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this river

Katherena Vermette and Erika MacPherson
2016 | 19 min 26 s

Prizes and awards

  • Coup de Coeur Award 2016Montreal First People’s Festival

  • Best Short DocumentaryCanadian Screen Awards 2017

  • Official SelectionNorthwestFest International Documentary & Media Arts Festival 2017

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Promotional Materials

Q&A with Erika MacPherson and Katherena Vermette


Drag the Red volunteers Kyle Kematch and Calvin Alexander.

Drag the Red volunteers Kyle Kematch and Calvin Alexander.

Filmmakers Erika MacPherson and Katherena Vermette.

Filmmaker Katherena Vermette.

Winnipeg’s Red River.

Drag The Red volunteer Kyle Kematch and filmmaker Katherena Vermette.

Filmmaker Erika MacPherson and Cinematographer Iris Ng.

Film crew working on location.

Film crew working on location.

Film crew working on location.

Filmmaker Katherena Vermette.

Drag The Red volunteer Kyle Kematch.

Drag The Red volunteer Kyle Kematch.

Cinematographer Iris Ng.

Drag the Red volunteer Kyle Kematch.


Katherena Vermette

Photo : Lisa Delorme Meiler

Erika MacPherson

Photo : Erika MacPherson

Alicia Smith



indians drown
the family finds out
happens everyday
this land floods
with dead Indians
this river swells
breaks open
cold arms of ice
welcomes indians


Directed by
Erika MacPherson and Katherena Vermette

Written by
Katherena Vermette and Erika MacPherson

Alicia Smith

Executive Producer
David Christensen

Narration by
Katherena Vermette

Kyle Kematch
Calvin Alexander
Katherena Vermette

Director of Photography
Iris Ng

Location Sound Mixer
Sound Designer
Sound Editor
Anita Lubosch

Picture Editor
Erika MacPherson

Digital Intermediate Technician
Workflow Consultant
Marcel Kreutzer

Sound Mix Engineer
Bruce Little

Online Colourist
Tony Wytinck

Production Coordinators
Faye Yoneda
Jasmine Pullukatt

Production Supervisor
Mark Power

Production Assistant
Kristin Pontz

Program Administrators
Bree Beach
Ginette d’Silva

Centre Operations Manager
Darin Clausen

Marketing Manager
Leslie Stafford

Marketing Coordinator
Michelle Rozon

Director General of English Programming
Michelle Van Beusekom

Boat Drivers
Kyle Kematch / Drag the Red
Jan Bass / Whiskers and Walleye with Bass

Strategic Advisor
Etoile Stewart

Stills Photographer
Chris Friesen

Bernadette Smith
Sabrina Leister
Kyle Kematch
Calvin Alexander
Sheenah Fontaine

DTR Ground Search Voluneteers:
Tasha-Lynne Benjamin
Shauna Taylor
Paula Ducharme
Jennifer Coutu
Kimberly Kostiuk
Jessica Chisholm
Dion Rockwood
Ariunna Chislom

Ceremonial Blessing:
Ko’ona Cochrane

Red Robe Drummers:
Alison Cox
Alisheya Walker
Elizabeth Armstrong
Alison Dong
Carol Mann
Hilda Mann
Arlene Mitchell

Kelly Dodds / MidCanada Production Services
Chester Kazimirowich / Redboine Boat Club
Jan Bass / Whiskers and Walleye with Bass
Tom Corrigan
Rasheed Mohammed
Reuben Boulette
Pierre Vermette
Bob Smith
Leslie Smith
Leah Decter
Neechi Commons
St. Andrews Lock and Dam:
Elmer Mallett
Charles Leach
Earl Calder
Brent Murray

Shot on the Red River in and around Winnipeg, the St. Andrews Lock & Dam,
and Lake Winnipeg

Poetry excerpt, indians, from north end love songs
by Katherena Vermette

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