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Guy Maddin, Evan Johnson, Galen Johnson and the National Film Board of Canada
2016 | 20 min

Prizes and awards

  • Best Original Interactive Production Produced for Digital Media SelectionCanadian Screen Awards 2017

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The Seances Paradox

The Seances Technology

Seances and the larger Seances Storyworld

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Guy Maddin CM, OM

Guy Maddin CM, OM

Guy Maddin is an installation and Internet artist, Harvard lecturer, writer, journalist and the author of three books. He is also a prolific filmmaker who has directed innumerable shorts and 11 feature-length movies, including the Emmy-award-winning Dracula – Pages from a Virgin’s Diary and more recently, the internationally acclaimed The Forbidden Room, starring Roy Dupuis.

For his latest project, Seances, produced by the National Film Board of Canada, Maddin joins forces with frequent collaborator Evan Johnson. This major interactive work enables online users to “hold séances with” randomly generated fragments of canonical lost films remade by Maddin on sets installed in public spaces during three weeks of shooting at the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris and the Phi Centre in Montreal.

Evan Johnson

Evan Johnson

Evan Johnson is an award-winning writer and filmmaker who was working at the Rug Doctor chemical bottling plant in Winnipeg when he was discovered by Guy Maddin. Since then, the duo have collaborated on a number of films, including the subversively irreverent Bring Me the Head of Tim Horton (2015)—a behind-the-scenes look at the feature Hyena Road by Paul Gross, the internationally acclaimed phantasmagoric opus The Forbidden Room (2015), and a series of four short visual essays: Cold, Puberty, Elms, and Colours. Johnson studied film and philosophy at the University of Manitoba. He lives in Winnipeg with his girlfriend and son.

Galen Johnson

Galen Johnson

Galen Johnson is a Winnipeg-based composer and designer whose award-winning work has been exhibited around the globe. Over the years, he has collaborated with filmmaking duo Guy Maddin and Evan Johnson on a number of projects, including the documentary short Bring Me the Head of Tim Horton, which he co-directed and composed, and The Forbidden Room (2015), a romantic mystery comedy-drama for which his production design work earned a Canadian Screen Award nomination. Galen’s opening title sequence for the film also won best title sequence of 2015 by the title design website artofthetitle.com. For his most recent project, Seances, Galen reunites with Maddin and Johnson as production designer, lending his unique visual touch to this eerie and dreamy online interactive project.

Alicia Smith

Alicia Smith

Alicia Smith is a producer for the National Film Board of Canada’s North West Studio, where she works with filmmakers, artists and communities in the creation of documentary, animation and interactive projects. She produced this river, which won Best Short Documentary at the Canadian Screen Awards (2017), and Nowhere Land, which won Best Short Documentary Film at imagineNATIVE (2015). Interactive productions include Guy Maddin’s Seances, which launched at Tribeca Storyscapes (2016), and God’s Lake Narrowswhich won a Webby Award in 2012. She’s been working with several members of Shoal Lake 40 First Nation since 2016 and the resulting series of five short films, Freedom Road, is set to be released in the fall of 2019.

Dana Dansereau
Producer (NFB)

Dana Dansereau

Dana Dansereau is an interactive producer at the National Film Board of Canada’s Digital Studio, where he oversees the ideation and production of core projects. Over the years, he has brought to life such innovative works as Circa 1948, Bear71, War of 1812, and Hyperlocal. During his earlier work as creative technologist and technical director at Dare/Cossette, one of Canada’s leading interactive advertising agencies, Dansereau lent his inimitable artistic touch to numerous innovative and award-winning social media projects. His experience in the advertising industry brings a unique perspective to the creation of the NFB’s world-leading interactive storytelling experiences.

Aubyn Freybe-Smith
Graphic Designer

Aubyn Freybe-Smith

Aubyn Freybe-Smith is a Victoria-based screen designer and artistic director. He has worked closely on numerous projects with the National Film Board of Canada’s Digital Studio, such as Bear71, Circa 1948, and This Land, work which has been recognized by Cannes Lions, the Webby Awards, the FWA, and the Tribeca Film Festival. Freybe-Smith enjoys tackling the following conundrum: how to support nuanced stories told through an impatient medium. His portfolio can be found at www.sometimes.ca.

