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Cam Christiansen
2017 | 82 min 31 s

Selections and Awards

  • Official SelectionCalgary International Film Festival 2017

  • Official SelectionSommets du cinéma d’animation- Montréal 2017

  • Official SelectionSanta Barbara International Film Festival - 2018

  • Official Selection - Feature Film Annecy 2018

  • Official SelectionCPH:DOX (Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival 2018)

  • Competition - Feature FilmsAnima Mundi International Animation Festival Brazil 2018

  • Official SelectionEdinburgh International Film Festival 2018

  • Official SelectionAnimix Festival Tel Aviv 2018

  • Official SelectionCinanima International Festival Portugal 2018

  • Official SelectionDoclands San Francisco USA 2018


Short Synopsis

Building a WALL

An unlikely creative journey

Up against the WALL

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Mark Power
Photo : © Mark Power
Left to right: Cam Christiansen, Elliot Levey, Tracy Ann Oberman, David Hare, David Schneider, Sara Kestelman.


Cam Christiansen
Photo : Jennifer Rowsom

Cam Christiansen

Cam Christiansen is an award-winning director, animator and innovator in the world of 3D animation and digital filmmaking. His films have screened at the Sundance Film Festival and TIFF and made the latter’s top-ten list of Canadian short films twice. He also qualified for Academy Award contention by winning the Best Animated/Experimental Short award at the LA Film Festival in 2008. WALL is his first feature-length film and the second project he’s directed for the National Film Board of Canada.


2017 – WALL. A feature-length animated film that looks at the history and philosophy of the separation barrier dividing Israel and Palestine. Features a script and performance by British playwright David Hare. Produced by the National Film Board of Canada.

2009 – 5 Hole: Tales of Hockey Erotica. Produced with a Bravo!FACT grant (Chum TV). Canada’s Top Ten Short Film, 2009.

2008 – The Real Place. An animated, poetic look at the life and spirit of playwright, librettist and translator John Murrell, winner of the Governor General’s Performing Arts Award for Lifetime Artistic Achievement (Theatre). Produced by the National Film Board of Canada in co-operation with the National Arts Centre and the Governor General’s Performing Arts Awards Foundation on the occasion of the 2008 Governor General’s Performing Arts Awards. Official selection at the Sundance Film Festival, 2009.

2007 – I Have Seen the Future. Six-minute animated short film featuring the music of Kris Demeanor. Produced with a Bravo!FACT grant (Chum TV). Best Animated/Experimental Short Film, LA Film Festival, 2008. Canada’s Top Ten Short Film, 2007. Official selection at the 2008 Sundance and Toronto international film festivals, among others.

David Hare
Writer/Featured Subject
Photo : Walter Van Dyk

David Hare

David Hare is a playwright and filmmaker. He has written over thirty stage plays which include PLENTY, PRAVDA (with Howard Brenton), THE SECRET RAPTURE, RACING DEMON, SKYLIGHT, AMY’S VIEW, THE BLUE ROOM, VIA DOLOROSA, STUFF HAPPENS, SOUTH DOWNS, THE ABSENCE OF WAR, THE JUDAS KISS, THE MODERATE SOPRANO and THE RED BARN. For film and television he has written over twenty-five screenplays which include LICKING HITLER, DREAMS OF LEAVING, SAIGON: YEAR OF THE CAT, WETHERBY, DAMAGE, THE HOURS, THE READER, DENIAL and THE WORRICKER TRILOGY: PAGE EIGHT, TURKS & CAICOS and SALTING THE BATTLEFIELD. He has also written English adaptations of plays by Brecht, Gorky, Chekhov, Pirandello, Ibsen and Lorca. His first work of memoir, THE BLUE TOUCH PAPER, was published in 2014. In the NT millennial poll of the greatest plays of the 20th century, five of the top 100 were his.

Bonnie Thompson
Producer (NFB)
Photo : Debbie Boccabella

Bonnie Thompson

Veteran National Film Board producer Bonnie Thompson has worked on more than 70 documentary, interactive, and animation productions out of the North West Studio. Her work has aired on national and international television and online, and has screened at prestigious festivals in Canada and worldwide.

Bonnie’s credits include Birth of A Family, which premiered at the 2017 Hot Docs film festival; Skin for Skin, an animated short that premiered at 2017 Fantasia; the feature documentary Angry Inuk, which won the Hot Docs Audience Award, the People’s Choice Award at TIFF’s annual Canada’s Top 10 Festival, and several other honours; the Oscar-nominated animated short Wild Life; and the online interactive documentary Bear 71, which won a Webby and was named FWA Site of the Year.

David Christensen
Producer & Executive Producer

David Christensen

David Christensen is a Producer and Executive Producer at the National Film Board of Canada’s North West Studio, one of the NFB’s six English language studios. Some of his recent films include If I Was God, recently Oscar-shortlisted for Best Animation Short, the NFB co-produced feature documentary Hadwin’s Judgement, which premiered at the 2015 Hot Docs Film Festival, and the feature film The Forbidden Room, directed by Guy Maddin & Evan Johnson and winner of the best Canadian Feature by the Toronto Film Critics Association.

Other works that David has produced include the acclaimed documentary Everything Will Be, a devastating co-production about Indian Residential Schools entitled We Were Children, the Oscar-nominated animated short film Wild Life, and Bear 71, an online interactive web documentary that was named FWA Site of the Year. He is also very involved in emerging filmmaking and digital programmes for Nunavut filmmakers.


