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Simon Beaulieu
2019 | 77 min

Selections and Awards

  • Official SelectionRIDM 2019






Simon Beaulieu
Photo : Frédérick Pelletier

Simon Beaulieu

Simon Beaulieu has written and directed three feature-length documentaries exploring the issues of the artist’s engagement with society and the survival of Quebec culture: Lemoyne (2005), Godin (2011) and Miron: un homme revenu d’en dehors du monde (2014). The latter, an experimental documentary about Quebec poet Gaston Miron, has screened at many festivals, including Visions du réel in Switzerland. Beaulieu co-wrote the 2019 feature drama La grande noirceur (The Great Darkened Days), directed by Maxime Giroux. White Noise is Beaulieu’s fourth feature film.

Producer (NFB)
Photo : Sophie Quevillon


Nathalie Cloutier studied Arts and Letters and collaborated on a number of theatre projects early in her career. But after participating in the 1998‒1999 edition of the TV show La Course destination monde, she made a turn towards filmmaking.

In 2003, Nathalie came to the NFB as a production coordinator and worked with teams in Studio A, the International Co-Production Unit and French Program’s Quebec Studio. She later went back to school, studying to be a producer in the documentary program at the Institut national de l’image et du son. After completing the program, she returned to the Film Board, where she has been a producer since 2010.

Nathalie has been involved in producing a number of interactive experiences, including the website The Hole Story Interactive, which accompanied the film The Hole Story, by Richard Desjardins and Robert Monderie; Here at Home, a multi-award-winning website about homelessness; and You, Me, and the Charter, an interactive project directed by Jérémie Battaglia and Vali Fugulin, in collaboration with Urbania magazine.

In addition to her work in interactive productions, Nathalie has also produced and co-produced a number of feature documentaries, including Ariel, by Laura Bari, The Wind at My Door, by Pierre Goupil and Rénald Bellemare, and Little Big Girls, by Hélène Choquette. In 2015, she launched three documentaries that distinguished themselves on the national and international scenes: Ève Lamont’s The Sex Trade; Amer Shomali and Paul Cowan’s The Wanted 18, which premiered at TIFF; and Sophie Deraspe’s The Amina Profile, whose world premiere was at the Sundance Film Festival.



Researched, Written and Directed by
Simon Beaulieu

Nathalie Cloutier

Executive Producer
Colette Loumède

Line Producer
Mélanie Lasnier

René Roberge

Image Treatment
Marc Boucrot

Special Effects and 16-mm Rephotography
Karl Lemieux

Thermal Camera
Simon Beaulieu
Karl Lemieux

Cinematography – Subjective Camera
Simon Beaulieu
Dominic Gagnon
Alexandre Lampron

Original Music
Simon Bélair

Sound Design
Patrice LeBlanc

With commentary by
Ian Angus
Yann Arthus-Bertrand
Jimmy Carter
Jean-Pierre Dupuy
Jean-Claude Guillebaud
Paul Jorion
Naomi Klein
Eric Martin
Guy McPherson
Éric Sadin
Bernard Stiegler

Participants – Camera
Philippe Beauchamp
Yannick Beaulieu
Alexane Bouvrette
Gabriel Brown
Lula Carballo
Karrel Cournoyer
Dimitri Nana-Côté
Valentine Dewavrin
Esperanza Sanchez Espitia
Anouk Vallée-Charest
Jean-Sébastien Girard
Nadine Gomez
Marc-André Goulet
Marius Guindon
Annie Henderson
Benjamin Hogue
Chun Yi Kuo
Gilles Landry
Clara Atri Malézieux
Nicolas Paquet
Christyna Pelletier
Jocelyn Thouin
Dave Wyers

With the participation of
Emmanuel Schwartz

Technical Consultant
Dominic Gagnon

Image Consultant
Karl Lemieux

Studio Filming
Production Manager
Marc-André Faucher

Director of Photography
Alexandre Lampron

Sound Recording
Simon Plouffe

Key Gaffer
Michel Robitaille

Key Grip
Manuel Daigneault

Exterior Filming
Production Manager
Marc-André Faucher

Subjective Camera
Alexandre Lampron

Sound Recording
Simon Plouffe

Thermal Camera Rental
Pierre Dubois

Technical Consultant – Camera
Steve Hallé

Film Development
Niagara Custom Lab

Film Transfers
Bill Holley
Aldo La Ricca

Technical Support – Editing
Pierre Dupont
Isabelle Painchaud
Patrick Trahan

Translation and Subtitling

Mélanie Bouchard

Online Editing
Yannick Carrier

Alexis Farand

Foley Recording
Luc Léger
Geoffrey Mitchell
Bernard Belley

Exterior Foley Recording
Nataq Huault

Isabelle Lussier

Simon Bélair
Fany Fresard 
Julie McInnes 
David Carbonneau 

Music Mix
Olivier Borzeix
Simon Bélair

Music Rights Research
Sylvia Mezei

Additional Music

We Bow Down Before Your Cross
Composed by Piotr Grigorievich Goncharov
Performed by “The Orthodox Singers” male choir
Georgy Smirnov, Choirmaster

Excerpt from the poem
by Alfred de Musset

Legal Advisor
Christian Pitchen

Press Relations
Marie-Claude Lamoureux

Marketing Manager
Karine Sévigny

Marketing Coordinator
Jolène Lessard

Sia Koukoulas

Studio Coordinator
Pascale Savoie-Brideau

Production Coordinator
Chinda Phommarinh

Technical Coordinators
Jean-François Laprise
Mira Mailhot

Line Producer
Mélanie Lasnier

Executive Producer
Colette Loumède

A National Film Board of Canada Production

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