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River Silence

Rogério Soares
2019 | 90 min

Selections and Awards

  • Honourable Mention for DGC Special Jury Prize – Canadian Feature Documentary Hot Docs (Toronto, Canada) 2019

  • Official SelectionDocsMx (Mexico, Mexico) 2019

  • Selección oficialDoqumenta (Querétaro, Mexico) 2019

  • Official SelectionBergen internasjonale filmfestival (Norway) 2019

  • Official SelectionFilms from the South (FFS) (Oslo, Norway) 2019

  • Official SelectionFIFAC, Festival international du film documentaire Amazonie/Caraïbes (Saint Laurent du Maroni, Guyane) 2019

  • Official SelectionAnthropological Film Festival (Jerusalem, Israel) 2019

  • Official SelectionAtlantidoc - Festival internacional de cine documental de Uruguay (Canelones, Uruguay) 2019

  • Official SelectionFilm 4 Climate (Guadalajara, Mexico)

  • Official SelectionSanta Barbara International Film Festival, 2020

  • Crystal Hornbill for Best Documentary Rain International Nature Film Festival (Kerala, India) 2020

  • Official SelectionRendez-Vous Québec Cinéma (Montréal, Canada) 2020


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Image from Production
Photo : © Image from Production
Fishermen struggling to live a sustainable life along the Xingu River.
The deterioration of the Xingu River, once a generous and healthy watercourse.
Image from Production
Photo : © Image from Production
The children of Tamakwera, in Altamira, Brazil.


Rogério Soares
Writer, Director
Photo : Katie McKay

Rogério Soares

For Montreal-based filmmaker Rogério Soares, the Amazon is his soul home: “it is a kind of spiritual home to me, a place that never stops feeding my imagination and shaping my values.” He first moved to the Amazon at the age of 18 after hearing his father’s many tales of endless rivers as big as the sea. Rogério’s deep love and understanding of the Amazon’s fragility and complexity, as well as its people, is at the heart of River Silence and the family stories he followed over three years.

He has previously directed documentaries in the region for Al-Jazeera (USA) and TV Cultura (Brazil). River Silence is Rogério’s first feature documentary.

Bob Moore
Producer (EyeSteelFilm)

Bob Moore

Bob Moore is Co-President and Creative Producer at EyeSteelFilm in Montreal where he has produced over 25 feature documentaries since 2008, including Last Train Home (Lixin Fan, 2009), Forest of the Dancing Spirits (Linda Vastrik, 2013), I am The Blues (Daniel Cross, 2015), Let There Be Light (Mila Aung-Thwin, 2017) and Tokyo Idols (Kyoko Miyake, 2017).  Along with his talented partners and collaborators, he has been the recipient of over 100 international awards, including Emmys, Golden Horses, Canadian Screen Awards, and festival grand jury prizes. Bob also oversees EyeSteelFilm’s dedicated theatrical distribution company and Creative Reality Lab, which explores meaningful interactive storytelling. He was the subject of a Producer’s Spotlight at the Cannes Marché du Film in 2017, regularly consults with national and international film organizations, and enjoys working with and mentoring emerging filmmakers.


Annette Clarke
Producer (NFB)
Photo : NFB

Annette Clarke

An accomplished producer committed to collaborating with artists to craft transformative stories,  Annette’s select producer credits include The Boxing Girls of Kabul (2011, IDFA and CSA for best documentary short), Hard Light (2012, FIFA Jury Award), Danny (2014, Hot Docs Big Ideas series), 54 Hours (2014, Yorkton Founder’s Award), Gun Runners (2015, Hot Docs), Theater of Life (2016, Berlin), Hand. Line. Cod. (2016, TIFF), Love, Scott (2018, Hot Docs, BFI Flare, Inside Out, One World) and Assholes, a theory (CPHDOX). In addition to Conviction, her current productions reflect on the human condition through the eyes of a twelve year old Yazidi boy arriving in Canada, and inside the lives of resilient women along the Brazilian Amazon. As executive producer for NFB’s Quebec Atlantic studio, Annette envisions a potent and ambitious slate of short form and feature documentaries, animation, and interactive story telling across a rich and large territory.


