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Miss Campbell: Inuk Teacher

Mlle Campbell : enseignante inuk
Heather Campbell
2023 | 15 min
Original English version, Inuktitut and French subtitles

Awards and Festivals

  • Official SelectionBelleville Downtown DocFest, Canada (2024)

  • Official Selection Tromsø International Film Festival, Norway (2024)

  • Official Selection Available Light Film Festival, Yukon (2024)

  • Official Selection St. John's International Women's Film Festival (2023)

  • Official SelectionAtlantic International Film Festival (AIFF), Canada (2023)

  • Official Selection Dreamspeakers International Indigenous Film Festival (2024)






Path to becoming a teacher

Miss Campbell's method and motivation

Having a say in the curriculum



Heather Campbell drawing. Photo credit: Image from the film - Courtesy of National Film Board of Canada.

Heather Campbell Artwork. Photo credit: Image from the film - Courtesy of National Film Board of Canada.

Evelyn Campbell in front of Kikiak, Rigolet. Archive photo credit: Verna Faulkner

Church in Rigolet. Photo credit: Image from the film - Courtesy of National Film Board of Canada.

Evelyn Campbell. Archive photo credit: Melva Williams

Heather Campbell in front of lake. Photo credit: Image from the film - Courtesy of National Film Board of Canada.

Heather Campbell's mother playing accordion with grandchildren. Photo credit: Image from the film - Courtesy of National Film Board of Canada.

Family infront of Rigolet school. Photo credit: Image from the film - Courtesy of National Film Board of Canada.

Town of Rigolet, Labrador. Photo credit: Image from the film - Courtesy of National Film Board of Canada.


Heather Campbell

Photo : Courtesy of Inuit Art Foundation

Rohan Fernando
Producer and Executive Producer

Photo : ©2021 Meghan Tansey Whitton

Kat Baulu

Photo : NFB

Latonia Hartery

Photo : Glen Whiffen

Annette Clarke
Producer and Executive Producer

Photo : Dave Howells


To the matriarch of our family, whose spirit continues to guide us every day.
Evelyn Campbell (Shiwak) 1928-2013

Written and Directed by
Heather Campbell

The communities/settlements of Northwest River, Mulligan, Rigolet, and Snooks Cove
Malia Campbell
Iris Allen
Angel Jacobish

Director of Photography
Nigel Markham

Sarah Byrne
Mille Clarke

Sound Editor
Geoff Younghusband

Original Music by
Devon Ross

Visual Effects and Animation by
Glenn Gear

Narration By
Heather Campbell

Production Manager
Aimee Chaulk

Assistant Animator
Bradley Colbourne

Sound Recordist
Josh Owen

Drone Footage
Bird’s Eye Incorporated

Courtney Montour
Alanis Obomsawin

Cultural Consultant
Heather Igloliorte

Heather Campbell

Inuktitut Translation
Katie Winters

Inuktitut Language Advisor
Joan Dicker

Archives Courtesy Of
Evelyn Campbell (1928 – 2013)
Francis Campbell (1931 – 2003)
Iris Allen
Jonathan Allen
Heather Campbell
Verna Faulkner
Hector Baikie
Dale Blake
Melva Williams
With gratitude to the Communities of Northwest River, Rigolet, Snooks Cove and Goosebay, Labrador who made this film possible.

Kitchen Party
Hubert Allen
Iris Allen
Angel Jacobish
Sophia Allen
Grace Allen
Hannah Riche
Jonathan Allen
Nicole Allen
Marty Allen
Joshua Campbell and Mina Campbell
Chase Allen

Thank You
Roger Shiwak, Laura Shiwak, Juliette Chaulk,
Hector Baikie, Edith White,Dale Blake,
Karen MacDonald, Chantelle Williams, Joshua Campbell,
Mina Campbell, Scott Russell, Charlie Flowers, Verna Flowers,
Holly Anderson, Ossie Michelin, Jennie Williams

A Special Thanks To
Dr. Jean Crane
Nicole Allen
Jack Shiwak
Fred Shiwak

I send love and gratitude to my daughter Malia Campbell, parents Iris Allen and Hubert Allen, sisters Nicole Allen and Janice Allen-Parsons, brothers Marty Allen and Kirk Blake, and their respective families.

Production Supervisor
Roz Power

Digital Editing Technicians
Pierre Dupont
Marie-Josée Gourde
Patrick Trahan

Technical Coordinators
Daniel Lord
Christopher Macintosh

Online Editors and Colourists
Denis Pilon

Jean-Paul Vialard

Foley and Narration Engineer
Matthew Thomson

Foley Artist
Hilary Thomson

Graphic Designers
Mélanie Bouchard
Alain Ostiguy
Cynthia Ouellet

Mixing (PRIM)
Bruno Bélanger

Mixing Coordinator (PRIM)
Julie René

Production Coordinator
Yanis Ait Mohamed

Senior Production Co-ordinators
Cheryl Murgatroyd
Anna MacLean
Sarah MacLeod

Studio Administrator
Leslie Anne Poyntz

Marketing Manager
Jamie Hammond

Marketing Coordinator
Julie Fortin

Osas Eweka-Smith

Legal Counsel
Peter Kallianiotis
Dominique Aubry

Associate Producer (In Development)
Stephen Agluvak Puskas

Production Assistant (In Development)
Marian Rebeiro

Associate Producer
Jayde Tynes

Rohan Fernando
Kat Baulu
Latonia Hartery

Executive Producers, Quebec and Atlantic Studio
Annette Clarke
Rohan Fernando

Developed with the participation of the NLFDC and LJH Films
Part of the LABRADOR DOC PROJECT shorts series

A National Film Board of Canada production© 2022

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