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Created by
Guy Maddin, Evan Johnson, Galen Johnson and the National Film Board of Canada

Produced by
the National Film Board of Canada

Executive Producers
David Christensen
Loc Dao

Alicia Smith
Dana Dansereau

Interface Designer, Web and Installation
Aubyn Freybe-Smith

Junior Designer, Web
Irene Wang
Alida Horsley

Music and Sound Design
Galen Johnson

Dynamic Text Editing
Jennifer Moss

Project Manager
Laura Mitchell

Operations Managers
Janine Steele
Darin Clausen

Developer: Nickel Media
Built With Imposium

Technical Director
Jason Nickel

Creative Director
Jeff Middleton

Senior Producer
Joy Kuraitis

Lead Developer
Greg Webber

Zack Brenton

Josh McGrath

Web Developer
John Munn

Devops Lead
Logan Attwood

Technical Director
Dana Dansereau

Studio Administrators
Bree Beach
Carla Jones
Jennifer Roworth

Production Supervisors
Mark Power
Jennifer Roworth
Kathryn Lynch

Production Coordinators
Stacey Sellars
Faye Yoneda

Technical Edit Coordinator
Wes Machnikowski

Marketing Manager
Tammy Peddle

Jennifer Mair

Web Marketing
Kathryn Ruscito

System Administrators
Sergiu Raul Suciu
Bruno Gervasi


Business and Legal Affairs
Christian Pitchen
Stéphanie L’Écuyer

Created in conjunction with the film “The Forbidden Room‟

produced by
Buffalo Gal Pictures and Phi Films Production

in co-production with
the National Film Board of Canada

with financial participation from Telefilm Canada Manitoba Film and Music, SODEC, Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit, the Phi Centre, George Pompidou National Public Cultural Establishment, the Canadian Culture Centre and Investors Group and the Film and Video Studio Program at the Wexner Center for the Arts.

Shot on Location at the PHI Centre, Montreal  and the Pompidou, Paris France.

Adele Poldl Dite Haenel
Alex Bisping
Alexander Skerget
Amira Casar
Andre Wilms
Andreas Aspergis
Anthony Lemke
Ariane Labed
Arthur Holden
Carole Laure
Caroline Dhavernas
Catherine Treskow
Celine Bonnier
Charlotte Rampling
Christophe Paou
Clara Furey
Darcy Fehr
Deena Aziz
Elia Blanc
Elina Lowensohn
Emilie Mccarthy
Eric Robidoux
Fabrice Barrilliet
Geraldine Chaplin
Goûchy Boy
Graham Ashmore
Gregory Gadebois
Gregory Hlady
Jacques Bonnaffe
Jacques Nolot
James Hyndman
Jean-Baptiste Phou
Jean-Francois Stevenin
Jeanne De France
John Churchill
Judith Baribeau
Julie Chermenault
Juliette Gosselin
Karine Vanasse
Katia Rock
Kent Mcquaid
Kyle Gatehouse
Lewis Furey
Louis Negin
Luce Vigo
Maria De Medeiros
Marie Brassard
Marie-Sophie Roy
Mathieu Amalric
Mathieu De Laborde
Mathieu Demy
Mathilda Ekoe
Matthew Comeau
Miguel Cueva
Mistaya Hemmingway
Neil Napier
Nicolas Fayol
Noel Burton
Pamela Iveta
Paul Ahmarani
Penny Ancuso
Pierre Marcoux
Robinson Stevenin
Romano Orzari
Roy Dupuis
Rudy Andriamimarinosy
Sienna Mazzone
Slimane Dazi
Sophie Desmarais
Udo Kier
Vasco Bailly Gentaud
Victoire Du Bois
Victor Andres Trelles Turgeon
Victoria Diamond

Montreal Casting
Rosina Bucci
Elite Casting

Paris Casting
Alexandre Nazarian

Costume Designers
Yso South
Elodie Mard
Julie Charland

Supervising Producers
Jean Du Toit
Emmanuelle Héroux
Liz Jarvis

Colour & Effects
Evan Johnson
Galen Johnson

Film Editor
John Gurdebeke

Production Designer
Galen Johnson

Art Directors
Brigitte Henry
Chris Lavis
Maciek Szczerbowski

Construction Foreman
Geoff Levine

Director Of Photography
Stephanie Weber-Biron

Director Of Photography (Paris)
Ben Kasulke

Executive Producers
David Christensen
Niv Fichman
Jody Shapiro
François-Pierre Clavel

Phyllis Laing
Guy Maddin

David Christensen

Phoebe Greenberg
Penny Mancuso

Written By
Guy Maddin
Evan Johnson
Robert Kotyk

Evan Johnson

Directed By
Guy Maddin






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