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Caroline Hayeur
Conception, photography and direction

Caroline Hayeur

The ever-optimistic artist Caroline Hayeur focuses on themes of humanity, emotion and connections between people through a practice deeply rooted in the present moment. Drawing on her experience of field photography since in the early 1990s, she is interested in concepts of place and home in various forms of relationship: friendship, families and broader communities. In the spirit of documentary story telling and humanistic portrait, her work illuminates surprising connections between subjects through juxtaposition and proximity.

Many of her projects began as artist residencies either in Quebec or internationally.

David Mongeau-Petitpas
Conception and development

David Mongeau-Petitpas

David Mongeau-Petitpas is a Montreal developer involved in the cultural sector. He studied cinema, then design and digital arts at Concordia University, where he learned to program code and used it as a tool of expression.

In 2006, he launched Écoutez ça, a site dedicated to broadcasting and promoting Quebec’s independent music, which includes more than 1,000 local artists. With skills in new technology and an understanding of social media, David redefines formats and ways of telling stories. He is the author of many collaborative sites with simple functions, such as repondeur.ca, bullshitteur.ca and yocheck.ca.

Since 2012, he is the co-founder and developer of the digital design studio Folkore, where he works on various interactive projects in collaboration with the NFB, Catbird Productions, the CBC and Urbania, amongst others. His projects earned several awards, including three Boomerang grand prizes, several Numix mentions and one Gémeaux nomination.

Marc-Antoine Jacques
Conception and artistic direction

Marc-Antoine Jacques

After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in graphic design at the Université du Québec à Montréal’s School of Design, Marc-Antoine Jacques gained an impressive body of professional experience. He completed an internship as a graphic designer in Montpellier, France, then returned to Quebec to join an exciting team at Toxa, editor of Urbania. Two years later, he joined the advertising agencies BBDO, BleuBlancRouge, then Commun, an agency specialising in digital marketing.

With his experience in creation, he co-founded the digital design studio Folkore in 2012. Since then, he has collaborated with some of the greatest Montreal cultural institutions, including the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, the Elektra Festival, the International Digital Arts Biennal of Montreal, the National Film Board of Canada, Urbania and the CBC.

His multidisciplinary approach earned him several awards and recognitions: he won ten Boomerang grand prizes, three Grafika grand prizes, one Lux grand prize and one Créa grand prize. He also contributes as an illustrator for several print magazines, such as Infopresse, Urbania and L’actualité.

Manuel Archain
Conception and photography

Manuel Archain

Manuel Archain started to work on commercials, movies and video clips in the art department and as a photographer at the age of 17. He has been part of Asterisco.org working with different members in art shows. Archain has been the assistant photographer for Peter Rad, Blinkk, Samuel Bayer, Tony Kaye, Marc Trautmann, Michael Haussman and Peter Funch.

His personal work has been shown around the world: Buenos Aires (Argentina), Paris (France), London (UK), Barcelona (Spain), Paris (France), Bogota (Colombia) and Lima (Peru), among others.

Bruno Stagnaro
Conception and video director

Bruno Stagnaro

Bruno Stagnaro is an Argentinean TV and film director, scriptwriter and producer.
In the last years he has produced and directed several TV programmes like Escuelas argentinas, where he portrayed a sensitive and detailed view of the very different schools in Argentina, from big cities to little towns. He lives and works in Buenos Aires.

Hugues Sweeney
Executive Producer

Hugues Sweeney

After several years of twisting letters as well as ideas by studying philosophy, literature and death metal, Hugues Sweeney became interested in stories as much as the opportunities that technology offers to tell them. First in new media at Radio-Canada, then head of Bande à part and Espace musique, he joined the National Film Board of Canada in 2009 as executive producer dedicated to interactive works. Continuing experimentation both in the grammar of interaction, in sound creation or in generative art, projects from the interactive studio of the NFB has received numerous international awards including SXSW, Japan Media Arts, Boomerang, FIPA d’or and nominations for the Digital Emmy, IDFA, Gemini or the Gémeaux.

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Executive Producer Hugues Sweeney
Head of Production Marie-Pier Gauthier
Editorial Manager Valérie Darveau
Technologist Martin Viau
Researcher Julien Cayer
Administrator Marie-Andrée Bonneau
Production Coordinators Dominique Brunet, Caroline Fournier and Perrine Bral
Clerk, Interactive Productions Angel Carpio
Coordinator, Educational Materials Sophie Quevillon
Head Educational Content Ross Johnstone
Marketing Manager Jenny Thibault
Assisted by Karine Sévigny
Information Technology Sergiu Raul Suciu
Social Media Julie Matlin, Emilie Nguyen Ngoc, Jovana Jankovic and Kathryn Ruscito
Publicist, NFB Melissa Than
Legal Services Christian Pitchen

Musician Ghislain Poirier


General Producer Gabriela Guerschanik
Producer Natalí Schejtman
Head of Content Violeta Rosemberg
Head of Artistic Department María de la Paz Viñals
Legal Affairs Coordinator Gustavo Protti
Institutional Relations and Press Coordinator Claudia Schepes
Budget and Finances Coordinator Ariel Basualdo
Operations Coordinator Guillermo Antonio Corsino
Accounting Coordinator Matías Suárez

Video Selfies
Andrés Morelli, Karen Orellana, Sofía Castellano, Pétronille Gontaud-Leclair, Léo Robertson Charlebois and Diego Casadei

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