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Ninth Floor

2015 | 81 min

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A conversation with director and writer Mina Shum

A conversation with producer Selwyn Jacob

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Mina Shum
Photo : Véro Boncompagni

Mina Shum

In the early stages of research, I came across the words “charges of racism” in one of the original documents. It was shocking to see it stated – all raw like that – and it made me think of how I deal with racism in my own life. Then I learned that our subjects had all been under surveillance: they were being watched. And I was hooked. Ninth Floor presented me with an amazing opportunity to reflect upon power and exclusion, and to explore how we see each other.

                                                                         – Mina Shum, writer/director of Ninth Floor

Born in Hong Kong and raised in Canada, Mina Shum is an independent filmmaker and artist. “I’m the child of the Praxis Screenwriting Workshop, Cineworks Independent Film Co-op, the Canadian Film Centre and working class immigrant parents,” she says.

With Ninth Floor, a production of the National Film Board of Canada, Shum has written and directed her fourth feature film and first feature documentary.

Her first feature Double Happiness (1994) – developed while she was resident director at the Canadian Film Centre – premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival, where it won a Special Jury Citation for Best Canadian Feature Film and the Toronto Metro Media Prize. It went on to win Best First Feature at the Berlin Film Festival and the Audience Award at the Torino Film Festival. Following its American premiere at Sundance, it was released theatrically in the U.S. by Fine Line/New Line Features. It was nominated for multiple Genie Awards, Canada’s top film honour, winning Best Actress for Sandra Oh, and Best Editing for Alison Grace.

Shum’s second and third features – Drive, She Said (1997) and Long Life, Happiness and Prosperity (2002) – also premiered at the Toronto Film Festival. Long Life, Happiness and Prosperity was subsequently invited to both Sundance and the Vancouver Film Festival, where it won a Special Citation for Best Screenplay (shared with co-writer Dennis Foon). It was released theatrically in Canada and the U.S.

Shum’s short films include Shortchanged; Love In; Hunger; Thirsty; Me, Mom and Mona, which won a Special Jury Citation the 1993 Toronto Film Festival; Picture Perfect, nominated for Best Short Drama at the Yorkton Film Festival; and most recently I Saw You, which was nominated for a Writer’s Guild Award.

Her TV work ranges from Mob Princess, a TV movie produced for Brightlight Pictures/W Network, to episodic directing on About A Girl, Noah’s Arc, Exes and Oh’s, Bliss, The Shield Stories and Da Vinci’s Inquest.

Shum’s interests extend beyond film and television. Her immersive video installation You Are What You Eat was held over at the Vancouver Centre for Contemporary Asian Art, Centre A, and her cinematic theatre piece All, created in collaboration with the Standing Wave Music Ensemble, was presented at the 2011 Push Festival. She has hosted sold-out events for the experimental Pecha Kucha program, and her Internet hit Hip Hop Mom was featured in Calgary’s official Canada Day celebrations.

In 2004 she was invited to deliver the inaugural UBC/Laurier Institute Multicultural Lecture, entitled New Day Rising: Journey of a Hyphenated Girl, and in 2011 she was the recipient of the Sondra Kelly Writer’s Guild of Canada Award.

She is currently preparing her next feature, Meditation Park.

Selwyn Jacob
Photo : NFB

Selwyn Jacob

I’ve wanted to make Ninth Floor ever since I became a filmmaker, some forty years ago. I’ve always felt a direct connection to the events at Sir George Williams. I, too, immigrated to Canada from the Caribbean in the late 1960s, and I could easily have ended up in Montreal alongside those students. And with the passage of time, I’ve come to realize how the story resonates for all Canadians.

— Selwyn Jacob, producer of Ninth Floor

Selwyn Jacob was born in Trinidad and came to Canada in 1968 with the dream of becoming a filmmaker. It was a dream that wouldn’t die: he became a teacher and eventually a school principal but eventually chose to leave the security of that career to educate a wider audience through film. He has been a producer with the National Film Board of Canada since 1997.

His early work as an independent director includes We Remember Amber Valley, a documentary about the black community that existed near Lac La Biche in Alberta. Prior to joining the NFB, he directed two award-winning NFB releases – Carol’s Mirror, and The Road Taken, which won the Canada Award at the 1998 Gemini Awards.

In 1997 he joined the NFB’s Pacific & Yukon Studio in Vancouver, and has gone on to produce close to 50 NFB films. Among his many credits are Crazywater, directed by the Inuvialuit filmmaker Dennis Allen; Hue: A Matter of Colour, a co-production with Sepia Films, directed by Vic Sarin; Mighty Jerome, written and directed by Charles Officer; and the digital interactive project Circa 1948, by Vancouver artist Stan Douglas.

Released in 2010, Mighty Jerome addresses issues of race and nationalism while paying tribute to Harry Jerome, one of the most remarkable athletes in Canadian history. The film went on to win multiple honours, including a Leo Award for Best Feature Length Documentary and the 2012 Regional Emmy Award for Best Historical Documentary.

His recent credits include Ninth Floor, a feature documentary about the infamous Sir George Williams Riot of 1969. Written and directed by the acclaimed director Mina Shum, it’s a story that Jacob has wanted to bring to the screen for decades.



Marlon James
Photo : © Marlon James
Valerie Belgrave
Marlon James
Photo : © Marlon James
From left: Marvin Coleby, Mark Chang, Lynne Murray, Valerie Belgrave, Terrence Ballantyne, Hugo Ford
Vero Boncompagni
Photo : © Vero Boncompagni
Marvin Coleby
Vero Boncompagni
Photo : © Vero Boncompagni
Nantali Indongo
Vero Boncompagni
Photo : © Vero Boncompagni
Vero Boncompagni
Photo : © Vero Boncompagni
Mina Shum, Director
Marlon James
Photo : © Marlon James
Terrence Ballantyne
Vero Boncompagni
Photo : © Vero Boncompagni
Vero Boncompagni
Photo : © Vero Boncompagni
Marvin Coleby
Vero Boncompagni
Photo : © Vero Boncompagni
Marvin Coleby
Vero Boncompagni
Photo : © Vero Boncompagni
Clarence Bayne
Vero Boncompagni
Photo : © Vero Boncompagni
Vero Boncompagni
Photo : © Vero Boncompagni
Nantali Indongo
Vero Boncompagni
Photo : © Vero Boncompagni
Robert Hubsher
Vero Boncompagni
Photo : © Vero Boncompagni
Sir George Williams Campus - Concordia University.
Paul-Henri Talbot
Photo : © Paul-Henri Talbot
André Hébert
Photo : © André Hébert
Arrested students.


Written and Directed by
Mina Shum

Selwyn Jacob

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Director of Photography
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Press Relations

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