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Expo 2020 Dubai


A Glimpse (video without sound)

TRACES: The Prototyping – A 2-min. making-of


The Awareness delicately sits on the Plaza/day. Photo: Gerry O'Leary

TRACES boxes dispersed throughout the Plaza/day. Photo: Gerry O'Leary

The Jewel in juxtaposition with the Entry Hall Mural/day. Photo: Gerry O'Leary

The Gathering invites visitors to join the discussion/day. Photo: Gerry O'Leary

Olga? TRACES boxes informally frame the experience of the visitor on their approach to the Canada Pavilion/day. Photo: Gerry O'Leary

A gradual discovery of the TRACES boxes/day. Photo: Gerry O'Leary

The delicate Sanctuary box comes to life at night/day. Photo: Gerry O'Leary

The Nearness provides for an up-close appreciation of a vertical landscape/day. Photo: Gerry O'Leary

The Forgotten carelessly discarded in the corner of the Entry Hall/day. Photo: Gerry O'Leary

The Memorial sits in the Entry Hall as the filtered sunlight animates the space/day. Photo: Gerry O'Leary

Canada Pavilion with the art installation TRACES in the foreground/day. Photo: Gerry O'Leary

The Nearness/day. Photo: Gerry O'Leary

The Awareness at night/night. Photo: Gerry O'Leary

The glowing warmth of The Nearness/night. Photo: Gerry O'Leary

The mesmerizing flicker of the Jewel/night. Photo: Gerry O'Leary

The Forgotten/night. Photo: Gerry O'Leary

The fossilized movement of birds. Photo: Gerry O'Leary

The Forgotten. Photo: Gerry O'Leary

Box description


Rami Bebawi
Architect, Co-founder KANVA; Concept, Creative Art Director and Production Designer

Photo : Jimmy Hamelin

Olga Karpova
Architect KANVA; Creative Project Manager

Photo : Jimmy Hamelin

Étienne Paquette
Multimedia Design & Art direction

Photo : Julie Boileau

Benoit Lemieux
CEO & cofounder of Creos

Photo : Creos

André Picard
Producer and Executive Producer

Photo : Panneton-Valcourt for the NFB


A production of the National Film Board of Canada and Global Affairs Canada.

Concept, Creative Art Direction and Production Design KANVA.

Multimedia Design and Art Direction Étienne Paquette.

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