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Andréa Cohen-Boulakia & Priam Givord
Interactive Documentary



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Andréa Cohen-Boulakia
Director & Researcher

Andréa Cohen-Boulakia

Andréa Cohen-Boulakia is a French director based in Toronto. She started working in the film industry in Paris after studying modern languages at Université Denis Diderot Paris VII. She has worked with directors such as Michael Haneke, Patrice Chéreau, Roman Polanski, Luc Besson, Paul Thomas Anderson, Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Agnès Jaoui. Since arriving in Toronto in 2003, Andréa has worked on many documentary projects and directed two short fiction films. Currently, she is the co-founder of Sandbox – La Boîte à Films Inc.

Priam Givord
Director & Interactive Designer

Priam Givord

Priam Givord is a digital artist, designer and technologist. Born in France and a graduate of the École nationale supérieure des arts appliqués et des métiers d’art (ENSAAMA) in Paris, Priam obtained his DEA from Université de Paris VIII; after that, he designed and built high-end major interactive installations through his own company for clients such as the television program “Daily Planet,” MELD Media and Remington Development Corporation. His work encompasses interactive technologies ranging from large tactile surfaces to Google Glass, VR installations and video game driver applications. He has shown his work at international venues such as the Museum of the Moving Image in New York and at the prestigious SIGGRAPH conference in California. Priam teaches and also designs programs for New York University and OCAD University. He now lives in Toronto and works for the National Film Board of Canada.

Dominic Desjardins
Producer (NFB)
Photo : Jason Cipparrone

Dominic Desjardins

After his studies at the Conservatoire national supérieur d’art dramatique in Paris, Dominic Desjardins worked in set design and performance in the French theatre community, before returning to Canada to be part of La Course destination monde (Radio-Canada), a television program with which he produced 18 short documentaries in 11 countries throughout the world. He then became the producer of various programs for Francophone and Anglophone television networks before launching Zazie Films, a company that produces films, television programs and interactive works, with which he authored two feature-length films, Le Divan du monde (2009) and La Sacrée (2011). In 2013, he joined the NFB as Executive Producer of the Canadian Francophonie Studio where he is now in charge of the productions from minority francophone communities.


An interactive documentary by
Andréa Cohen-Boulakia
Priam Givord
Dominic Desjardins

Researched and Directed by
Andréa Cohen-Boulakia

Interactive Designer
Priam Givord

Design and Coding
Reflektor Digital

Produced by
Dominic Desjardins

Original Music
Adam White

Original Soundtrack
© 2016 National Film Board of Canada (SOCAN)

The Experts
Daniel Charest
Dr. Alain Dagher
Damien Bérubé
Magalie Dufour

Actors in reenactments (UDA)
Maxime Robin
Jean-François Soucy
Robert Godin
Freya Ravensbergen
Geneviève Fontaine
Valérie Descheneaux
Éric Charbonneau

Web Developers
Maksym Rusan
Christof Dumke

Assistant Designer
Anzella Gasataya

Content Editor
Catherine Perreault-Lessard

Director of Photography
Katerine Giguère
Cabot McNely
Olivier Cheneval
Nathalie Lasselin

Sound Recordist
Sylvain Vary

Production Managers
Amélie Lambert Bouchard
Sarah Kravetz

Camera Assistants
Julien Marais
Adam Burrows

Set Designer
Brian Garvey

Make-up Artists
Alexia Parent
Kimberley Haddad

Geneviève Turcot
Doris Lapierre
Claudette Beaudoin
Nancy Marcotte
Edith Brideau
Robin McKenna
Saouda Osarowski
David Turcotte

Offline and Online Editor
Karen Vanderborght

Archival Research
Doris Lapierre

L.L. Bilingual Transcription Services

Mels studio

Sound Editing and Mixing
Daniel Toussaint

Sound design
Daniel Toussaint
Adam White

Foley Artist
Lise Wedlock

Source: B.F. Skinner Foundation

Advisors for Interactive Development
Louis-Richard Tremblay
Marie Pier Gauthier
Martin Viau

Marketing Managers
Tammy Peddle
Gabrielle Harvey

Marketing Coordinators
Florent Prevelle
Stéphanie Quevillon 

Geneviève Duguay

Project Manager
Alexandrine Torres de Figueiredo

Production Coordinator
Laura Bergeron

Technical Coordinator
Daniel Claveau

Technical support
Sergiu Suciu

Legal Counsel
Sophie de Champlain

Thanks to
Gamblers Anonymous Montréal and its members
Isabelle Martin
Smithy Creative Group Inc.
Lowe Roche
Hugues Sweeney
Monique Simard
Nicolas S. Roy

The names of the participants in this documentary have been changed to preserve their anonymity.

© 2016 National Film Board of Canada

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