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Things Arab Men Say

Nisreen Baker
2016 | 52 min 8 s


Short Synopsis

Long Synopsis



Left to Right: Fisal, Hassan, Falah, Bashar, Ramey, Adnan.
Left to Right: Fisal (reflection in mirror), Jamal (on barber chair).
Left to Right: Ghassan, Jamal, Jay .
Left to Right: Jamal, Jay, Nisreen.
Left to Right: Nisreen, Adnan, Jamal (standing in front of door), Ramey, Bashar, Falah.
Left to Right: Adnan, Ramey, Bashar, Falah, Hassan.
Left to Right: Daron and aAron (with the camera), Ghassan (on barber chair).
Left to Right: Fisal, Jay.
Left to Right: Adnan, Ramey.
Jamal (Standing), Ghassan (on barber chair).
Jamal (Standing), Ghassan (on barber chair).
Left to Right: Nisreen, Garrell, Daron.
Falah (far end), Hassan, Ghassan, Jay (foreground).
Falah (reflection in mirror), Fisal (on barber chair), Jamal (standing).
Jamal (standing), Fisal (on barber chair).

Where are you from?

There are things to be fixed

The image of Arabs

How can I feel home?

The Assimilation Process



Nisreen Baker
Photo : Victor Aziz

Nisreen Baker

Nisreen Baker has worked on numerous productions throughout her 20 years in the film industry. She began her career as an assistant director and has gone on to write, produce and direct her own documentaries.

Working with various local and international broadcasters, Nisreen produces and directs multilingual films that promote multiculturalism and explore the sociopolitical issues of the day. Her passion for these topics stems from her exposure to different cultures, religions and societies, having lived in six different countries around the world, and having first-hand experience with social and political turmoil.

Nisreen’s previous documentaries include Women of Karaoun (2006), about Lebanese women who immigrated to Canada in the early 20th century, and Cultural Competency, which follows four immigrant families and one Canadian family as they navigate the challenges encountered in Canada and explore innovative solutions.


Bonnie Thompson
Producer (NFB)
Photo : Debbie Boccabella

Bonnie Thompson

Veteran National Film Board producer Bonnie Thompson has worked on more than 70 documentary, interactive, and animation productions out of the North West Studio. Her work has aired on national and international television and online, and has screened at prestigious festivals in Canada and worldwide.

Bonnie’s credits include Birth of A Family, which premiered at the 2017 Hot Docs film festival; Skin for Skin, an animated short that premiered at 2017 Fantasia; the feature documentary Angry Inuk, which won the Hot Docs Audience Award, the People’s Choice Award at TIFF’s annual Canada’s Top 10 Festival, and several other honours; the Oscar-nominated animated short Wild Life; and the online interactive documentary Bear 71, which won a Webby and was named FWA Site of the Year.


Special Thanks
Adnan Ghassan
Bashar Hassan
Falah Jay
Fisal Ramey

Written and Directed by
Nisreen Baker

Bonnie Thompson

Executive Producer
David Christensen

Hans Olson

Directors of Photography
Daron Donahue
aAron Munson

Jamal Eden Studio
St. Albert, Alberta

Production Coordinators
Jasmine Pullukatt
Faye Yoneda
Production Supervisor
Mark Power

Marketing Manager
Leslie Stafford

Program Administrators
Bree Beach
Ginette D’Silva

Centre Operations Manager
Darin Clausen



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