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A Passage Beyond Fortune

Le tunnel et la fortune
Weiye Su
2022 | 16 min 16 s
English and Cantonese

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Excerpt 1 - The Chinese Story

Excerpt 2 - The Chows


The Chows and Weiye Su seated around a dining table covered in photo albums.

The Tunnels of Moose Jaw exhibit entrance.

A Chow family photo album with centre image missing.

Chinese New Year dragon collecting red envelopes.

Myrna Chow packing up for the move.

Director Weiye Su looking out at Moose Jaw landscape.


Weiye Su
Writer and Director

Photo : Ludwing Duarte

Chehala Leonard
Producer (NFB)

Photo : William Lau

Jon Montes
Producer (NFB)

Photo : Janine Kropla

David Christensen
Executive Producer (NFB)

Photo : NFB


Written and Directed by
Weiye Su

With the participation of
Myrna Chow
Gale Chow
Kyle Chow
Art Chow

Directors of Photography
George Hupka
aAron Munson

Xi Feng

Story Consultant
Paul Yee

Cello Performance of
Jasmine Flowers (Mo li hua) by
Maxim Kozlov

Past Regrets by Emmett Cooke
Premium Beat by Shutterstock

Strings of Emotion by Jack Pierce
Premium Beat by Shutterstock

Sound Design

Sound Recordists
David Roman
Tracy Westgard

Thank You
Mary Lee Booth
Winnie Cheung
Grant Chow
Kim Chow
Kerry Chow
Woo Chow
Richard Fung
Johnny Kwan
Wayne Kwan
Judy Quon
Ken Yee
Jade Garden Restaurant & Staff
Moose Jaw Chinese Community Network
Uptown Café & Staff

Archival footage from Project Integrate (1973)
Courtesy of Tim Yee

Production Supervisor
Esther Viragh

Technical Coordinators
Luc Binette
Albert Kurian

Assistant Editors
Jonathan Lê
Janet Savill

Title Design

Narration Recording
Geoffrey Mitchell

Online Edit


Studio Operations Managers
Darin Clausen
Devon Supeene

Studio Administrators
Bree Beach
Devon Supeene

Senior Production Coordinator
April Dunsmore

Legal Counsel
Christian Pitchen

Marketing Managers
Kelly Fox
Carly Kastner

Marketing Coordinator
Jolène Lessard

Katja de Bock

Jon Montes
Chehala Leonard

Executive Producer
David Christensen

Produced by the National Film Board of Canada

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