Written and directed by
Rogério Soares 

Glauco Bermudez
Aldo Oviedo Tejo

Ryan Mullins

Nicole Lizée

Sound Design
Catherine Van Der Donckt
Benoît Dame
Jeremie Jones

Featuring (in order of appearance)

Raimunda Gomes da Silva
Tamakwera  Parakanã
Karliane Lopes de Souza
Francinete Pinto Novaes
Ana Paula Pinto Novaes


Mandui Parakanã
Anduí Parakanã
Tutui Parakanã
Tutuia Parakanã
Maraduia Parakanã
Risonei da Silva
Fernanda Félix de Abreu
Maria Vanusa Baca da Silva
Leidiane Araújo Lopes
Adalberto Rodrigues
Humberto Lopes da Cunha
Halberto Henrique Lopes da Cunha
Halbert Lopes da Cunha
Amanda Gabryelle Lopes da Cunha
João Lucas Gomes de Lima
João  Pereira da Silva
Vinicius Gomes da Silva
Andressa Pinto Novaes
Dione Madson
Matricia Cristina
Odair Oliveira
Musicians and dancers from Boi Faceiro in São Caetano de Odivelas

Line Producer
Valerie Shamash

Associate Producer
Katie McKay

Field Producer in Brazil
Patricia Lio

Location Sound
Catherine Van Der Donckt
Victor Arturo Jaramillo Quevedo

Assistant Editor
Rafael Favero

Additional Editing
Lessandro Sócrates

Additional Camera
Cezar Azevedo
Ricardo Matias

Additional Camera (Drone)
Adrio Denner Santos de Sousa
Bruno da Veiga Menezes

Research and Rights Supervisor
Edmund Duff

Post Production Supervisor
Victor Sandrasagra

Post Production Coordinator
Hamed (Ed) Aleali

Post Production Assistant
Huei Lin

On-Line Editor
Serge Verreault

Title Design
Cynthia Ouellet

Foley Artist
Stéphane Cadotte

Assistant Foley
Maya Kuroki

Foley Recording
Geoffrey Mitchell

Isabelle Lussier

Digital Editing Technicians
Isabelle Painchaud
Pierre Dupont
Patrick Trahan

Sound technician
Bernard Belley

Additional VFX
Hamed (Ed) Aleali

Rafael Favero

Rafael Favero
Rogério Soares

Nicole Lizée – Vocals, Strings, Percussion
Ben Reimer – Percussion
Jennifer Thiessen – Strings

Music Editor
Benoît Dame

Distribution and Marketing
Camille Jacques

Rebecca West

Robert Hingley

NFB – Québec Atlantic Studio

Production Supervisor
Roz Power

Technical Coordinators
Jean-Francois Laprise
Daniel Lord
Christopher MacIntosh

Production Coordinators
Christine Williams
Larissa Christoforo

Marketing Manager
Johanna Lessard

Patricia Dillon-Moore

Studio Administrators
Camila Blos
Leslie Poyntz

Legal Counsel
Dominique Aubry
Peter Kallianiotis

Annette Clarke (NFB)
Bob Moore (EyeSteelFilm)

Executive Producers
Mila Aung-Thwin
Daniel Cross

Executive Producer, TVO
Jane Jankovic

Production Executive, TVO
Linda Fong

TVO – VP Current Affairs and Documentaries
John Ferri

NFB Executive Producer Quebec Atlantic Studio
Annette Clarke

NFB Executive Director English Program
Michelle van Beusekom

Coproduced by the National Film Board of Canada and EyeSteelFilm

Produced in association with TVO

Press Relations

  • About EyeSteelFilm

    Daniel Cross spent six years making his first film, THE STREET (1997). The arduous production process alternated between filming on Montreal’s gritty streets with the local homeless population, and trying to ‘find’ precious 16mm film (i.e., he had to beg, borrow and steal). As a result, ‘EyeSteelFilm’ was chosen as a company name by founders Daniel and Mila Aung-Thwin, during the making of S.P.I.T. Squeegee Punks in Traffic in 1998. The production of that film involved sharing a camera with homeless Squeegee Punk/co-director Eric “Roach” Denis, setting the tone for the company’s interactive, inclusive direct filmmaking ethos. As EyeSteelFilm began expanding, Bob Moore joined as a partner with a deft focus on international co-producing. Today, EyeSteelFilm looks to work with engaged, like-minded filmmakers from around the world who seek to engage with reality using the language of documentary cinema.


  • About the NFB

    The NFB is Canada’s public producer and distributor of award-winning documentaries, auteur animation, interactive stories and participatory experiences, working with talented creators across the country. The NFB is taking action to combat systemic racism and become a more open and diverse organization, while working to strengthen Indigenous-led production and gender equity in film and digital media. NFB productions have won more than 7,000 awards, including 12 Oscars. To access this unique content, visit NFB.ca.