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Second souffle
Alexandre Burton & Mélanie Crespin
Immersive Installation




Andrew Oster
Photo: Andrew Oster

Andrew Oster
Photo: Andrew Oster

Andrew Oster
Photo: Andrew Oster

Andrew Oster
Photo: Andrew Oster

Andrew Oster
Photo: Andrew Oster

Andrew Oster
Photo: Andrew Oster


Alexandre Burton
Artistic Director

Photo : Andrew Oster

Mélanie Crespin
Artistic Director

Photo : Andrew Oster

Joan Laur
Scientific director - Pathway to Phytotechnologies, Jardin botanique de Montréal

Photo : IRBV

Louis-Richard Tremblay
Executive Producer (NFB)

Photo : NFB


Artistic Directors
Alexandre Burton
Mélanie Crespin

Set Designer and Bioplastic Materials/Vegetable Dyes Designer
Mélanie Crespin

Digital Instrument Making (Lutherie numérique et médiatique)
Alexandre Burton

Scientific Consultant, Jardin botanique de Montréal
Joan Laur

Bioplastic Materials Makers
David Lamarche
Geneviève Le Guerrier-Aubry

Sound Designer
Javier Asencio

Project Lead, Public Programs and Education, Jardin botanique de Montréal
Anny Guindon Varvarikos
Emilie Tanguay-Pelchat

Installation Builder
Productions Double Effet

Technology Integrator

Visual Identity Designer
Principal Studio créatif

Data Manager
La boîte interactive

Editorial Designer
Emilie Laperrière

Biomimicry Consultant
Moana Lebel


Director, Espace pour la vie
Julie Jodoin

Director, Jardin botanique de Montréal
Anne Charpentier

Head of division, Public Programs and Education
Martine Bernier

Educational Program Officer, Public Programs and Education
Anny Guindon Varvarikos

Artistic Designer – Public Programs and Education
Emilie Tanguay-Pelchat

Scientific Leisure Coordinator, Public Programs and Education
Marika D’Eschambeault

Cultural Agent, Public Programs and Education
Émillie Cadieux

Educational Programs Officer, Public Programs and Education
Annabelle Mimouni

Audiovisual Technician, Public Programs and Education
Philippe Leclerc-Lachapelle

Graphic Artist, Public Programs and Education
Lucie Bossé

Curator and Head of Division, Scientific Research and Development
Michel Labrecque

Research Botanist, Jardin Botanique de Montréal
Joan Laur

IBRV Students, Scientific Research and Development
Laurianne Bédard
Émilie Grandmaison
Nicolas Perreault
Laurie St-Fleur

Landscape Architect, Landscaping
Céline Paradis

Head of division, Horticulture and Collections
Marie-Claude Limoges

Foreman, Living Plant Collections, Horticulture and Collections
Robert Mineau
Luc Thériault

Specialized Horticulturist, Horticulture and Collections
Isabelle Paquin

Gardener, Horticulture and Collections
Julie Roy

Principal Administrator, Infrastructures, Platforms and Storage, Information Technology Department
Andrei-Cristian Coza

Director of Operations and Customer Experience
Albane Le Nay

Planning Advisor, Marketing
Anne-Josée Dionne

Communications Officer, Communications and Marketing
Isabel Matte


Executive Producer and Producer
Louis-Richard Tremblay

Associate Producers
Solen Labrie Trépanier
Véronique Tessier
Laurence Dolbec

Senior Production Coordinators
Isabelle Limoges
Véronique Tessier

Marie-Andrée Bonneau

Senior Production Coordinator – Administration
Evelyne Cortes-Oquendo

Technology Director
Martin Viau

Interactive Media Coordinator
Caroline Fournier

Legal Services
Christian Pitchen

Head of Media Relations
Magalie Boutin

Social Media
Émilie Nguyen

Project Manager, Public Relations
Marie-Noëlle Clermont


List of names in alphabetical order

Cameraman, Documentation of the Creative Process
Guillaume Beaudoin

Text Editor
Catherine Bélanger

Kurt Chaboyer

Editorial Consultant
Kristina Gauthier-Landry

Textile Supplier
Michel Gohier (ShowTex)


Philippe Grimon (Châtincourt Inc.)

Videographer, Documentation of the Creative Process
Andrew Main Oster

Plant Colour Consultant and Dye Plant Supplier
Dahlia Milon
Studio d’art Schuffle

Audiovisual Suppliers and Integrators
CBCI Telecom, Une compagnie Solotech
XYZ Technologie culturelle Inc.

A special thank you to Serge Bouchard, Charles-Mathieu Brunelle (Directeur d’Espace pour la vie), Émilie Cadieux, Miri Chekhanovitch, Micheline Clouard (Vlan paysages Inc), Marika D’Eschambeault, Vali Fugulin, Justine Gervais, Philippe Grimon, Annabelle Mimouni, Yanique Paquette, René Pronovost (Directeur du Jardin botanique de Montréal), Alizarine Teinture.

Botanical illustrations by Erwin Lichtenegger. Wurzelatlas. Publishers: Graz Stuttgart Stocker, Publishers Leopold Stocker Verlag, Gustav Fischer Verlag and DLG-Verlag.

With the contribution of the teams of the Horticulture et collections du Jardin botanique division, Espace pour la vie’s Communications and Marketing division, City of Montréal’s Service des technologies de l’information and Service de la gestion et de la planification immobilière and Service sécurité incendie Montréal.

The Regeneration project, the third phytotechnology station, is made possible thanks in part to the Space for Life Foundation and the generous support of its donors.


Media Relations

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