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The Great List of Everything

Cathon, Iris Boudreau and Francis Papillon
2019 | 13-episode web series
Animation Technique – Traditional drawing using a graphics tablet







The Great List of Everything – Episode 1: The Phone
The Great List of Everything – Episode 2: The Microwave
The Great List of Everything – Episode 3: The Bread
The Great List of Everything – Episode 4: The Fishing Rod
The Great List of Everything – Episode 5: The Camera
The Great List of Everything – Episode 6: The Stamp
The Great List of Everything – Episode 7: The Clock
The Great List of Everything – Episode 8: The Glasses
The Great List of Everything – Episode 9: The French Fries
The Great List of Everything – Episode 10: The Swimsuit
The Great List of Everything – Episode 11: The Noodles
The Great List of Everything – Episode 12: The Lightbulb
The Great List of Everything – Episode 13: The Pants


Photo : Joannie Lafrenière


Cathon is a writer, illustrator, and graphic novelist. She holds a bachelor’s degree in visual and media arts from Université du Québec à Montréal. Her offbeat comic books, often inspired by genre fiction and pop culture, have been published by Pow Pow Press (The Pineapples of Wrath, Vampire Cousins) and La Pastèque (La liste des choses qui existent) since 2013. She also creates crime graphic novels for youth and comic albums with Comme des géants (Mimose et Sam) and Owlkids (A Fire Truck for Chuck). The Great List of Everything is her first animated production. She lives and works in Montreal.

Iris Boudreau
Photo : Alex Beausoleil

Iris Boudreau

Iris Boudreau is a writer and illustrator. She holds a bachelor’s degree in comic books from the Université du Québec en Outaouais and is interested in more narrative artforms. Since moving to Montreal in 2007, she’s focused primarily on comic books, illustration, and writing. She’s published a number of books with La Pastèque (La liste des choses qui existent, Folk, Justine, Le pouvoir de l’amour), FonFon (the André series), and Delcourt (L’ostie d’chat). She also created Les autres, a monthly series for youth magazine Curium that’s also been compiled in a stand-alone publication by Bayard Canada. The Great List of Everything is her first animated production.

Francis Papillon
Photo : Fabrice Gaëtan

Francis Papillon

Francis Papillon is a director, illustrator, and animator from the Portneuf region, near Quebec City. The countryside of his childhood was fertile territory for his ardent imagination. After a brief foray into the sciences at CEGEP, he felt a growing need to express his quest for answers through an artistic process, and he switched to visual arts and animated filmmaking at Université Laval. Later, seeking real-world experience, he moved to Montreal, and in 2015 completed the INIS program in film directing. After directing a number of short films (Un sacré mariage, Larry de la buanderie, Clara, and Aspirations), he co-directed the animated web series Ahchiouta’a for APTN and The Great List of Everything, produced by La Pastèque and the National Film Board of Canada in collaboration with Télé-Québec.

Vali Fugulin
Producer (La Pastèque)

Vali Fugulin

Vali Fugulin has spent more than 15 years as a content creator and producer of linear documentaries, video games, and interactive experiences. She recently co-designed and produced an interactive knitting platform called Supersymmetry. With the studio Tobo, she worked on a theatre initiation application for young people at Maison Théâtre. She was at the helm of the major digital series Tout garni, in partnership with La Pastèque and interactive-experience studio Dpt. During a two-year residency with the National Film Board of Canada’s Digital Studio, she designed and managed the innovative video game I Love Potatoes, which won the 2016 NUMIX Grand Prix, and also created Toi, moi et la Charte, an interactive and collaborative project about the controversial Charter of Quebec Values. The Great List of Everything is her first foray into linear production.

Solen Labrie Trépanier
Associate Producer (La Pastèque)

Solen Labrie Trépanier

An independent producer with more than 10 years of experience, Solen Labrie Trépanier has acquired solid expertise in developing and producing convergent and experimental digital projects. She’s worked with Tobo, Version 10, Kung Fu Numerik, INIS, Turbulent, and the National Film Board of Canada. In recent years, she has produced mobile games, websites, and web series for youth. She also worked in documentary marketing for the NFB’s French Program for three years. In 2012, she produced two student documentaries for INIS’s documentary directing program. She earned a degree in interactive media production from INIS in 2009.

Frédéric Gauthier
Executive Producer (La Pastèque)

Frédéric Gauthier

Frédéric Gauthier studied filmmaking at Concordia in the late 1990s. During his studies, he co-founded La Pastèque with Martin Brault. Since then, the publishing house has expanded considerably and celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2018. La Pastèque has a catalogue of over 300 comic book and youth album titles. In La Pastèque’s early days, Frédéric also led the Sid Lee Collective’s creative lab. He later developed the Foodlab project for the Société des arts technologiques over a three-year period. Frédéric has worked full-time at La Pastèque for more than eight years now. He sits on the board of directors of the Association nationale des éditeurs de livres (ANEL) and is board chair of Livres Canada Books (LCB).

Martin Brault
Executive Producer (La Pastèque)
Photo : Martin Brault on the left, accompanied on the right by Frédéric Gauthier - Cindy Boyce Photo

Martin Brault

Martin Brault was born in Dorion, Quebec, in 1973. He studied history at university and in 1998 he co-founded La Pastèque, where he’s occupied the position of editor in chief for more than 20 years.

