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Pipelines, Power and Democracy

Olivier D. Asselin
2015 | 88 min 6 s

The film


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Olivier D. Asselin

Photo : Ariane Blais-Ouellette

Producer (NFB)

Photo : NFB

Colette Loumède
Executive Producer (NFB)

Photo : NFB


Alyssa Symons-Bélanger

Daniel Breton

André Bélisle

Mikaël Rioux

Mikaël Rioux

Pauline Marois and Daniel Breton

André Bélisle

Martine Ouellet and Manon Massé

Serge Otsi Simon

Daniel Breton

Alyssa Symons-Bélanger

André Bélisle and David Heurtel

Alyssa Symons-Bélanger

Alyssa Symons-Bélanger and André Bélisle


With the participation of
Daniel Breton
André Bélisle
Alyssa Symons-Bélanger

Mikaël Rioux

Directed by
Olivier D. Asselin

Research and Script
Olivier D. Asselin
Santiago Bertolino

Director of Photography
Olivier D. Asselin

Boban Chaldovich

Original Music
Claude Fradette

Location Sound
Santiago Bertolino
Stéphane Barsalou
Simon Van Vliet
Ariane Lorrain
David Widgington

Sound Design
Patrice Leblanc

Developed by

Productions Multi-Monde Inc.
Lucie Pageau
Malcolm Guy

With the participation of
Michel Bélanger
Émeraude Boisvert
Patrick Bonin
Mike Bonnano
Jacqueline Breton

Alain Brunel
Kim Cornelissen
Pierre-Luc Demers-Hébert
Jean-Marie Dion
Philippe Dumont
Paul Dupuis
Claudie Gagné
Patrick Givre
Steven Guilbault
Olivier Huard
Natasha Kanapé Fontaine
Lucie Lacoursière
Jessica Lambert Massicotte
Philippe Landry
Julie Leblanc
Sophie-Anne Legendre
Luc Lemoine
Shaun Lovejoy
Sébastien Mariel
Guy Marsil
Eric Michaud
Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois
Marie-Philip Ouellet
Nicholas Ouellet
Gilles E. Pelletier
Karine Péloffy
Martin Poirier
Geneviève Puskas
Sylvie Robert
François Saillant
Christian Simard
Corinne Trubiano
Marius Vigne

Additional Camera
Nicolas Falcimaigne
Santiago Bertolino
Ariane Lorrain
Matias Ollivier
Stéphane Groleau
Mathieu LeBlanc


Technical Support ‒ Editing
Pierre Dupont
Isabelle Painchaud
Patrick Trahan

Translation ‒ Subtitling

Titles and Infographics
Jacques Bertrand Simard
Cynthia Ouellet

Online Editor
Denis Pilon

Alexis Farand

Serge Boivin

Claude Fradette
Guitars, bass, keyboard and percussion
Robin Boulianne

Music Recording
Studio Frad.

Additional Music
Lost For Ever”, composed and performed by ACT (Kristian Aduriz)

Press Relations
Marie-Claude Lamoureux

Marketing Manager
François Jacques

Assisted by
Theodora Kolovos

Sia Koukoulas


Production Coordinator
Chinda Phommarinh

Administrative Assistant
Pascale Savoie-Brideau

Technical Coordinator
Mira Mailhot

Associate Producer
Mélanie Lasnier

Denis McCready

Executive Producer
Colette Loumède


Media Relations

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