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Return to Vimy

Denis McCready
2017 | 9 min 5 s

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In preparation for the Battle of Vimy Ridge, a Canadian soldier observes the German army’s positions.

German prisoners help transport an injured Canadian soldier.

Canadian soldiers parade in trucks, victorious after the Battle of Vimy Ridge.

A huge Canadian artillery gun is mounted on a rail.

Canadian Corps mounted soldiers travelling along a road.

Canadian Corps soldiers on the move.

Nursing sisters attending a military funeral.

A Canadian soldier demonstrates how to put on a gas mask.

Meal time for Canadian Corps soldiers.


Denis McCready
Producer and Executive Producer

Photo : NFB


Written, Directed and Produced by
Denis McCready

Produced by the National Film Board of Canada in partnership with the Vimy Foundation

Chala Hunter

Raphael Cohen-Demers

Female silhouette
Marianne Goyette

Directing Consultant
Pierre Marier

Claude Cloutier

Colourization of Archival Material
François Montpellier
ImaginColor (France)

Étienne Gagnon

Sound Design
Sylvain Bellemare

Mathieu G. Dandurand

Keyu Chen

Simon Meilleur

NFB Archives
Ragnhild Milewski
Lea Nakonechny
Yvon Larocque
Josée Riopel

NFB Collection Curator
Albert Ohayon

Film Digitization Technicians
Aldo La Ricca
William Holley

Color Timing and Restoration
Sylvie Marie Fortier

Technical Support – Editing
Jean Coulombe

Adaptation and Subtitling
Claude Dionne

Copy Editing
George Kaltsounakis

Head, Coordination and Project Support
Pierre Ferlatte

Online Editing
Denis Pilon

Mélanie Bouchard

Foley and Narration Recording
Geoffrey Mitchell

Jean Paul Vialard

Visual Archives
National Film Board of Canada
The Canadian War Museum
Library and Archives Canada
McMaster University

The Vimy Foundation
Pascal Brunet

Special thanks to

The Fondation Vimy
Jeremy Diamond, Executive Director
Stephanie Brousseau, Project Coordinator

Canadian Centre for the Great War
Caitlin Bailey, Curator and Executive Director

Vimy Foundation Alumni
Lovdeep Singh
Rachel Bannerman
Marianne Goyette

NFB Team

Isabelle Limoges

Production Coordinator
Gabrielle Dupont
Marcia Seebaran

Technical Coordinator
Daniel Lord
Luc Binette

Marketing Manager
Charles Pease

Legal Services
Peter Kallianiotis
Hugo Barnabé

Executive Producer
Julie Huguet


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