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Memento mori

Niobe Thompson
2016 | 90 min

Prizes and awards

  • Official SelectionAtlantic Film Festival 2016

  • Official SelectionCinequest Film & VR Festival 2017

  • Best DocumentaryCinequest Film & VR Festival 2017

  • Grand PrizeInternational Scientific Film Festival, Szolnok 2017

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There is also a 52 minute version called Vital Bonds:

Short Synopsis

Long Synopsis


Transplant Hospital

Operating room

Surgeons in operating theatre.

Parents of Baby needing a transplant.

Parents waiting for result of heart transplant.

Waiting for donor.

Organ transport equipment.

Husband awaits outcome of surgery for his wife.

In the operating theatre.

Transplant Hospital.

Entrance of the emergency.

Matthew’s family.

Matthew’s brother.

Dean Dukart during dialysis.

Dr. Jim Kutsogiannis.

Dr. James Shapiro.

Transport of organs.

Dr. Ivan Rebeyka, giving results to parents.

Pat meets Dr. Shapiro after her transplant operation.

Willis Wood needs a new heart.

Before the operation.


Niobe Thompson


Rosvita Dransfeld
Producer / Exec. Prod. (ID: Productions Inc.)

Photo : ID: Productions Inc.

Bonnie Thompson

Photo : Debbie Boccabella

David Christensen
Producer & Executive Producer



Directed by
Niobe Thompson

Executive Producers
Rosvita Dransfeld
David Christensen for NFB

Rosvita Dransfeld
Bonnie Thompson for NFB

Director of Photography
aAron Munson
Sergio Olivares

Scott Parker

Niobe Thompson

Jonathan Kawchuk

Assistant Editor
Esther Viragh

Additional Camerawork
Daron Donahue
Tamarra Canu

Production Manager
Sandra Tober

Production Coordinator
Esther Viragh

Production Assistants
Tamarra Canu
Dylan Rhys Howard
Myles Belland

Location Sound Recording
Philip Dransfeld
Carey Opper

Audio Post Production
Johnny Blerot Sound Inc.

Sound Design and Mix
John Blerot

Additional Sound Design
Jonathan Kawchuk

Sound Editors
John Blerot
Perry Blackman
Iain Pattison
Jordan Ivey
Chris Szott

Christine Hanson
Keri Zwicker
Jennifer McMillan
Neda Yamach
Rafael Hoekman
Dianne New
Clayton Leung
Andrew Reid
Josh Rapanos

Colour Grading and Online Masters
Joe Owens, CSI

Scott Portingale

Production Accountant
Richard Warburton

Production Bookkeeper
Hui Min

Production Solicitor
Norman Bishop

Visual Research
Gina Cali

Production Stills
Tamarra Canu

Special Thanks
Margaret Lidstone
Dr. Jim Kutsogiannis
Kim Worton

Carl and Leslie Babchishin and family
Judy and Jason Bergen Family and family
Patricia Fisher and Adrian Hodgett
Willis Wood and family
The Veyda Family
Lee Sanderson and family
Dean and Lana Dukart
Ron Kube

Alberta Health Services
University of Alberta Hospital, Stollery Children’s Hospital & Mazankowski Heart Institute:
Site Administration & Communications
Level 3 & Mazankowski Operating Rooms
Human Organ Procurement and Exchange Program (HOPE)
Neurosurgical Intensive Care Unit
General Systems Intensive Care Unit
Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit
Staff of 5C4

Royal Alexandra Hospital –
General Systems Intensive Care Unit

Foothills Medical Centre, Calgary
Unit 91

Edmonton Ground Ambulance

Montreal Children’s Hospital
Operating Room

Sunwest Aviation, Calgary

STARS Air Ambulance Edmonton
ATI, (Alberta Transplant Institute)

CNTRP, (Canadian National Transplant Research Program)

Dr. Lori West Dr. Darren Hudson
Dr. Sam Shemie Dr. Derek Townsend
Dr. James Shapiro Dr. Norm Kneteman
Dr. Ivan Rebeyka Dr. Bob Broad
Dr. Daniel Kim Dr. Scott Livingstone
Dr. Simon Urschel Dr. Timothy Caulfield
Dr. Holger Buchholz Dr. Darren Freed
Dr. Dominic Cave Dr. Jayan Najendran
Dr. Vijay Anand Dr. Gerry Todd
Dr. Paul Kantor Dr. David Bigam
Dr. Monica Henry Dr. Nikul Sharma
Dr. Mary vanWijngaarden-Stephens


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