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The Forbidden Reel

Ariel Nasr
2019 | 119 min

Selections and Awards

  • Official SelectionIDFA - International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (2019)

  • Winner, Rogers Audience Award Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival, Toronto (2020)

  • Official SelectionDOXA Documentary Film Festival, Vancouver (2020)

  • Official SelectionFIN Atlantic International Film Festival, Halifax, Nova Scotia (2020)

  • Official SelectionCinefest Sudbury International Film Festival (2020)

  • Official SelectionIt's All True / Documentary International Film Festival, Brazil (2020)

  • Special MentionRIDM - Rencontres Internationales du Documentaire de Montréal (2020)

  • Official SelectionVictoria Film Festival (2021)

  • Nominee - Ted Rogers Best Feature Length DocumentaryCanadian Screen Awards (2021)



About the film


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Ariel Nasr
Director and Producer

Photo : Kiana Hayeri

Sergeo Kirby
Producer (Loaded Pictures)


Kat Baulu

Photo : NFB

Annette Clarke
Executive Producer

Photo : Dave Howells


Writer and Director
Ariel Nasr

Annie Jean, CCE

Duraid Munajim

Music Composer
Olivier Alary

Sound Designer
Marie-Pierre Grenier

Sergeo Kirby
Kat Baulu

Executive Producers
Sergeo Kirby
Annette Clarke

Executive Producer, TVO
Jane Jankovic

Production Executive, TVO
Linda Fong

Co- Producer
Ariel Nasr

Associate Producer
Stacey Tenenbaum

Development Producers
Noelle Sorbara
Paul D. McNeill

Additional Camera
Jonathan Saruk
Ariel Nasr
Jordan Byron
Pablo Alvarez-Mesa
Hassan Nikzad
Parwiz Arify
Marie-Cecile Dietlin
Sergeo Kirby

Sergeo Kirby
Emory Murchison
Karl Niaudot

Olivier Alary: Slide Guitar, Electronics
Johannes Malfatti: Prepared Piano, Percussion
John Corban: Viola
Jean-Christophe Lizotte: Cello
Erik Hove: Saxophone, Flute

Production Managers
Mylene Chalifoux
Charles Faubert

Production Coordinator
Gaël Cheval

Production Assistants
Zion Lipstein-Saffer
Benjamin Payet
Ali Atia Aldaradji

Ariel Nasr

Additional Research
Aisha Jama
Soraya Atayee

NFB Quebec Atlantic Studio

Senior Production Coordinators
Camila Blos
Kelly Davis
Cheryl Murgatroyd

Production Coordinators
Christine Williams
Mylène Augustin
Larissa Christoforo

Studio Administrators
Leslie Anne Poyntz
Camila Blos

Paris Team

Production Manager
David Noreau

Production Coordinators
Hugo Cisterne
Maylis Roussel

Additional Camera
Pierre-Francois Didek

Yacine Siaci

Simultaneous Translation
Amanullah Mojadidi

Kabul Team

Field Producer
David Wahab

Production Manager
Saleem Yousofzada

Assistant Production Manager
Hamid Mohammadi Fazlyar

Production Coordinator
Kazim Farnood

Art Department
Arshad Khan
Paola Ridolfi

Assistant to Art Department
Khaled Aziz

Key Gaffer
Jamil Ghanizada

Grip Team
Jamil Dakohai
Salaam Yousofzai
Safiulla Sadiqi
Zakarya Amin

2nd Camera
Hassan Nikzad

Best Boy
Tamim Omari

Simultaneous translation
Tawfiq M. Qasim Faiz
Anwar Hareb

Hameed Yousofzada

Masoud Saadati

Kabul Cast

Latif as a Child

Siddiq as a Child
Ahmed Zahed

as Young Siddiq

as Projectionist
Abdul Rasool Khalaqi

as Soviet Spies
Hamsafar Azam
Khaled Aziz

as President of Afghan Films
Mohamad Yaqood

as Taliban
Farooq Ghulam Baraki
Jamil Dakohai
Safiulla Sadiqi
Zakarya Amin

as Siddiq’s Mother
Koko Gul

Post Production

Additional Editor
Eve LeClair

1st Assistant Editor
Francis Bernier

Assistant Editors
Gilda Pourjabar
Gordon Hashimoto
Nikolaos Nikolaidis
Carlos Cortes
Patrice Arsenault

Dialogue Editor
Luc Bouchard

Technical Supervisors
Keith Pattington
Francis Bernier

Title Design
Hadi Jamali

Still Photography
Sergeo Kirby
Ariel Nasr

On-Line Editor
Serge Verreault

Digital Imaging Specialists
Mélanie Bouchard
Jacques Bertrand Simard

Foley Recording
Geoffrey Mitchell

Foley Artist
Karla Baumgardner

Jean-Paul Vialard

Digital Editing Technicians
Isabelle Painchaud
Pierre Dupont
Patrick Trahan

Technical Coordinators
Daniel Lord
Jean-François Laprise
Christopher MacIntosh
Mira Mailhot

Technical Edit Coordinator

Title Design
Hadi Jamali

Still Photography
Sergeo Kirby
Ariel Nasr

Dari Translators (alphabetical)
Ali Karimi
Fawad Popalyar
Fazila Amiri
Mariam Parwanta
Mohammad Ali Askar
Naghmeh Sarvaran
Narges Haghighat
Power of Babel
Raheleh Salim
Soraya Atayee

