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The Geographies of DAR

Les Géographies de DAR
Monique LeBlanc
2023 | 75 min
Original English

Awards and Festivals

  • Winner - Best Canadian Film PrizeLe Festival International du Film sur l’Art (Le FIFA), Canada (2024)

  • Best Documentary Feature Silver Wave Film Festival, Canada (2023)

  • Official SelectionBelleville Downtown DocFest, Canada (2024)


Long Synopsis



David talks about being a writer.

David speaks about his childhood.

Readings from David Adams Richards' novels.



A playground overlooking a cemetery in Miramichi.

Sonya Malaborza reads an excerpt.

Peg and David Adams Richards at Miramichi River

David Adams Richards on Morrissy Bridge.

David Adams Richards sits on steps in Miramichi.

David Adams Richards

Black Horse Tavern in Miramichi

A child rides their bike on a rural road.

House in Miramichi


Monique LeBlanc

Photo : Annie-France Noël

Christine Aubé

Photo : NFB

Rohan Fernando
Producer and Executive Producer

Photo : ©2021 Meghan Tansey Whitton

Nathalie Cloutier
Executive Producer

Photo : Valérie Sangin

Annette Clarke
Executive Producer

Photo : Dave Howells



David Adams Richards



Monique LeBlanc



Monique LeBlanc

Rohan Fernando

Christine Aubé


Executive Producers

Monique LeBlanc

Rohan Fernando

Nathalie Cloutier

Annette Clarke


Scriptwriter & Researcher

Monique LeBlanc



Geoffrey Boulangé

Julien Cadieux


Directors of Photography

Bernard Fougères

Monique LeBlanc


Sound Designer

Monique Jean


Sound Recordist

Georges Hannan



Vanessa Moeller

Allan Cooper

Jean-Philippe Raîche

Danny Jacobs

Sonya Malaborza

Robin Anne Ettles

Monique LeBlanc


Drone Operators

Frédérik Jones

Bernard Fougères


Sound Editor

Dennis Morton


Production Managers

Monique LeBlanc

Joel Culligan


Production Accountant

Carol Babin


Stills Photographer

Bernard Fougères


Offline Editing Services

Digital Cut Post-Production

Patrick Clune


Original music

Monique Jean



Mario Gauthier-Harmonica

Sylvain Pohu-Guitar


Additional Music


Written and Performed by

Ross Birdwise and Heather McDermid

(Ejaculation Death Rattle)

Courtesy of Ejaculation Death Rattle


For The National Film Board of Canada


Online Editor

Denis Pilon



Alain Ostiguy


Re-Recording Mixer

Isabelle Lussier


Production Supervisor

Roz Power


Technical Coordinators

Christopher MacIntosh

Daniel Lord


Digital Editing Technicians

Marie-Josée Gourde

Pierre Dupont

Patrick Trahan


Sound Technician

Bernard Belley


Senior Production Coordinators

Cheryl Murgatroyd

Sarah MacLeod


Studio Administrator

Leslie Anne Poyntz


Marketing Manager

Jamie Hammond


Marketing Coordinator

Harmonie Hemming



Osas Eweka-Smith


Legal Council

Peter Kallianiotis

Media Relations

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