Marc Bertrand
Photo : Stephan Ballard

Marc Bertrand

Since joining the NFB’s French Animation Studio in 1998, Marc Bertrand has produced more than one hundred films, including a number of award-winning titles. He’s worked with Theodore Ushev for many years, producing some of the filmmaker’s most significant works, including Tower Bawher (2006); Drux Flux (2009); Lipsett Diaries (2010), which received a Genie Award and a Special Mention at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival; Gloria Victoria, winner of the 2013 FIPRESCI Award at Annecy; and Blind Vaysha, which won both the Jury Award and the Junior Jury Award for a Short Film at Annecy before being nominated for an Oscar® in 2017. He also produced Patrick Doyon’s Oscar-nominated short Sunday (2011), which won the 2012 Jutra Award for Best Animated Film.

Over the years, Marc has worked with both established and up-and-coming filmmakers, including Jacques Drouin (Imprints, 2004), Georges Schwizgebel (Romance, 2011, Genie Award), Nicola Lemay and Janice Nadeau (No Fish Where to Go, 2014, FIPRESCI Award at Annecy), Marie-Josée Saint-Pierre (Jutra, 2013, selected for the Directors’ Fortnight in Cannes and winner of a Jutra and Canadian Screen Award), and Diane Obomsawin (I Like Girls, 2016, which won an award at the Ottawa International Animation Festival).

Marc’s projects in 2019 include Moïa Jobin-Paré’s No Objects (Special Jury Prize at Animafest Zagreb 2019), Theodore Ushev’s The Physics of Sorrow, graphic novelists Iris and Cathon’s La liste des choses qui existent, Catherine Lepage’s The Great Malaise, and Andreas Hykade’s new opus, Altötting.

Julie Roy
Executive Producer (NFB)

Julie Roy

As the Executive Producer of the National Film Board of Canada’s French Animation Studio, Julie Roy has produced some 40 animated short films. She holds a master’s degree in cinema studies from Université de Montréal and has published numerous articles about women and animated films.

In 2019, she co-produced Regina Pessoa’s Uncle Thomas: Accounting for the Days (Ciclope Filmes/NFB/Les Armateurs), which won two awards at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival, including the Jury Award in the short film category. She was also the executive producer for Theodore Ushev’s new film, The Physics of Sorrow. Other recent productions include Patrick Bouchard’s The Subject and Matthew Rankin’s The Tesla World Light, both of which screened at Cannes, at the 2018 Directors’ Fortnight and the 2017 Semaine de la Critique, respectively. In 2016, she co-produced Franck Dion’s The Head Vanishes (Papy 3D/NFB), which won the Cristal Award at Annecy. Among the many other artists whose work she has guided are Claude Cloutier and Michèle Lemieux.

Roy encourages diverse approaches to filmmaking. She is currently developing an interactive installation with Nicolas Brault and working with Chris Lavis and Maciek Szczerbowski (Madame Tutli-Putli, 2007) on their next short film.


Directed by
Cathon, Iris Boudreau and Francis Papillon

Written by
Cathon and Iris Boudreau
Based on the book La liste des choses qui existent
Les Éditions de la Pastèque

Cathon and Iris Boudreau

Francis Papillon
Louis Roy

Script Consultants
Jean-François Provençal
Sarah Lalonde

With the voices of
Angela Galuppo (Cathon) (ACTRA)
Cat Lemieux (Iris) (ACTRA)

Voice Director
Julie Burroughs

Nathalie M. Grégoire

English version Difuze

Sound Designer and Music
Pierre Yves Drapeau

Jean Paul Vialard

Online Editor
Serge Verreault

Technical Directors
Eric Pouliot
Pierre Plouffe

Technical Specialist – Animation
Yannick Grandmont

Technical Coordinator
Jean-François Laprise

Studio Coordinators
Laetitia Seguin
Michèle Labelle

Karine Desmeules
Diane Régimbald

Senior Production Coordinator
Camila Blos

Production Accountant
Louise Allard

Legal Advisors
Vanessa Loubineau
Peter Kallianiotis

Financial Consultant
Joëlle Nadeau


Marketing Manager
Geneviève Bérard (NFB)

Social Media Manager
Alex Beausoleil (La Pastèque)

Thanks to
Séraphine Menu

Produced with the financial participation of
Shaw Rocket Fund – Fueling creativity

In collaboration with Télé-Québec

Digital Media Management
Hélène Archambault
Gina Desjardins

This project was made possible thanks to
Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit
Québec – Film and Television Tax Credit – Gestion SODEC
Québec – Dubbing Tax Credit – Gestion SODEC

Associate Producers
Solen Labrie Trépanier (La Pastèque)
Anne-Marie Bousquet (NFB)
Mylène Augustin (NFB)

Executive Producers
Frédéric Gauthier (La Pastèque)
Martin Brault (La Pastèque)
Julie Roy (NFB)

Vali Fugulin (La Pastèque)
Marc Bertrand (NFB)

Co-production by
La Pastèque
National Film Board of Canada

© 2019 La Pastèque Productions and the National Film Board of Canada. All rights reserved.

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