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Tamara Segura
2024 | 76 mins
Feature Documentary
Spanish with English Subtitles

Awards and Festivals

  • Official SelectionMiami Film Festival (2024)

  • Official Selection Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival (2024)

Log Line

Short Synopsis

Long Synopsis

Director's Statement



Tamara talks about her father.

Rum ruined the Segura family.

Tamara decides not to return home to Cuba.


A warm memory of Tamara and her father in 1990s Cuba.

Tamara's cousin Gaspar grapples with the consequences of his unprocessed trauma.

A quiet moment between Tamara and her grandmother Yolanda.

A young Tamara with her father, Jorge Segura.

Tamara in her new-found home of St. John's, NL, 3,600 km from Cuba.

Cuba's "youngest soldier", Tamara Segura as a baby.

The awakening of a buried trauma.

The endless waiting for an absent father.


Tamara Segura

Photo : Felipe Diaz

Annette Clarke
Producer and Executive Producer

Photo : Dave Howells

Rohan Fernando
Producer and Executive Producer

Photo : ©2021 Meghan Tansey Whitton

John Christou
Executive Producer, Director of Production & Operations, Programming | Creation

Photo : NFB

Kelly Davis
Associate Producer

Photo : NFB


Written, Directed and Narrated by

Tamara Segura


Edited by

Andrea Henriquez

Tamara Segura


Director of Photography

Deymi D’Atri


Original Music

Andrew Sisk


Mis Raices

by Mayte Segura & Cubandaluz


Sound Design

Catherine Van Der Donckt


Produced by

Annette Clarke

Rohan Fernando



Yolanda Mayo Garrido

Claribel Gonzalez T.

Gaspar Ramirez Segura

Mayte Segura Wong

Malena Doce Segura

Jesús Arévalo Marrero


Young Jorge

Giorgio S. de Erbiti Ramirez


Additional Cinematography

Tamara Segura

Justin Simms

Troy Maher


Location Sound Recording

Catherine Van Der Donckt

Yasser Canals Quintana

Mark Neary


Production Managers

Kenia Salas Laborde

Anabel Ramirez Hidalgo

Lynn Andrews


Production Assistants

Roxana Baster

Francis Will



Deymi D’Atri

Tamara Segura



Stéphane Cadotte


Foley Recording

Geoffrey Mitchell



Andrew Sisk, guitar and synthesizer


Cubandaluz Band

Mayte Segura, singer

Brian Rojas P., bass

Helen Amanda Del Rio, flute

Carlos Ledea Osorio, guitar

Miguel Angel Osorio, cajon


La Bayamesa

Arranged and performed by

Joel Davidson


Visual Archives

Noticiero ICAIC / Institut national de l’audiovisuel



NFB Archives


Tamara Segura


Production Supervisor

Roz Power


Technical Coordinators

Daniel Lord

Christopher Macintosh


Graphics and Title Design

Alain Ostiguy


Online Editor

Denis Pilon



Carolina Valencia


Digital editing technicians

Patrick Trahan

Pierre Dupont

Marie-Josée Gourde



Isabelle Lussier


Associate Producer

Kelly Davis


Studio Administrator

Leslie Anne Poyntz


Marketing Manager

Jamie Hammond



Osas Eweka-Smith


Legal Counsel

Dominique Aubry


Executive Producers Quebec Atlantic Studio

Annette Clarke

John Christou

Rohan Fernando


In loving memory of Maria, Jorge and Cesar Segura


Special thanks

Francis Will

Antonio Portelles Cruz

Anne Frank

Michael Savoie

Zaira Zarza

Eliseo Altunaga

Julio Costantini

Beverly Calahan

Andrew St. John

Elisandra Mendez Corella

Hostal Brisas del Bar

Café Trovando

Mercedes Clarke (In Memoriam)

Linda Clarke

Lisa Clarke

Town of Gibara

Gonzalez Family

Karina Velazquez Torres

Jorge Gamez

Luis M. Escobar

Cristian Alejandro Matos Gomez

Maria Fernanda Reyes Hernandez

Sabrina A. de Erbiti Ramirez

The people of Newfoundland and Labrador


Thank You

Ricardo Acosta

Pablo Alvarez Mesa

Heidi Haines

Peter Halley

Hannele Halm

Kathie Hicks

Meghan Hollett

Ariane Lorrain

Javier Martinez-Karandashov
Rosana Matecki

Shandi Mitchell

Jon Montes

Ariel Nasr

Wanda Nolan

Claude Periard

Isabella Salas

Spirit of Newfoundland

Glen Tilley

Michelle van Beusekom

Wiebke von Carolsfeld

Victoria Wells

Adrian Wills



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