Written by
David Hare

Directed and Animated by
Cam Christiansen

David Christensen
Bonnie Thompson

Executive Producer
David Christensen

Based on the play
by David Hare
first produced on stage
at the Royal Court Theatre, London
and at the Public Theatre, New York,
directed by Stephen Daldry,
published by Faber and Faber.

In association with Anlanda Films
Producer for Anlanda Films
Cam Christiansen

Art Direction/Concept Artist
Cam Christiansen

Cam Christiansen

Sergey Solokhin

Lead Animator/Production Manager
Mitch Barany

Lead Animator
Price Morgan

Niranjan Kailainathan
Deepak Kumar
Tyler Lemermeyer
Gregory Marshall
Joe Sie

William Dyer

2D Classical animation
Eleanor Goldberg

Banff Centre Work Student Animators
Court Brinsmead
Devan Burton

With the support of the
The Banff Centre
Kerry Stauffer, Executive Director
Jean Macpherson, Manager of Programs and Production

David Hare as David Hare
Elliot Levey as Steven
Nayef Rashed as Afif
Ammar Haj Ahmad as Salman Tamar
Atta Alzweidi as Prisoner/various
Phillip Arditi as Raja Shehadeh
Amir Boutros as Palestinian torturer/various
Sam Cox as Neill Ochery
Paul Jesson as David Grossman
Sara Kestelman as Tel Aviv Friend
Nicholas le Prevost as Sari Nusseibeh
Imran Mraish as Ramallah Storyteller
Tracy Ann Oberman as Tel Aviv Friend
Raad Rawi as George Ibrahim
David Schneider as Tel Aviv Friend
Karzan Sherabayani as Adly Daish
Lauren Silver as Israeli Soldier
Aviv Teller as Israeli Soldier

Voice Actors:
John Watson as Tamar Salman/various
Michael Haddad as Raja Shehadeh/various

Participants (Banff shoot)
Roman Golad
Samir Bouzourene
Naor Cohen
Caitlin Leonard
Dexter Bateman
Morgan Bateman
Martin Finnerty
Dominic Girard
Sarah Hawcroft
Morna Stephensson
Sam Wald

Production services Israel and Palestine:
Noam Shalev – Highlight Films
Sound Recordists Israel: Amir Shmueli and Elad Goldi
Sound recordist Palestine: Shiraz Rishmawi
Production coordination Israel: Karin Neumann and Daniel Raz
Production coordination Palestine: Raghad Mukarkar and Hanna Abu Saada
Technical supervisor Israel: Itay Mintz

UK Casting Directors
Alastair Coomer
Juliet Horsley

UK Legal Services
Goslings (UK) LLP

Centroid Motion Capture, Pinewood
Phil Stilgoe: Performance Capture Producer
Stoo Haskayne: Perfromance Capture Supervisor
Mike Hedges: Facial Capture Technician
Iain Silvester: Motion Capture Coordinator
Kadel Barton: Senior Motion Capture Technician
Matt Parker: Motion Capture Technician
Jaleesa Tonge: Motion Capture Assistant
Eddie Ellis: Motion Capture Post Production Manager
Gary Hewson: Post Production Assistant
Goran Kimitrijevic: Motion Capture Tracking Manager
Igor Kovacevic: God of Tracking
Milos Knezevic: Tracker
Jelena Mitrovic: Tracker
Zoran Muncan: Tracker
Nenad Milosavljevic: Tracker
Nenad Milosavljevic: Tracker
Jugoslav Stojanov: Programmer

Sound Designer
Daniel Pellerin DSP

James Mark Stewart

End credits song
Written by
with music by Tyler and Greg

Re-recording Mixer
Serge Boivin

Online Editor
Serge Verreault

Elizabeth Klinck / E. Klinck Research
Scot Morison
Archival Audio
Rabin speech
Highlight Films, Israel
Arafat speech
Rick Ray/Shutterstock.com
Audio used under license from Shutterstock.com

Michal Lavi

Technical Support
Mohammed El-Haji

Jacques Bertrand Simard

Hebrew – Larissa German
Arabic- Nora Dessouki

Christian Pitchen

The director dedicates this to
Marie Christiansen

The director thanks
Maureen Hodgan
Wendy Millward
Stephen Paget
Peter Williams
Gunner Christiansen
Bill Hodgan
Barry Hodgan
Trent Victor
Gunilla Victor
Ossian Victor
Rasmus Victor
Stella Victor
Michal Lavi
Aviv Fried
Wendy Tilby
Amanda Forbis
Toti Gestland
Cole Binder

Thanks to
Jenne Cassarotto and Nicholas Horne
Stephen Daldry
Oskar Eustis
Nicholas Hytner
Elyse Dogdson
George Ibrahim and staff at the Al Kasaba Cinema, Ramallah
David Grossman
Raja Shehadeh
Colin Curwen, New Machine Studios, Calgary
Tom Perlmutter
Cindy Witten
Lorne Price
Llewellyn Browne

Production Coordinators
Ginette D‘Silva
Jasmine Pullukatt
Faye Yoneda

Production Supervisors
Mark Power
Esther Viragh

Program Administrators
Bree Beach
Ginette D’Silva

Marketing Manager
Leslie Stafford

Centre Operations Manager
Darin Clausen

Executive Director of English Programming
Michelle Van Beusekom


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