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Guillaume Braun
2019 | 40 min
A webseries on the culture of video-game streaming.

Selections and Awards

  • Finalist - Documentaire – Capsule et websérieNUMIX Awards 2020



Episode 1 - Build your community

Episode 2 - Speak the lingo

Episode 3 - Grind it out

Episode 4 - Find your balance







Guillaume Braun
Original Idea and Director
Photo : Catherine Marois

Guillaume Braun

Creator and entrepreneur Guillaume Braun started his career at Sid Lee, working on international accounts like Cirque du Soleil, Adidas and Red Bull. Wanting to pursue his creative vision in brand imaging and digital storytelling, in 2007 he founded Akufen: a interactive design agency that’s gained renown across Quebec and abroad for its expertise and training in design and marketing, as well as for its talented team, whose skills have earned industry-wide recognition. More recently, Braun began teaching in the Web design and interactive media program at Collège Salette.

At present, the main focus of this instinct-driven artist is interactive Web design. His key strengths include putting together powerhouse teams and tapping into social movements to transform them into unique experiences. Today, as Akufen’s creative head, he has been instrumental on such major projects as the “Big Data” episode of interactive documentary series Do Not Track (NFB/ARTE/Upian/BR), the interactive graphic novel The Wanted 18 (Intuitive Pictures/NFB), The Hole Story (NFB), Les enfants de la Bolduc (Lusio Films) and A Journal of Insomnia (NFB). The latter, which he co-directed, was presented at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) and in the Storyscapes space of the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival. In recent years, Braun has worked as main designer and director of Streamers (NFB) in addition to being part of industry panels, talks, master classes and juries.


Marie-Eve Tremblay
Creative Collaborator, Research and Interviews
Photo : Andréanne Gauthier

Marie-Eve Tremblay

Marie-Eve Tremblay is a creative thinker who likes to push boundaries, experiment and get her ideas off the ground. By turns researcher, columnist, host, Web editor and reporter, she embodies the versatile, resourceful multitasking journalist whose skills mesh perfectly with the profession’s new realities.

She has worked with numerous teams since joining Radio-Canada, including on Enquête and C’est pas trop tôt ! (the latter with Marie-France Bazzo), in addition to being a Web, radio and TV commentator for Greater Montreal. Since 2016 she’s hosted Corde sensible, a series with three components: videos, a podcast and a radio show broadcast on ICI Radio-Canada Première. In June 2018, she received the CJF-Facebook Journalism Project News Literacy Award for her production of the topic of fake news. She also received two Gémeaux in September 2018, one for the best original program or series produced for digital media (public affairs/sports), the other for best hosting in the same category.

Louis-Richard Tremblay
Producer (NFB)
Photo : Angel Carpio

Louis-Richard Tremblay

Louis-Richard Tremblay is intrigued by the power of interactive experiences and fascinated by all forms of media exploration. He collaborates with creators who manipulate technology to serve the subject at hand, resulting in works that appeal to participants’ intelligence and imagination.

After studying political science, Louis-Richard was drawn to architecture and radio before delving into the interactive world at Radio-Canada and the NFB. His productions have won numerous local and international awards (Online journalism award, Award of excellence from The Society of new design, Gémeaux, Webby and Peabody). He has also sat on the selection committee of several international excellence awards, including World Press Photo and the Tim Hetherington Trust.

His most recent projects include The Unknown Photographer, Do Not Track, In Limbo, Fort McMoney: The Movie and McLaren Wall to Wall, a tribute to Norman McLaren.

Marie-Pier Gauthier
Photo : Karim Ben Khelifa

Marie-Pier Gauthier

Marie-Pier Gauthier has been the interactive production manager at the National Film Board of Canada since 2011. Whether it’s digital design for mobile or the web; interactive installations or performances in public spaces; virtual, mixed, or augmented reality experiences; or games used for storytelling, she guides productions by innovative creators working across disciplines. In the projects she oversees, she enjoys using social networks, code, artificial intelligence, streaming, and chatbots to tell stories. With degrees in journalism and interactive production, Marie-Pier has worked on over 50 interactive projects that have garnered over 100 prizes in Canada and abroad since her start at the NFB’s interactive studio.


An original idea by Guillaume Braun, directed in collaboration with Marie-Ève Tremblay. A NFB production, in co-production with ARTE.

A Co-Production
National Film Board of Canada
ARTE France

Original Idea
Guillaume Braun

Directed by
Guillaume Braun
in collaboration with Marie-Eve Tremblay

Guillaume Fortin

Visual Design and Motion Design

Guillaume Braun
Marie-Eve Tremblay
Hervé Baillargeon

Script Development
Catherine Therrien
Christian Laurence

Guillaume Braun
Marie-Eve Tremblay
Hervé Baillargeon

Script Development – Narrations
Guillaume Braun

Guillaume Braun

Voice Direction – Narration Recording
Benoît Rousseau

Original Score and Sound Design
Louis-Philippe Quesnel

Sound Editing
Bande à Part audio et postproduction – coop

Translation and Subtitles

Library Footage
Far Cry / Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege ™&© Ubisoft Entertainment. All rights reserved
Bohemia Interactive
Half The Animal
Jason M. Robinson
Dave Packer & Sheep Films
Topshelf Records & Good Boy Audiovisual


National Film Board of Canada

Executive Producer
Hugues Sweeney

Louis-Richard Tremblay
Marie-Pier Gauthier

Production Managers
Marie-Pier Gauthier
Nathalie Bédard-Morin

Senior Production Coordinator
Marie-Eve Babineau

Editorial Manager
Valérie Darveau

Technology Director
Martin Viau

Production Coordinators
Claudia Boutin
Perrine Bral
Dominique Brunet
Caroline Fournier

Research Officer
Claudia Boutin

Marie-Andrée Bonneau

Technical Coordinator
Mira Mailhot

Technical Support – Editing
Pierre Dupont
Isabelle Painchaud
Patrick Trahan

On-line Editing
Denis Pilon

Geoff Mitchell

Marketing Manager
Tammy Peddle

Marketing Coordinators
Florent Prévelle
Stéphanie Quévillon
Sophie Thouin

Social Media Strategists
Kathryn Ruscito
Émilie Nguyen
Hannah Martin

Community Managers
Alyssia Duval-Nguon

Melissa Sauvé

Web Content Project Manager
Félix-Antoine Viens

Press Relations
Marie-Claude Lamoureux
Alexandre Lainesse

Information Technologies
Sergiu Suciu

Legal Services
Christian Pitchen


Director of Digital Development
Gilles Freissinier

Editorial Manager
Marianne Levy-Leblond

Program Officer
Lama Serhan

Web Project Managers
Virginie Béjot
Adrien Larouzée

Jérôme Vernet

Social Media
Florence Danon
Thomas Vercellino

Special thanks to Twitch
Cindy Labranche
Vanessa Gosselin Grenier
Victor Kurc
Philippe Neveu
Anne Marie Archambault
Maripier St-Jean
Mr. Moon
Thibault Duverneix
T.L. Taylor
Laurent Bernier
Sébastien Perron
Robert Nadeau
Claire Durand
Alain Giguere

Special thanks to the 2017 livecasts participants
Denis Talbot

©National Film Board of Canada – ARTE France 2019



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