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nîpawistamâsowin: We Will Stand Up

Tasha Hubbard
2019 | 98 min

Selections and Awards

  • Audience Choice Award - Feature Film / Sun Jury AwardimagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival, Toronto, Canada (2019)

  • Discovery Award - Tasha HubbardDirectors Guild of Canada (2019)

  • Best Canadian FeatureHot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival, Toronto, Canada (2019)

  • Colin Low Award for Canadian DocumentaryDOXA Documentary Film Festival, Vancouver, Canada (2019)

  • Magnus-Isacsson Award / Student's Award / Women Inmate's AwardRIDM Montreal International Documentary Festival, Montréal, (2019)

  • Best of Fest - Audience Choice AwardGimli Film Festival, Gimli, Manitoba (2019)

  • Best Documentary / Best DirectorWeengushk International Film Festival , Little Current, Ontario (2019)

  • Special Jury Prize for Social Justice Calgary International Film Festival, Calgary, Alberta (2019)

  • Best of 2019Vancouver International Film Festival, Vancouver, BC (2019)

  • Winner - Canadian Screen AwardTed Rogers Best Feature Length Documentary, 2020

  • Golden Sheaf Awards: Documentary Social/Political and Multicultural Yorkton Film Festival, Yorkton, Saskatchewan (2020)

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Jon Montes
Photo: Jon Montes

UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, New York.
George Hupka
Photo: George Hupka

Family and Legal Counsel in Parliamentary Press Conference

George Hupka
Photo: George Hupka

Jon Montes
Photo: Jon Montes

Tasha Hubbard
Melissa Kent / CBC Licensing
Photo: Melissa Kent / CBC Licensing

Debbie Baptiste and Jade Tootoosis, United Nations, NY
George Hupka
Photo: George Hupka

Tasha and her Grandfather
aAron Munson
Photo: aAron Munson

Debbie Baptiste
aAron Munson
Photo: aAron Munson

Jade Tootoosis

Driving with Debbie
Shaughn Butts, republished with the express permission of The Edmonton Journal, a division of Postmedia Network Inc.
Photo: Shaughn Butts, republished with the express permission of The Edmonton Journal, a division of Postmedia Network Inc.

Jade Tootoosis at a Rally
Image from Film
Photo: Image from Film

Debbie Baptiste


Tasha Hubbard
Producer, Writer, Director (Downstream Documentary Productions)

Photo : George Hupka

George Hupka
Director of Photography, Producer (Downstream Documentary Productions)

Photo : Tasha Hubbard

Jon Montes
Producer (NFB)

Photo : Janine Kropla

Bonnie Thompson
Producer (NFB)

Photo : Debbie Boccabella

David Christensen
Executive Producer (NFB)

Photo : NFB

Janice Dawe and Kathy Avrich-Johnson
Co-Executive Producers (Bizable Media)


Trudy Stewart
Associate Producer


Hans Olson
Editor (NFB)



Written and Directed by
Tasha Hubbard

Tasha Hubbard
George Hupka
Jon Montes
Bonnie Thompson

Executive Producers
Kathy Avrich-Johnson
David Christensen
Janice Dawe

Director of Photography
George Hupka

Hans Olson

Jason Burnstick

Camera Operator
Damien Kent

Drone Operator
Shannon Scott
Artistic Imagery Productions

Additional Cinematography
Tasha Hubbard
Darryl Kesslar
Ryan Lalonde
Andrea Cessna
Jon Montes

Sound Recordists
Tracy Westgard
Tim Bender

Additional Sound
Lanny Westgard
Frederic Edwards
Lisa Kolisnyk
Spencer Plassman
Kyle Burgess

Justin Stephenson

Elizabeth LaPensée

Courtroom Sketches Courtesy of
Cloudesley Hobbs

Digital Animation and Compositing
Even Steven Inc.

David Desjardins
Justin Stephenson

Gregory McEvoy

Cel Animation
Solis Animation Inc.

