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The Fight For Francophone Rights

Anne-Marie Rocher
2015 | 3 x 60 min

A 3-hour documentary series

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Anne-Marie Rocher
Director and producer
Photo : François Vincelette

Anne-Marie Rocher

Anne-Marie Rocher has made and produced several websites and documentaries for her company, Productions Testa, including The Fight For Francophone Rights and Lecorrespondant du Grand Nord.

She has directed the documentaries Gugging (1996), André Markowicz, la voix d’un traducteur (1999), Guy Rocher, Sociologist as protagonist (2002) and Renaissance of the Island Acadians   (2004).

From 2007 to 2012, she worked for the NFB’s Ontario and West French Production Centre producing several documentaries, including Front lines and Le Royal 22e Régiment en Afghanistan by Claude Guilmain, A monk’s secret by Yves Étienne Massicotte, and Courage by Geoff Bowie.

Dominic Desjardins
Producer (NFB)

Dominic Desjardins

After completing his studies at the National Conservatory of Paris, directing and performing in the theatre world in France, Dominic comes back to Canada to participate in a high-profile television show where he directs and shoots 18 short documentaries in 11 countries around the world. He then works as a director on various shows for French and English television networks, before starting Zazie Films, a film, television and new media production company with which he directs two feature films, Le Divan du Monde, and La Sacrée, as well as numerous interactive projects. He joins the NFB in 2013 as the executive producer of the Francophonie Studio, responsible for all French-language documentary and interactive productions in Canada, outside Quebec. Some of the projects on his slate include a documentary series in 360 ° VR, an online interactive piece about the psychology of gambling, and a documentary following African refugees as they move across Canada seeking decent jobs and a sense of belonging.



A film by
Anne-Marie Rocher

Produced by 
Productions Testa Inc.

in co-production with

the National Film Board of Canada
In collaboration with
Groupe Média TFO

End credits

Part One
Michel Bastarache
Paul Dubé
Stéphane André Dubé
Caleb Léo Dubé-Laramée
David King
Jean-Claude Mahé
Angéline Martel
Michel Bastarache
Coralie Boudreau
Stanley Boudreau
Lianne Boudreau Maltais
Mila and Dominic Boudreau Maltais
Glenda Doucet Boudreau
John Rafuse
Marie-Claude Rioux
Jean-Louis Robichaud

Part Two
Wilfrid Denis
Pierre Foucher
Hervé Lepage
Roger Lepage
Gabrielle Lepage
Jean-Michel Tremblay
André Bourcier
Jean-François Blouin
Christian Brideau
Marc Champagne
Daniel Girouard and his
children Juliane, Joël and Anick
Mark Muckler
Lara St-Onge
Nicolas Nadon

Part Three
Yvonne Careen
Stéphane Careen
Rose Démétré
Martin Deschesnes
Albert J. Lafferty
Pierre Foucher
Roger Lepage
Stéphane Millette
Suzette Montreuil
Lorie Steinwand
Mark Steinwand
Mia and Liam Steinwand
Sylvain Allison
Nicolas Martin Rouleau
Julie Rouleau
Luc Morin
Joseph Pagé
Roger Paul
Mark Power
Maxine Vincelette
Gerry O’Neil

Written & Directed by
Anne-Marie Rocher

Michel Bastarache
Pierre Foucher

Director of Photography
François Vincelette

Mélanie Gauthier

Petra Valier

Opening Sequence
Costa Leclerc Design 

Original music composed and conducted by
Jean Derome 

Anne-Marie Rocher (Productions Testa Inc.)
Dominic Desjardins (NFB)

Writing and Research Consultant
Solange Lapierre

Visual Research
Claire Bourbonnais
Louise Philipp

Assistant Camera and Digital Transfer
Martin Landry

Production Manager
Doris Lapierre

Assistant Editors
Nathalie Ai Rei Dooh-Tousignant
Amanda Terfloth
Andrea Ziedenberg

Sound Editor
Daniel Toussaint

Foley Artist
Lise Wedlock

Foley Recordist
Geoffrey Mitchell

Jean Derome, flute, piano and conductor
Guido Del Fabbro, violin
Lévy Bourbonnais, harmonica
Dany Nicolas, guitar
Normand Guilbeault, double bass
Pierre Tanguay, drums

Music Recorded and Mixed by
Robert Langlois
at Studio 270

Original Soundtrack
© 2015 Productions Testa Inc.

Julie Lemieux

Narration Written by
Sophie Perceval
Anne-Marie Rocher

On-line Editor
Serge Verreault

Graphic Design and Titles
Cynthia Ouellet

Serge Boivin 

Vision Globale

Translation by
Joshua Beitel

Archive Digitization
Mélanie Bouchard


CBC Archives

Photographs of Georges Bugnet, A11977 and A11979 courtesy of the Provincial Archives of Alberta and of Devonian Botanic Garden, University of Alberta.

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The Fathers of Confederation, Rex Wood, © House of Commons Heritage Collection, Ottawa.

Convention at Charlottetown, P.E.I., George P. Roberts, National Photography Collection, Library and Archives Canada, C-000733.

Teachers protesting Regulation 17 in front of École Brébeuf, Anglesea Square in Ottawa’s Lower Town district, February 1916. Photo: Le Droit, Ottawa. University of Ottawa, CRCCF.

One-room schoolhouse in Saint-Henri-de-Lévis, Omer Beaudoin, Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec.

Photograph of Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Liberal Party of Canada, Library and Archives Canada, Richard Gervais Collection, Accession Number R11473-15, C-151891.

Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
 courtesy of the Department of Canadian Heritage. © All rights reserved. Reproduced with the permission of the Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages (2015).

Thanks to the following organizations
École publique Gabrielle-Roy
École Rutherford
École Jean-Marie-Gay
École secondaire de Clare
La Guilde Acadienne de Clare
Les petites piqueuses de l’avenir
Église Sacré-Cœur church hall
Nicole Garner, Roger Lepage’s legal assistant
The staff at Miller Thomson law firm
Montmartre church council
École Émilie-Tremblay and Académie Parhélie
Marc Champagne and the Jackrabbit Club
Véronique Thériault and the group at the Chilkoot Trail
Véronique Ligerot, administrative assistant at École Émilie-Tremblay
Marie-Andrée Asselin
Erika and Bruno Calvignac
Nuka de Jocas
René Montreuil
Claire Trépanier
École Allain St-Cyr
École Anne-Hébert
École Rose-des-vents
École Jules-Verne
École La Vérendrye
Geneviève Charron, director at École Allain St-Cyr
The kids at École Allain St-Cyr
The kids and members of Yellowknife’s Dene First Nation
École Boréale
Jessica King, École Boréale’s assistant secretary
La Commission scolaire des TNO
Manon Darjelais, coordinator

Thanks to
Vanessa Emam
David Leitch
Jacques Turgeon

Productions Testa Inc.

Associate Producer and Legal Advisor
Zabi Yaqeen

Line Producer
Renée de Sousa

Assistant Accountant
Marie-Rose Monceaux

Executive Producer
Anne-Marie Rocher

National Film Board of Canada

Legal Advisor
Dominique Aubry

Marketing Manager
François Jacques

Geneviève Duguay

Studio Manager
Alexandrine Torres de Figueiredo

Technical Coordinator
Daniel Claveau

Executive Producer
Dominic Desjardins

Press Relations

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