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Where’s Monsieur Pug?

Frima Studio

The Game


Key Elements




Based on the Monsieur Pug short by Janet Perlman

Written By
Janet Perlman
Larry Tremblay

NFB Team

Marc Bertrand

Janet Perlman

Judith Gruber-Stitzer

Project Manager
Marie-Josée Lachance

Production Coordinator
Michèle Labelle

Diane Régimbald

Administrative Team
Diane Ayotte
Karine Desmeules

Distribution – Marketing
Geneviève Bérard

Legal Counsel
Peter Kallianiotis

Executive Producer
Julie Roy

Special Thanks
Sébastien Beaulieu


Charles-Anthony Gagnon-Lemay

Business Development Manager
André Demers

Brand Manager
Antoinette Thibeault

Project Managers
Pierre-Alain Hoh
Richard Demers
Valérie Mignault

Design Director
Gabriel Lefebvre

Game Designers
Frédéric Haineault
Alex Van Chestein
David Lavoie

Narrative Designer
Marc-André Cossette

Mathieu Cloutier

Technical Director
Pierre-Alexandre Leclerc

Lead Programmer
Patrick Bibeau

Game Programmers
David Gauvreau
Maxime Lachance
David St-Cyr
Sébastien Riendeau

Backend Programmers
Pascal Lemay
Renaud Marcoux
Frédérick Deschênes

Interface Design Coordinator
Jean-François Nadeau

Interface Designer
Karell Damour

Quality Assurance Unit Lead
Bruno Leclerc

Quality Assurance Technicians
Julie Guay
Dylan Daggett
Mathieu Simard
Adam Lamothe
Simon Bérubé

Special Thanks
Maude Lagadec-Gaulin
Michael Champagne
Marie-Pier Desmarais
Pierre Couillard
Steven Comeau
Jacques Hébert
Jonathan Quan
Charles Rhéaume




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    The National Film Board of Canada (NFB) produces groundbreaking animation at its studios in Montreal and at NFB centres across Canada, as well as via international co-productions with many of the world’s leading auteur animators. The NFB is a leader in developing new approaches to stereoscopic 3D animation and animated content for new platforms. The NFB has created over 13,000 productions and won over 7,000 awards, with NFB animation accounting for 7 of the NFB’s 12 Oscars, as well as 6 grand prizes at France’s Annecy International Animated Film Festival, 4 Palmes d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival and 2 Golden Bears at Berlinale. To access this award-winning content and discover the work of NFB animators, visit NFB.ca, download its apps for mobile devices or visit NFB Pause.


    Frima is a leader in the entertainment and innovation industry. Since its creation in 2003, the company has developed a wide range of digital products, from video games to visual effects to animation. Frima’s know-how also includes virtual reality, augmented reality, and connected toys. In addition to working in close collaboration with such prominent partners as LEGO, Mattel, Oddworld, Zynga, Ubisoft, Hasbro, and Electronic Arts, Frima’s original property division has released several hit titles, the likes of Chariot, Nun Attack, Zombie Tycoon, and FATED. With over 400 industry professionals on-board, the studio launches high-quality products that stand out both artistically and technologically.