Cel Animators
Lou Solis
Les Solis
Leah Solis
Brian Evinou
Chris Hudson
Corey Stokes

Business Affairs
Bizable Media Inc.
Nava Rastegar
Philippa Nicholl

Associate Producer
Trudy Stewart

Danny Henry

Hub International

Pat Garry

Cree Language Consultants
Keith Goulet
Dorothy Thunder

French Translation
Henri Biahé

Apprentice Editors
Lese Skidmore
Darian Desjarlais

Hot Docs Doc Accelerator Fellow
Andrea Cessna

Production Assistants
Tia Angus
Tim Bender
Erica Lee
Logan Vanghel
Valerie Zink

Tasha Hubbard
Kellie Wuttunee

Kathy Fisher

Visual Research
Kathy Fisher
Jon Montes
Alex Williams

Historical Consultant
Doug Cuthand

Marketing Manager
Kelly Fox

Cynthia Amsden
Katja De Bock
Jennifer Mair

Audio Post Production
Cosmic Pad Studios

Audio Post Coordinator
Ross Nykiforuk

Sound Editor & Re-Recording Mixer
Evan Rust

Foley & FX
Ross Nykiforuk

Narration Recordist
Johnny Blerot

Described Video
Lisa Unrau

Online Video Post Production
Java Post Production

Java Post Coordinator
Joan Speirs

Online Editor
Trevor Bennett

Jack Tunnicliffe

For the NFB:

Studio Operations Manager
Darin Clausen

Studio Administrator
Bree Beach
Devon Supeene

Production Coordinator
Faye Yoneda

Production Supervisor
Esther Viragh

Technical Coordinator
Luc Binette

Head of Business Affairs
Mary Graziano

Legal Counsel
Christian Pitchen

Executive Director, English Program
Michelle Van Beusekom

For the CBC:

General Manager, Programming
Sally Catto

Executive Director, Unscripted Content
Jennifer Dettman

Senior Director, Documentary
Sandra Kleinfeld

Senior Director of Production, Unscripted Content
Alexandra Lane

Executive in Charge of Production
Charlotte Engel

Produced in association with

Representatives for APTN

Jean La Rose
Chief Executive Officer

Monika Ille
Executive Director of Programming & Scheduling

Archival Images Courtesy of
Glenbow Archives Saskatoon Public Library
Debbie Baptiste
Doug Cuthand
Joanne Taylor

Archival Footage Courtesy of APTN
CBC Archive Sales
The United Nations

Rally Footage Courtesy of
Shane Calder
Jessie Curell
Rae Draycott
Candy Fox
Farah Mawani
Tony Tracy

The views in this film are not those of the United Nations.

Prayer Written and Performed by Burnstick

Dancing in the Sky
Written by Danielle Nelson, Elizabeth Nelson and Jason Traub

Special Thanks
Bonnie Leask
Christine Kleckner
Kelly Daniels
Joanne Taylor
Robert McIntyre
Donna Angus
Albert Angus
Sid Fiddler
Danis Goulet
Barb Tootoosis
Dawn Blaus
Kim Pate
Marc Desforges
Jason Warick
Leslie Stafford
Eldon Wuttunee
Lovina Tootoosis
Lorne Duquette
Kiera Ladner
Sharon Angus
Aloys Fleischmann
Janine Windolph

Special Thanks
Lisa Jackson
Charles Officer
Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers
Marilyn Poitras
Sheryl Lightfoot
Kat Baulu
Lea Marin
Donald McWilliams
Glenn Forbes
Jelena Popovic
Sherry Farrell-Racette
Erin Leonzio
David Stirrup
Rob Innes
Shalene Jobin
Dallas Hunt
Gina Starblanket
Project FACTA
Poundmaker Drum Group
Young Thunder Drum Group
University of Alberta
University of Saskatchewan

Produced with the participation of

Production made possible through the Feature Film Production Grant Program

Produced with the participation of

and the

through the Theatrical Documentary Program

Produced with the assistance of the



nîpawistamâsowin: We Will Stand Up

A Downstream Documentary Productions Inc. and National Film Board of Canada co-production

© 2019 Downstream Documentary Productions Inc. and the National Film Board of Canada



  • Downstream Documentary Productions

    Downstream Documentary Productions is an independent production company based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Principals Tasha Hubbard and George Hupka have worked together on various projects over the last 20 years, and in 2016 they decided to form a company to produce their own documentary projects. Their earlier collaborations include the award-winning short Seven Minutes (2016) and the Gemini Award-winning Two Worlds Colliding (2004).


  • About the NFB

    The NFB is Canada’s public producer and distributor of award-winning documentaries, auteur animation, interactive stories, and participatory experiences. Since 1968, the NFB has produced over 300 works by First Nations, Métis and Inuit filmmakers—an unparalleled collection that pushes past dominant narratives and provides Indigenous perspectives to Canadian and global audiences. The NFB is implementing an action plan with commitments that include devoting a minimum of 15 percent of overall production spending to Indigenous-led productions and making these works more accessible via Indigenous Cinema, a destination on NFB.ca.

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