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Snow Warrior

Frederick Kroetsch & Kurt Spenrath
2018 | 8 min 30

Selections and Awards

  • Official SelectionEdmonton International Film Festival 2018

  • Official Selection - Best Non-Fiction Short & Best Editor (Non-Fiction, Under 30 Minutes)International Festival of Winter Cinema 2019



Mariah when she had long hair

Mariah, Downtown Edmonton

Bike training at home after work

Mariah's morning coffee

Jerry, Bike Messenger, Downtown Edmonton

Mariah's icy Bike Pedal,

Behind the Scenes - DP Aaron, Filming Mariah

Behind the Scenes - DP Aaron filming Mariah

Behind the Scenes - Co-Director Frederick and DP Aaron shooting, Downtown Edmonton

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Frederick Kroetsch
Filmmaker, Editor, Producer

Photo : Open Sky Pictures

Kurt Spenrath

Photo : Open Sky Pictures

Bonnie Thompson

Photo : Debbie Boccabella

David Christensen
Executive Producer (NFB)

Photo : NFB


Written by
Kurt Spenrath

Directed by
Frederick Kroetsch
Kurt Spenrath

Frederick Kroetsch
Bonnie Thompson

Executive Producer
David Christensen

Associate Producer
Rob Millang

Frederick Kroetsch

Director of Photography
aAron Munson

Additional Photography
Kyle Armstrong

Field Audio
Phillip Dransfeld

Larry Kelly
Rob Millang

Foley, Sound Design & Audio Mix
Ian Armstrong

Additional Post Production
Sarah Taylor

Special Thanks
Mariah Hoy
Sarah Melli
Gerry Johnston
Daniel Janigo
ACS Express
Second Cup

Filmed on location in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

National Film Board of Canada

Production Coordinators
Faye Yoneda
Ginette D’Silva
Hilda Amponsah

Marketing Manager
Geneviève Bérard

Production Supervisors
Mark Power
Esther Viragh

Unit Administrator
Bree Beach

Centre Operations Manager
Darin Clausen

Executive Director, English Programming & Production
Michelle Van Beusekom

©2018 Open Sky Pictures Inc. in co-production with National Film Board of Canada


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