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Caroline Hayeur
Conception, photography and direction


David Mongeau-Petitpas
Conception and development


Marc-Antoine Jacques
Conception and artistic direction


Manuel Archain
Conception and photography


Bruno Stagnaro
Conception and video director


Hugues Sweeney
Executive Producer


Animated Gifs





Executive Producer Hugues Sweeney
Head of Production Marie-Pier Gauthier
Editorial Manager Valérie Darveau
Technologist Martin Viau
Researcher Julien Cayer
Administrator Marie-Andrée Bonneau
Production Coordinators Dominique Brunet, Caroline Fournier and Perrine Bral
Clerk, Interactive Productions Angel Carpio
Coordinator, Educational Materials Sophie Quevillon
Head Educational Content Ross Johnstone
Marketing Manager Jenny Thibault
Assisted by Karine Sévigny
Information Technology Sergiu Raul Suciu
Social Media Julie Matlin, Emilie Nguyen Ngoc, Jovana Jankovic and Kathryn Ruscito
Publicist, NFB Melissa Than
Legal Services Christian Pitchen

Musician Ghislain Poirier


General Producer Gabriela Guerschanik
Producer Natalí Schejtman
Head of Content Violeta Rosemberg
Head of Artistic Department María de la Paz Viñals
Legal Affairs Coordinator Gustavo Protti
Institutional Relations and Press Coordinator Claudia Schepes
Budget and Finances Coordinator Ariel Basualdo
Operations Coordinator Guillermo Antonio Corsino
Accounting Coordinator Matías Suárez

Video Selfies
Andrés Morelli, Karen Orellana, Sofía Castellano, Pétronille Gontaud-Leclair, Léo Robertson Charlebois and Diego Casadei

  • About the NFB

    The National Film Board of Canada (NFB) is one of the world’s leading digital content hubs, creating groundbreaking interactive documentaries and animation, mobile content, installations and participatory experiences. NFB interactive productions and digital platforms have won over 100 awards, including 21 Webbys. To access this unique content, visit NFB.ca.

  • About Encuentro

    Founded by the Ministry of Education of Argentina, the Encuentro television channel combines education and culture in its programming, with a focus on high technical and artistic quality. It offers a permanent window onto social, ideological and political pluralism, giving minorities a voice and thereby contributing to the democratic exercise of recognizing cultural diversity, both in the country and around the world. That is why, eight years after it was created, Encuentro continues to pursue its goal of serving as a model television channel in Argentina as well as in Latin America.