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Uncle Thomas: Accounting for the Days

Regina Pessoa
2019 | 13 min
Mixed media, digital drawing, stop-motion

Selections and Awards

  • Best Animated Short Subject47th Annual Annie Awards, Los Angeles, U.S.A. (2020)

  • Jury Award for a Short FilmAnnecy International Animation Film Festival, Annecy, France (2019)

  • Best Original Music Award for a Short FilmAnnecy International Animation Film Festival, Annecy, France (2019)

  • Grand PrixAnima Mundi International Animation Festival, Brazil (2019)

  • Best Sound DesignAnima Mundi International Animation Festival, Brazil (2019)

  • Best Short FilmRiga International Film Festival – RIGA IFF, Riga, Latvia (2019)

  • Professional Jury: Best Animated Short 1st PrizeChicago International Children's Film Festival, Chicago, U.S.A. (2019)

  • Special Jury PrizeCinanima International Animated Film Festival of Espinho, Portugal (2019)

  • Honorable Mention - Prize António GaioCinanima International Animated Film Festival of Espinho, Portugal (2019)

  • Official SelectionFantoche – International Animation Film Festival, Baden, Switzerland (2020)

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Regina Pessoa
Photo : Harry Cleven

Regina Pessoa

Born in 1969, in Coimbra, Portugal, Regina Pessoa spent her childhood listening to family stories and watching her uncle draw pictures on the walls of her grandmother’s house. It was her first step toward the world of animation. More practically, she studied various animation techniques during her studies at the Porto School of Fine Arts. At the Portuguese studio Filmógrafo, she worked on a number of films by Abi Feijó before producing her own first short film in 1999, entitled The Night. This delicate work was followed by Tragic Story with Happy Ending (2005) and Kali the Little Vampire (2012), two films that, with along the first, form a marvellous trilogy about childhood. Winner of numerous awards all over the world, Pessoa has reached new artistic heights with her masterful 2019 film Uncle Thomas – Accounting for the Days.

Abi Feijó
Narration, Editing, Producer (Ciclope Filmes)

Abi Feijó

Born in Braga, Portugal, Abi Feijó is a world renowned animated filmmaker and producer. A graduate of the Porto School of Fine Arts, he made his first short film in 1985 at an internship at the National Film Board of Canada. Since then, his output has included Os Salteadores (The Outlaws, 1993), Fado Lusitano (1994), and Stowaway (2000). He has also produced all of Regina Pessoa’s films and edited three of them (The Night, 1999 ; Kali, the Little Vampire, 2012 ; Uncle Thomas – Accounting for the Days, 2019). Founder of the studios Filmógrafo (1987) and Ciclope Filmes (2002), he is currently the director of an animated film museum in Lousada, Portugal. His next production, developed in partnership with the National Film Board of Canada, will be Altötting, a short film by German filmmaker Andreas Hykade.

Reginald de Guillebon
Producer (Les Armateurs)

Reginald de Guillebon

In 2002, Reginald de Guillebon founded Hildegarde, a network of companies active in cinema and arts education, literature, film and audiovisual production (Les Armateurs, Folimage), distribution (Gebeka Films), media (Le film français, Première, Causette), and operations (GPCI).


Delphine Nicolini
Head of Development and Artistic Director

Delphine Nicolini

After earning a master’s degree in econometrics from Université Paris Nanterre and studying administration and journalism at Columbia University in New York City for a year, Delphine Nicolini joined the world of audiovisual production.

From 1992 to 2008, she worked as a production director, line producer, and then a producer for documentary films, TV films, and feature films. In 2008, she joined animation studio Les Armateurs as Head of Development and Artistic Director for all of the company’s cinema and television projects. Among the notable projects to which she has contributed are the feature films Ernest & Célestine, Kirikou and the Men and Women, and The Swallows of Kabul, along with series such as Martine, The Long Long Holiday, and Runes.

Julie Roy

Julie Roy

As the Executive Producer of the National Film Board of Canada’s French Animation Studio, Julie Roy has produced some 40 animated short films. She holds a master’s degree in cinema studies from Université de Montréal and has published numerous articles about women and animated films.

Her notable productions include The Subject by Patrick Bouchard and THE TESLA WORLD LIGHT by Matthew Rankin, both of which screened at Cannes, at the 2018 Directors’ Fortnight and the 2017 Semaine de la Critique, respectively. In 2016, she co-produced Franck Dion’s The Head Vanishes (Papy 3D/NFB), which won the Cristal Award at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival. Among the many other artists whose work she has guided are Claude Cloutier, Michèle Lemieux, and Regina Pessoa.

Roy encourages diverse approaches to filmmaking, and is currently developing an interactive installation with Nicolas Brault and working with Chris Lavis and Maciek Szczerbowski (Madame Tutli-Putli, 2007) on their next short film.



Ciclope Filmes
Office national du film du Canada /National Film Board of Canada
Les Armateurs

with the participation of
Centre National du Cinéma et de l’Image Animée
Support to French-portuguese film co-productions

with the participation of
Phil Davies
Arte France

This film benefitted from a residency at
Ciclic Animation

Direction, concept and storyboard
Regina Pessoa

Music and Sound Design
Normand Roger

Script Advisor
Andreas Hykade

Regina Pessoa
André Marques
Sara Naves
Alexandre Braga
Sylvie Trouvé
Dale Hayward
Marc Robinet
Soukaïna Najjarane
Nils Delot

Regina Pessoa
Sara Naves
André Marques
Alexandre Braga

Set Backgrounds
Colectivo Monte

Regina Pessoa
Abi Feijó

Nicolas Liguori

Abi Feijóe

Orchester Leader
Denis Chartrand

Alain Aubut
Amélie Benoit Bastien
Anne Beaudry
Julie Triquet
Samuel Martins Coelho

Alexandre Braga
Pierre Yves Drapeau

Sound studio
Estúdios Adega

Isabelle Lussier

Serge Verrault

Associated general director
Ivan Rouveure
Marion Delord

Development direction
Delphine Nicolini

Production coordination
Laetitia Seguin
Michèle Labelle

Legal counsel
Mathieu Bardou

Anne-Marie Bousquet
Diane Régimbald
Karine Desmeules
Mylene Augustin

Luís Pereira
Serge Colibert

Technical direction
Pierre Plouffe
Stephan Baril
Yannick Grandmont

Technical ccoordination
Jean-François Laprise

Techincal support
Adobe France

Geneviève Bérard (ONF/NFB)
Laetitia de Langlade del Fabbro (Les Armateurs)
Salette Ramalho (Agência da Curta Metragem)

Clare Kitson
Harry Cleven
Marcy Page

Regina Pessoa thanks
Abi Feijó
Andreas Hykade
Harry Cleven
Phil Davies


André Bekhazi
Elina Löwensohn
Film Bilder
Guido Möeller
Joaquim Magalhães
Juliana Constantino
Mana São
Marcy Page
Maria Silvestre
Mohamed Beyoud
Neyla Majdalani
Sabine Mende
Sérgio Afonso
Thomas Meyer-Hermann
Verena Niepoort

Abi Feijó
Julie Roy
Reginald de Guillebon

Executive Producer
Phil Davies

Ciclope Filmes
National Film Board of Canada
Les Armateurs

With the participation of
Instituto do Cinema e Audiovisual
National Film Board of Canada
Phil Davies
Ciclic – Région Centre – Val de Loire in partnership with the CNC
Regina Pessoa
Arte France – Cinema department – short film program manager: Hélène Vayssières
Académie Libanaise des Beaux Arts de Beyrouth

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