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Saturday Night

Rosana Matecki
2021 | 15 min
Spanish with English subtitles

Awards and Festivals

  • Official SelectionTIFF, Toronto International Film Festival, Canada (2021)



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Excerpt: The day Leonard Cohen died

Excerpt: Expatriados


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Rosana Matecki
Writer, Director
Photo : Fernando Bracho-Bracho

Rosana Matecki

Rosana Matecki is a Canadian filmmaker of Venezuelan and Polish origin. Her decades-long career has been devoted to creating independent cinema. As a director, writer and producer, Matecki has focused on experimenting with the non-fiction format, making films in Canada, Bolivia, Venezuela, Colombia and Cuba. Most of her films have been selected to screen at prestigious festivals, including the titles Los viejos (The Oldies, 2018), Algo pasó en el alma (The Awakening of the Soul, 2013) and Historia de un día (Story of a Day, 2009). The short documentary Saturday Night (2021), which she wrote and directed, is her first collaboration with the National Film Board of Canada. Her fourth feature film, Casas Muertas, is currently in development with the support of the Ibermedia Program, the Canada Council for the Arts and the IDFA Bertha Fund, among others.

Kat Baulu
Photo : NFB

Kat Baulu

As a creative producer at the National Film Board of Canada (NFB), Kat Baulu supports auteurs working on documentary, animation and interactive projects. Her inspiration comes from raising underrepresented voices and generating stories with social impact. She produced Jobie Weetaluktuk’s award-winning documentary Timuti, filmed in his hometown of Inukjuak. Kat has collaborated with celebrated Indigenous artists and filmmakers such as Nadia Myre, Courtney Montour, Tracey Deer, Michelle Smith and Paul M. Rickard.

Kat is currently launching the short experimental documentary Three Thousand, directed by Asinnajaq (a.k.a. Isabella Rose Weetaluktuk), and the hand-drawn animated film SHAMAN, by first-time filmmaker Echo Henoche.

Ariel Nasr
Photo : Kiana Hayeri

Ariel Nasr

Ariel Nasr is an English-Language Producer in the National Film Board’s Quebec Atlantic Studio. Previous to joining the NFB, Ariel directed and co-produced the award-winning film, The Forbidden Reel, a feature documentary drawing on thousands of hours of film archives to trace the second half of the twentieth century through the lens of Afghan filmmakers (IDFA, Hot Docs). Producer of the Academy Award-nominated independent short drama Buzkashi Boys (2012), Nasr’s directing credits include the Canadian Screen Award-winning, The Boxing Girls of Kabul (2011) as well as Good Morning Kandahar (2008), and the interactive documentary, Kabul Portraits (2015). Other recent work includes his documentary, La Mosquée, which documents the aftermath of the Quebec City Mosque Shooting. A citizen of Canada, Afghanistan and the USA, Ariel lives and works in Montreal.

Annette Clarke
Executive Producer
Photo : Dave Howells

Annette Clarke

As executive producer of the English Quebec and Atlantic Studio, Annette Clarke leads a team committed to an ambitious story slate. Recent credits include How to Be at Home, a pandemic-themed animated shortFar Away From Far Awaylong-form interactive story for mobile devices; and Assholes: A Theory, a topical treatise on bad behaviourCurrent projects include the feature doc Seguridada look at patriarchy inside post-revolutionary Cuba, and Dear Audrey, a beautiful and unusual love story.  


A Film by
Rosana Matecki 

Magaly Zuleta and Juan C. Raggo

Written and Directed by
Rosana Matecki

Narration by
Rosana Matecki

Director of Photography
Glauco Bermudez

Lucas Villegas

Sound Design
Sacha Ratcliffe

Story Consultant
Ricardo Acosta Fernandez

Production Manager
Angie Pepper O’Bomsawin

Foley Artist
Karla Baumgardner

Original Music by
Denis Plante

Alain Baril Clarinet
Charles Papasoff Sideline
Denis Plante Bandoneon

Recording Facility
Guy Bergeron, Québec

Additional Music
Music and lyrics by Denis Plante
Music and lyrics by Denis Plante

Sound Recordist
Mélanie Gauthier

First Assistant Director
Karina Garcia Casanova

First Assistant Camera
Steven Turcotte

Playback Operator
Paul Montpetit

Data Wrangler
Patrick Biron

Dance Consultant
Daniel Côté

Yannick Carrier

Graphic Design & Titles
Jacques Bertrand Simard

Digital Editing Technicians
Pierre Dupont
Marie-Josée Gourde
Patrick Trahan

Sound Technician
Bernard Belley

Foley & Narration recording
Geoffrey Mitchell

Jean Paul Vialard

Technical Coordinators
Daniel Lord
Christopher MacIntosh

Marketing Manager
Judith Lessard-Bérubé

Marketing Coordinator
Emilie Ryan

Thanks to
Salon de Tango Tangueria
Mannon Binette
Jacques Vachet
Fruiterie ValMont
Eric Talbot Chalifoux
Marylou Lafortune
Shane Macdonnell
Danae Elon
Michelle van Beusekom

Participants – Amateur Dancers
Cécile Arbaud
Rock Bergeron
Nicole Bossard
Diane Bouchard
Lina Boutin
Marilyn Bronstein
André Carrière
Catherine Cellier
Annie Chenard
Manon Chouinard
Arlene Cote
Gerard Cotnoir
Leonor Daigneault
Edmundo Darcourt
Suzanne Desbiens
Rosanne Deslandes
Michel Dufour
Marie-Josée Dupuis
Yves Erard
Rodolphe Fortier
Beatriz Gomez
Roger Gosselin
Sylvie Gravel
Sorin Kransdorf
Carole Kucharski
Madeleine Leduc
Richard Lepage
Danielle Marceau
Vincent Marchione
Sylvie Martel
Paul Montpetit
Ann Moses
Julien McDuff
John Newhouse
Dennis O’Sullivan
Louise Poissant
Daniel Rochette
Philip Shinnich
Rachid Badri Talih
Fanny Thiffault
Nicolas Van Schendel
Anne Vedduet
Maureen Zappa

Legal Counsel
Christian Pitchen

Production Coordinator
Christine Williams

Senior Production Coordinator
Cheryl Murgatroyd

Production Supervisor
Roz Power

Studio Administrator
Leslie Anne Poyntz

Kat Baulu
Ariel Nasr

Executive Producer
Annette Clarke

Part of the REIMAGINING MY QUÉBEC shorts series


National Film Board of Canada
Quebec & Atlantic Centre

© 2021 National Film Board of Canada

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