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Un/tied Shoes

Evie Ruddy


Behind Un/tied Shoes

Evie Ruddy Statement



Evie Ruddy
Writer and protagonist
Photo : Lauren Zbarsky

Evie Ruddy

Evie covets men’s shoes. But at five feet tall, Evie faces shoe and clothing choices that are limited by the mainstream fashion industry’s assumptions around gendered categories and sizing. Evie is genderqueer, uses they/them/their pronouns, and has long struggled to match their outward appearance to their trans-masculine gender identity. They live in Regina, Saskatchewan, where they work as a communications officer, freelance writer and audio walking-tour producer. Their short documentaries and essays have been broadcast nationally on CBC Radio, and their print work has appeared in the National Post, the Toronto Star, and numerous other publications.

Tracey Lebedovich
Art Director and Designer
Photo : Lauren Zbarsky

Tracey Lebedovich

Tracey is an art director, designer and shoe-lover based in Vancouver, BC, who uses she/her/hers pronouns. With over 18 years of experience, Tracey has worked on award-winning projects for a wide range of both corporate and cultural clients spanning every medium, from interactive to photography to documentary film. Tracey’s lifelong passion for storytelling has helped to reveal the often-hidden but extraordinary value of individuals within our own communities.

Nicholas Klassen

Nicholas Klassen

Nicholas Klassen is an Interactive Producer with the National Film Board of Canada’s Digital Studio. Drawing from over a decade of experience creating and producing online content for the social and cultural sector, he works with filmmakers, writers and artists to produce interactive storytelling projects that push the boundaries of story, form and platform.

Prior to his work at the NFB, he co-founded the creative and online strategy agency Biro Creative, where he advised leading movement-building organizations like Greenpeace, WWF, and Avaaz.org on a number of Webby Award-winning and -nominated projects. He has also served as Senior Editor at Adbusters, overseeing editorial content for the acclaimed and globally recognized magazine.


Produced by the National Film Board of Canada

Story Written by
Evie Ruddy

Art Director/Designer
Tracey Lebedovich

Nicholas Klassen

Project Manager
Jasmine Pullukatt

We The Collective

Lauren Zbarsky

Hair & Makeup Artist
Min-Jee Mowat

Production Assistant
Justin Mah

Impact Strategist
Leah Gregg

French Translation
Gabrielle Lisa Collard

Executive Producer
Robert McLaughlin

Studio Operations Manager
Camille Fillion

Studio Administrator
Carla Jones

Marketing Managers
Tammy Peddle
Gabrielle Harvey

Marketing Coordinators
Sophie Thouin
Bruno Capozzi Goldstein

Katja De Bock
Marie-Claude Lamoureux

Digital Products Project Manager
Maureen Veilly

Information Technology
Sergiu Suciu
Bruno Gervasi

Legal Services
Christian Pitchen

Special Thanks
Lynn Davis
Fifi Edgell
Josh Fehr
Stella Fehr
Zoe Fehr
Chris Hellewell
Audrey Hellewell-Hunt
Roxanne Hunt
Levi Jacobson
Jordan Jessup
Rita Milikin
Sahjal Pall

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