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Seven Digital Deadly Sins

Pablo Vio


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Pablo Vio
Creative director

Pablo Vio

Pablo believes that if you want to tell stories that move people, every pixel matters. As Partner and Creative Director at Jam3, his creative vision has been key to many highly acclaimed interactive projects. His innovative approach to storytelling integrates complex programming with high-concept creative design to push the limits of the narrative experience. Pablo’s work has garnered numerous awards, including Cannes Lions’ Gold Cyber Lion, One Show Interactive’s Gold Pencil, SXSW’s Interactive Award, over 20 FWAs, and many Communication Arts awards. Pablo has spoken about Jam3’s work at events around the world, like the FITC Toronto, Whistler Summit, and the See Conference in Germany. Before joining Jam3, Pablo was an Art Director at several Toronto design and print firms, with clients in the US and Canada. Pablo is an alumnus of the Arts Fundamentals program at Sheridan, the International Academy of Design, and Sheridan’s Interactive Multimedia program.

Jeremy Mendes

Jeremy Mendes

Jeremy Mendes (Director) is a Vancouver-based artist with over 10 years’ experience working on interactive projects. A three-time Webby Award winner, he is currently working freelance on interactive projects with the NFB’s Digital Studio.

Alicia Smith

Alicia Smith

Alicia Smith is a producer for the National Film Board of Canada’s North West Studio, where she works with filmmakers, artists and communities in the creation of documentary, animation and interactive projects. She produced this river, which won Best Short Documentary at the Canadian Screen Awards (2017), and Nowhere Land, which won Best Short Documentary Film at imagineNATIVE (2015). Interactive productions include Guy Maddin’s Seances, which launched at Tribeca Storyscapes (2016), and God’s Lake Narrowswhich won a Webby Award in 2012. She’s been working with several members of Shoal Lake 40 First Nation since 2016 and the resulting series of five short films, Freedom Road, is set to be released in the fall of 2019.

Loc Dao
Executive Producer

Loc Dao

As Executive Producer/Creative Technologist Loc Dao heads up digital content and strategy for English Programming at the National Film Board of Canada. Loc oversees the slate of digital projects and leads the digital team which has created and produced award-winning work such as Bear 71, Waterlife, Welcome to Pinepoint, The Test Tube with David Suzuki, This Land and more available on nfb.ca/interactive.

His work has been awarded dozens of major international and national honours including one 2012 Webby Award for God’s Lake Narrows (godslake.nfb.ca), two 2011 Webby Awards for Welcome to Pinepoint (pinepoint.nfb.ca), the 2010 Webby Award for Best Online Documentary program for Waterlife (waterlife.nfb.ca) and Best Cross Platform program for The Test Tube (nfb.ca/testtube) at the 2009 Canadian New Media Awards. Loc’s role varies from Digital Creator on The Test Tube, to Creative Producer on Waterlife to Creative Technologist on all of the NFB’s digital content.

Prior to joining the NFB, Loc worked in the private new media industry on projects such as the Vancouver 2010 Olympics’ Cultural Olympiad, citizen journalism startups and publishing companies strategic transitions from print to digital.

Loc’s background is in media having moved from Sound Engineer to Webmaster to Producer to Executive Producer for CBC Radio between 1992-1998. Loc created one of the first websites for CBC in 1994 and in 2002 was Executive Producer and co-creator the award winning CBC Radio 3 web magazine/FM radio/podcast platform (archive.cbcradio3.com) that won one Prix Italia, three Webby Awards, two New York Festival Grand Prizes and an Art Directors Club award among over 20 others.


Francesca Panetta
Executive Producer

Francesca Panetta

Francesca Panetta works as a multimedia special projects editor at the Guardian, leading on innovation in storytelling and new platforms. Works include FirestormThe Shirt on Your Back and View From the Shard and all strive to combine film, audio, text, stills and data in new ways. Francesca also works as a freelance artist and radio feature maker, specialising in sound. Her work has won awards around the world.

Lindsay Poulton
Executive Producer

Lindsay Poulton

Lindsay Poulton is an award-winning producer and director. Since joining the Guardian seven years ago she has produced a wide range of documentaries and multimedia interactives; she is currently focussed on innovation in storytelling and new platforms. Lindsay’s recent work includes a series of short films called Life Lessons that screened in cinemas across the UK, and an interactive documentary called Shirt on Your Back www.theguardian.com/ranaabout the Rana Plaza disaster and the garment industry in Bangladesh.






Seven Digital Deadly Sins
Created by the NFB Digital Studio Vancouver, The Guardian and Jam3
Produced by the National Film Board of Canada

Commissioning Editors Francesca Panetta, Loc Dao, Melissa Denes
Executive Producers Lindsay Poulton, Loc Dao, Francesca Panetta
Project Manager / Associate Producer Janine Steele
Creative Technologist Loc Dao
Story Chase Producers Gelareh Darabi, Lucy Greenwell, Nicole Jackson
Editor, Written Stories Bim Adewunmi
Researchers Nicholas Klassen, Aleks Krotoski
Co-Creator Jeremy Mendes
Producer Alicia Smith
Creative Director Pablo Vio
Interactive Design and Development Jam3
Illustrator Ben Lamb
Sound Designer Joshua Stevenson
Music Researcher Jonathan Orr

For Jam3
Technical Directors Aaron Morris and Mark McQuillan
Project Manager Media Ridha
Lead Developer Nick Poisson
Developers Mike Teixeira, Stephen Coleman, Max Rusan
Head of Production Graham Budd
Lead Designers Leigh Whipday, Adam Romano
Designer Nixson Sysanga
Interactive Films
Creator Jeremy Mendes
Production Managers Jennifer Roworth, Gelareh Darabi
Editors Liam Mitchell, Dave Ehrenreich, Alex Craig
Additional Cinematography David Aspinall
Sound Recordists Charlie Weisfeld, Juan Bertran, Tim Lue
Transcription Terrance Azzuolo, Tracey Sitter
Director of Photography Liam Mitchell
Interviewer Gelareh Darabi
Second Camera Anson Hartford, James Gardner, Jonathan Staav
Special Thanks to our subjects Bill Bailey, Billy Bragg, Ophira Eisenberg, Josie Long, Jon Ronson, Gary Shteyngart and Mary Walsh

For the NFB
Operations and Production Manager Janine Steele
Project Manager, Social Narrative Laura Mitchell
Centre Administrator Jennifer Roworth
Production Coordinator Stacey Sellars
Marketing Manager Tammy Peddle
Publicist Melissa Than
Legal Services Christian Pitchen
Writer / Interactive Producer Jennifer Moss
Interactive Producer, Social Narrative Dana Dansereau
Developer / Designer, Social Narrative Vincent McCurley
Production Supervisor Kathryn Lynch
Technical Coordinator Wes Machnikowski
Social Media Julie Matlin, Kathryn Ruscito
System Administrators Sergiu Raul Suciu, Bruno Gervasi
Special Thanks from the Guardian
Chris Clarke
Tara Herman
Alex Breuer
Sean Clarke
Rachel Atkinson
Tonia Mamai
Natalie Roper
Laura Oliver
Elena Cresci
Maggie Murphy
Andrew Smith
Alex Hern
Featuring Music By
Composed by James Buttery, Aidan Whalley (PRS), James Young
Performed by Darkstar
Used with permission of Third Side Music Inc. o/b/o Warp Music Limited and Warp Records

Composed & Performed by Nils Frahm
With permission of Erased Tape Records and Manners McDaded UK

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