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Theodore Ushev: Unseen Connections

Theodore Ushev : liens invisibles
Borislav Kolev
2022 | 78 min
Bulgarian, English

Awards and Festivals

  • Best Bulgarian DocumentaryMaster of Art Film Festival, Bulgaria (2023)

  • Official Selection – Annecy Classics programAnnecy International Animation Film Festival, France (2023)

  • Official SelectionFestival cinéma du monde de Sherbrooke (2023)

  • Special PresentationOttawa International Animation Festival, Canada (2022)

  • Official SelectionFestival du nouveau cinéma, Montréal, Canada (2022)

  • Official SelectionCineLibri International Book-to-Film Festival (CineLibri IFF), Bulgaria (2022)








Film Subject

Theodore Ushev
Artist, director and animator

Photo : Ludwing Duarte


Borislav Kolev
Director and Producer (Projector Ltd.)

Photo : Miroslav Gaydoshik

Lora Chenakova
Executive Producer (Projector Ltd.)

Photo : Todor Penev

Maria Landova
Writer and Producer (Projector Ltd.)

Photo : Miroslav Gaydoshik

Eli Koleva
Producer (Projector Ltd.)

Photo : Miroslav Gaydoshik

Marc Bertrand
Producer (NFB)

Photo : Valérie Sangin

Christine Noël
Executive Producer (NFB)

Photo : Valérie Sangin


A Projector Ltd. and National Film Board of Canada Co-production

With the support of
Bulgarian National Film Center

With the support of
Sofia Municipality

With the support of
Bulgarian National Television

In co-production with

Directed by
Borislav Kolev

Written by
Maria Landova

Maria Landova
Marc Bertrand
Borislav Kolev
Eli Koleva

Executive Producers
Lora Chenakova
Christine Noël

Director of Photography
Miroslav Gaydoshik

Original score by
Nikola Gruev (Kottarashky)

Songs by
Novi Tsvetya (New Flowers)

Miroslav Gaydoshik

Sound Designer and Re-recording Mixer
Alexander Simeonov, BFSS

With the special participation of
Theodore Ushev

With the participation of
Valya Usheva
Georgi Gospodinov
Albena Mihaylova (Benji)
Galina Lardeva
Hristo Dermendzhiev
Hristo Hristov
Mariana Pancheva
Evgeni Serafimov

Also featuring
Novi Tsvetya (New Flowers)
Ivan Popov (Johnny)
Valery Stoichkov
Krasimir Barakliiski
Angel Pavlov

Colosseum circus performers
Lucrezia Malevolti
Momchil Kolev
Maximilian Kolev
Lucia Koleva
Mario Malevolti
Waldemar Malevolti
Coco the clown (Nikola Boychanov)

Location Sound Mixer
Alexander Simeonov, BFSS

Sound Post-production Facility
Sonus Ltd.

Colour Grading
Miroslav Gaydoshik

Poster Design
Theodore Ushev

Vasil Varbanov

Translation and Subtitling
Hristo Hristov
Svetla Protitch

Darina Dragova

Legal Counsel
Mariana Andreeva

National Film Board of Canada Team

Technical Coordinators
Mira Mailhot
Esther Viragh

Studio Coordinators
Laetitia Seguin
Rose Mercier-Marcotte

Karine Desmeules

Senior Production Coordinator
Josiane Bernardin

Line Producer
Anne-Marie Bousquet

Technical Director
Eric Pouliot

Technical Specialist, Animation
Yannick Grandmont

Online Editor
Serge Verreault

Graphic Design
Mélanie Bouchard

Legal Counsel
Peter Kallianiotis

Marketing Manager
François Jacques

Special thanks to
Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Bulgaria
Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Bulgaria
St. Cyril and Methodius School, Kyustendil, Bulgaria
U P.A.R.K. Gallery, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
DOLCE CASA store, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Annecy International Animation Film Festival, France
Plamen Yordanov

Nina Altaparmakova
Emil Hristov
Tonislav Hristov
Margarita Stefanova
Kerstin Boyadzhiyska
Yovo Nikolov
Ivan Andreev
Radost Kotseva
Yanaki Dermendzhiev
Lyuba Marichkova
Laëtitia Socquet
Véronique Dumon
Luiza Tahmisyan

Songs – Music, Lyrics and Performance by Novi Tsvetya (New Flowers)
“Soft Porn and Hardcore”

Film excerpts from the National Film Board of Canada collection
Tower Bawher, Theodore Ushev © 2005 NFB
Drux Flux, Theodore Ushev © 2008 NFB
Lipsett Diaries, Theodore Ushev © 2010 NFB
Gloria Victoria, Theodore Ushev © 2012 NFB
Blind Vaysha, Theodore Ushev © 2016 NFB
The Physics of Sorrow, Theodore Ushev © 2019 NFB
The Physics of Sorrow – The Technique (Making Of) © 2019 NFB

Excerpts from other films by Theodore Ushev
Nightingales in December, 2011, music by Spencer Krug & Sunset Rubdown
Demoni, 2012
The Sleepwalker © 2015 Unité Centrale / Bonobo Studio
Apocalypsis © 2018 Momenti Foundation
Living in a Box © 2020 Mortadella TV

Archive of performances by Theodore Ushev
Diagonals, Montreal, Canada, designed and programmed by Iregular © 2014 NFB & Quartier des Spectacles
In the Mirror, Dimly, Sofia City Art Gallery, Bulgaria, curated by Adelina Fileva © 2018 Desislava Bineva

Archival Films
Yesterday © 1988 Boyana State Feature Film Studio / Bulgarian National Film Center, directed by Ivan Andonov, written by Vlado Daverov, Krasimir Kostov DOP
Plovdiv. European Capitals of Culture © 1985 BNT, directed by Lyudmil Staykov, written by Angel Wagenstein, Atanas Tasev DOP
Breakfast in the Old Town © 1974 BNT, directed by Vasil Minchev, written by Petar Karaangov, Hristo Ganov, Valentin Hristov DOP

Video Archives
Bulgarian National Television
Annecy International Animation Film Festival / Megapix’ailes Production
Harbour Island Records
Footage by Theodore Ushev
Footage by Stefan Hristov
Footage by Kalin Serapionov
Footage by Desislava Bineva
Theodore Ushev’s personal archive

Bulgarian National Television Archive Team
Nikolay Nanev
Desislava Boyadzhieva
Albena Kostadinova

Photo Archives
Theodore Ushev’s personal archive
Photo by Marc Bertrand

Bulgarian National Film Center

Sofia City of Cinema

© 2022 Projector / National Film Board of Canada

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    NFB Publicist – Montreal
    C.: 514-458-9745

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