1

  • Beyond Paper by Oana Suteu Khintirian (2022, NFB’s Quebec, Canadian Francophonie & Acadian Documentary Studio)
    Feature documentary (130 min)
    Press kit: mediaspace.nfb.ca/epk/beyond-paper

    In the age of the virtual revolution, a filmmaker travels the world, navigating between the paper and digital realms to understand the future of human memory and the transmission of knowledge. A fascinating, personal quest with universal resonance. The film has been selected by festivals both in Canada and internationally, and won the Best Feature Film – Documentary award at the Festival cinéma du monde de Sherbrooke. It was also released theatrically in Quebec and Toronto, and embarked on a series of successful public screenings in libraries across the country.

Starting November 8

  • Anything for Fame by Tyler Funk (2023, North of Now Films / NFB’s BC & Yukon Studio)
    Feature documentary (85 min)
    Press kit: mediaspace.nfb.ca/epk/anything-for-fame

    In the ruthless “attention economy” of the Internet, young influencers gamble everything for fame-‘n’-fortune. A startling and timely study of contemporary celebrityAnything for Fame ventures into the virtual Wild West to profile an ambitious—and reckless—new breed of content creator.

  • Being Young Channel
    A selection of about 20 animated and documentary films released between the 1960s and now, depicting young people and their unique perspectives, featuring Star Wars Kid: The Rise of the Digital Shadows (2022) by Mathieu Fournier, among others.

Starting November 13

Lay Down Your Heart by Marie Clements (2022, NFB’s BC & Yukon Studio)
Feature documentary (70 min)
Press kit: mediaspace.nfb.ca/epk/laydownyourheart

An intimate look into the mind of Niall McNeil, an artist and performer with Down syndrome, and his unique chosen family. Niall introduces us to his many “family members,” his multiple “children,” his renowned “ex-wife” and director of the film Marie Clements, and other bonds forged through open-hearted creativity. The film won the Audience Award – Portraits at the 2022 Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF).

Starting November 25 – to mark International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

KOROMOUSSO: Big Sister by Habibata Ouarme and Jim Donovan (2023, NFB’s Quebec, Canadian Francophonie & Acadian Documentary Studio)
Feature documentary (75 min)
Press kit: mediaspace.nfb.ca/epk/koromousso

  • Filled with candor, hope and courage, the film features a group of African-Canadian women who break cultural taboos surrounding female sexuality, support each other in overcoming the trauma of female genital mutilation, and take back ownership of their bodies. The film premiered at the Human Rights Watch Film Festival (Toronto, London and New York City) and received an honourable mention in the feature documentary category at the Female Eye Film Festival in Toronto. It has just been selected to screen at the Montreal International Documentary Festival (RIDM).

  • Women’s Rights and Emancipation Channel

    This selection of over 25 animated and documentary films challenges cultural taboos surrounding women’s rights, their sexuality and their fight for bodily autonomy. Just out of the vaults, don’t miss Black, Bold and Beautiful (1999) by Nadine Valcin and The Best Time of My Life: Portraits of Women in Mid-life (1985) by Patricia Watson.

Starting November 28

  • The Secret Order by Phil Comeau (2022, NFB’s Quebec, Canadian Francophonie & Acadian Documentary Studio, in collaboration with Unis TV)
    Feature documentary (85 min)
    Press kit: mediaspace.nfb.ca/epk/the-secret-order

    Phil Comeau shines a spotlight on the Ordre de Jacques-Cartier, a powerful secret society that operated from 1926 to 1965, infiltrating every sector of Canadian society. A gripping portrait of the social and political struggles of Canadian francophone-minority communities. The film received a special jury award as well as the Coup de cœur du public (people’s choice award) at FICFA 2022, along with a Documentary Feature Special Jury Award at the Cinema on the Bayou Film Festival in Lafayette, Louisiana. It will be broadcast on Unis TV on Monday, November 27, at 9 p.m. EST.

  • Unusual Stories Channel
    Strange and mysterious stories, unusual and bizarre situations, unique and incredible characters! This is what makes up this selection of 18 unusual films, both animation and documentaries. Watch Lynn Smith’s What Rhymes with Toxic (2021), among others.

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    Founded in 1939, the National Film Board of Canada (NFB) is a one-of-a-kind producer, co-producer and distributor of distinctive, engaging, relevant and innovative documentary and animated films. As a talent incubator, it is one of the world’s leading creative centres. The NFB has enabled Canadians to tell and hear each other’s stories for over eight decades, and its films are a reliable and accessible educational resource. The NFB is also recognized around the world for its expertise in preservation and conservation, and for its rich and vibrant collection of works, which form a pillar of Canada’s cultural heritage. To date, the NFB has produced more than 14,000 works, 6,500 of which can be streamed free of charge at nfb.ca. The NFB and its productions and co-productions have earned over 7,000 awards, including 11 Oscars and an Honorary Academy Award for overall excellence in cinema.