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Uniquely Viola

Rodolphe Caron
2016 | 75 min 30 s

Prizes and awards

  • Opening FilmFestival international du cinéma francophone en Acadie 2016

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Rodolphe Caron
Photo : Jacinthe Bouchard

Rodolphe Caron

Rodolphe Caron is an award-winning activist filmmaker with more than a dozen short, medium and feature length documentaries under his belt. In addition to co-founding Productions Appalaches, he served as president of the FRIC, the French-language Canadian independent filmmakers’ coalition. In 2006, his film Léonard Forest, cinéaste et poète won Best Acadian Work at the Festival international du cinéma francophone en Acadie as well as Best NB Documentary at the Silver Wave Film Festival. From 2008 to 2012, Caron directed Marie Hélène Allain Speaking with Stone, For the Cause and René Derouin, artiste de la nordicité. He then followed up with the short film Viola Léger, Together and Une expérience pour la vie. Simply Viola is his most recent film.

Jac Gautreau
Photo : Karine Wade

Jac Gautreau

Jac Gautreau is an ideas guy. Good ideas, and he knows how to bring them to life. Born in Moncton New Brunswick, a bright morning in November 1963, Jac is passionate about creation. Fully bicultural, Jac creates as easily in the language of Shakespeare than that of Molière.

Jac is motivated by the artistic challenge, the creative adventure. What is unique about Jac is the diversity of his knowledge. He can speak techno with technicians, Stanislavski with actors, crescendo with the musicians, management with managers, marketing with customers and policy with politicians. Among his most recent creations: 12 edition of the East Coast Music Awards Gala (Gemini Award for best variety show, and 2001 and 2003), multimedia shows Le violon fantastique,  Tracady Story 1, 2 and 3D and Page d’Amérique (over 70 000 spectators). In 2014, he was artistic director for the 5th World Acadian Congress and in May 2015 he joined the NFB, where he is busy producing documentary films, interactive works and developing virtual reality projects.

Dominic Desjardins
Producer (NFB)

Dominic Desjardins

After completing his studies at the National Conservatory of Paris, directing and performing in the theatre world in France, Dominic comes back to Canada to participate in a high-profile television show where he directs and shoots 18 short documentaries in 11 countries around the world. He then works as a director on various shows for French and English television networks, before starting Zazie Films, a film, television and new media production company with which he directs two feature films, Le Divan du Monde, and La Sacrée, as well as numerous interactive projects. He joins the NFB in 2013 as the executive producer of the Francophonie Studio, responsible for all French-language documentary and interactive productions in Canada, outside Quebec. Some of the projects on his slate include a documentary series in 360 ° VR, an online interactive piece about the psychology of gambling, and a documentary following African refugees as they move across Canada seeking decent jobs and a sense of belonging.

Maryse Chapdelaine
Photo : NFB

Maryse Chapdelaine

Maryse Chapdelaine first studied arts and literature, and went on to pursue studies in management before joining the National Film Board of Canada in 1980. During her years at the NFB, she collaborated on a number of major productions, co-productions, and international co-productions as an administrator, line producer, and producer. In October 2011, she was named head of the NFB’s Studio Acadie, where she produced documentaries by Acadian filmmakers including  Phil Comeau, Paul Émile D’Entremont, Renée Blanchar, Rodolphe Caron and Louiselle Noël, and took a particular interest in the work of emerging directors. In April 2015, she joined Renée Blanchar’s ÇA TOURNE PRODUCTIONS, in order to produce dramas, documentaries, and online projects. In 2015, Maryse was nominated for a Gémeaux award for the film Ron Turcotte, jockey légendaire, directed by Phil Comeau. She was chair of the feature film jury at the 2015 Festival International de Cinéma Francophone en Acadie (FICFA).

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A film by
Rodolphe Caron

Mario Paulin
Rodolphe Caron

Picture Editing
Julien Cadieux

Original Music
Claude Fournier

Researched, written and directed by
Rodolphe Caron

Production Manager
Michelle Paulin

Mario Paulin
Rodolphe Caron

Additional Camera
Marcel Gallant

Location Sound
Serge Arseneault
Rodolphe Caron

Picture Editing
Julien Cadieux

Original Music
Claude Fournier
assisted by
Jean-Sébastien Fournier

Music Recording Studio
Productions Tibasse

Sound Editing
Paul Goguen

Viola Léger
Antonine Maillet
Pierre Boudreau
Eugène Gallant
Jean Chrétien
Aline Chrétien
Jean Lapointe
Paul Marcel Albert
Adrien Clavet
Raymond Guy LeBlanc
Sylvie Dufour
Pauline Pelletier
Philippe Beaulieu
Alain Tanguay
Lorraine Bourque
Huberte Gautreau
Yolande Castonguay-LeBlanc
Corinne Gallant
Lorraine LeBlanc
Lauraine Léger
Florine Després
Lilianne Léger-Maples
Doris Léger
Irène Léger
Eugène Léger
Laurie Léger
Agnès Léger

Sound Mixing
Serge Boivin

Lise Wedlock

Foley Recording
Geoffrey Mitchell

Online Editing
Serge Verreault

Infographics and Titles
Mélanie Bouchard

Transcription Services
Pro Documents


Research and Rights Clearance
Francine Hébert

Viola Léger
Guy Dubois
Pierre Desjardins
Nir Bareket
Raymond Poitras
Wendy Longlade
Centaur Theater Company
Dolorès Breau
Don Johnson
Theatre New Brunswick
Nérée De Grâce
Centre d’études acadiennes Anselme-Chiasson
Lorraine Bourque
Thomas Bourgeois
Communauté Notre-Dame-du-Sacré-Cœur
Grand Falls Historical Society
Journal La Cataracte
Compagnie Viola Léger
Senate of Canada

Original Literary Works
La Sagouine – Antonine Maillet
Poème du mois de juillet 1982 – Raymond Guy LeBlanc
La petite histoire de la Sagouine, Veillée avec Viola – Viola Léger

Marketing Manager
François Jacques

Geneviève Duguay

Production Coordinators
Colette Allain
Audrey Rétho

Technical Coordinators
Daniel Claveau
Mira Mailhot

Technical Support
Patrick Trahan

Additional Technical Support
Isabelle Painchaud
Pierre Dupont
Myriam Léger-Bélanger

Legal Counsel
Christian Pitchen

Jac Gautreau
Maryse Chapdelaine

Executive Producer
Dominic Desjardins

Program Director
Regional Services
Marie-Claude Dupont

Director, Radio-Canada Acadie
Richard Simoens

Produced by
The National Film Board of Canada
Canadian Francophonie Studio – Acadie



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