Pashto translator
Sayed Hashimi

Ariel Nasr
Annie Jean
Soraya Atayee

Producer’s Assistant
Charles Beaudette

Margaret Terreau

Tax Credit Administration
Amy Miller

Business Affairs
Mary Graziano
Brent McColl

Legal Counsel
Peter Kallianiotis
Dominique Aubry
Vanessa Loubineau

Production Insurance

Marketing Manager
Johanna Lessard

Marketing Coordinator
Jolène Lessard

Marketing Editors
Nabil Mehchi
Susan Shanks
Jeremiah Hayes
Angel Trasgallo Carpio Angel

Head, Festivals and Audience Development
Élise Labbé

Jennifer Mair


André Picard

Head, Technical Resources
Claude Brien
Louis Dupuis

Director, Research & Development
Jimmy Fournier

Supervisor, Conservation
Marie-France Rousseau

Technicians Digitization and Conservation
Steven Woloshen
Nathalie Dallaire
William Holley
Diane Dumas
Aldo La Ricca
Martin Forget

Technician, Sound Transfer
Pierre St-Germain

Films Featured (by year of production)

Eshgh va Doosti (Love and Friendship)
Directed by M. Luis
Fiction (1946)

Manand Oghab (Like an Eagle)
Directed by Fayz Muhammad Kheirzada
Fiction (1967)

Sherkat Battery Aria (Aria Battery Company)
by Engineer Latif Ahmadi
Advertisement (1970)

by Engineer Latif Ahmadi
Advertisement (1970)

Mujasamaha Mikhandand (The Sculptures are Laughing)
By Torialai Shaffaq
Fiction (1975)

Enghelab Sour (Saur Revolution)
by Engineer Latif Ahmadi
Docu-Fiction (1979)

Gonah (The Sin)
by Engineer Latif Ahmadi
Fiction (1980)

Mazraeh Sabz (Green Field)
by Engineer Latif Ahmadi
Fiction (1981)

Akhtar Maskara
(Akhtar the Joker)
by Engineer Latif Ahmadi
Fiction (1982)

Farar (Escape)
by Engineer Latif Ahmadi
Fiction (1983)

Saboor Sarbaz (Patient Soldier)
by Engineer Latif Ahmadi
Fiction (1984)

Hamaseh Eshgh (Epic of Love)
by Engineer LatifAhmadi
Fiction (1987)

Mardha ra Ghoul Ast (Men Keep their promises)
Directed by Saeed Orokzai
Fiction (1987)

Begana (The Stranger)
by Siddiq Barmak
Fiction (1987)

Khakestar (The Ashes)
by Saeed Orokzai
Fiction (1991)

Urooj (Ascension)
by Noor Hashim Abir and Script by Siddiq Barmak
Fiction (1995)

Khane Tarikh (The House of History)
by Qader Tahiri
Documentary (1996)

Thanks to Afghan Films
Azim Karimi
Wafi Amin
Fahim Zolal
Rafiullah Azizi
And all the Staff

Archival Footage Courtesy of
Afghan Films Archive
Afghan Film -Delete! Newsreels
(1919 to 1996)
Fiction and Documentary Films
Yusuf Jannesar

Photographs Courtesy of
Afghan Films
Yusuf Jannesar
Engineer Latif Ahmadi
Siddiq Barmak
Yasmin Yarmal

Performed by Charles Siqueira Vaz, Globe Studios In Mumbai India with Dr Ashit Bavadekar and band.

Produced with the financial participation of

In association with TVO
John Ferri, VP Current Affairs and Documentaries, TVO


AJE Witness
Executive Producer
Fiona Lawson Baker

Commissioning Editor
Reem Haddad

Production Support
Maria Costea

Media Relations

  • Loaded Pictures

    Loaded Pictures is a dynamic multi disciplinary media production company that has a history of making excellent political and social documentaries, films and media projects. Founded in Montreal, Quebec in 2006 Loaded Pictures produced the award winning films ABU, H2Oil, and ROADSWORTH to name a few. Some of the media projects that Loaded Pictures has worked on are WAL-TOWN, and counter culture agitprop campaign against Wal-Mart that toured across Canada with a young group of social activists and THE MOSQUE a film that dealt with islamophobia in Canada, complete with a media campaign. Loaded Pictures also produced the comedy series Citizen Vrooman looking at the political satire of Canada. Loaded Pictures is currently working on an interactive site for THE FORBIDDEN REEL. A film about Afghanistan’s struggle to create a film industry and the filmmakers who made the films. Loaded Pictures strives to make audiences rethink their reality.

  • About the NFB

    Founded in 1939, the National Film Board of Canada (NFB) is a one-of-a-kind producer, co-producer and distributor of distinctive, engaging, relevant and innovative documentary and animated films. As a talent incubator, it is one of the world’s leading creative centres. The NFB has enabled Canadians to tell and hear each other’s stories for over eight decades, and its films are a reliable and accessible educational resource. The NFB is also recognized around the world for its expertise in preservation and conservation, and for its rich and vibrant collection of works, which form a pillar of Canada’s cultural heritage. To date, the NFB has produced more than 14,000 works, 6,500 of which can be streamed free of charge at nfb.ca. The NFB and its productions and co-productions have earned over 7,000 awards, including 11 Oscars and an Honorary Academy Award for overall excellence in cinema.