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Daniel Schubert
2020 | 21 min


Q&A with Filmmaker Daniel Schubert

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Daniel Schubert
Photo : Birdie Hamilton

Daniel Schubert

Daniel Schubert is a Vancouver-based filmmaker whose obsession with movies started when he commandeered the family VHS player at the age of two. After making his first short narrative film, Seed Money, in 2011, Daniel has gone on to write, produce and direct documentary series for broadcasters including National Geographic, CBC, UKTV, Smithsonian Channel, and History Television. Daniel attended the Capilano University School of Motion Picture Arts in Vancouver and the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Los Angeles, where he learned comedy writing and improvisation. In 2020, Daniel wrote and directed the short documentary Martha for the NFB.

Shirley Vercruysse
Producer, Executive Producer (NFB)
Photo : Emily Cooper

Shirley Vercruysse

Shirley Vercruysse is the Executive Producer of the National Film Board of Canada’s BC & Yukon Studio, where she leads the team producing documentary and animation projects. The studio’s new releases include the feature-length documentaries The Magnitude of All Things and Sovereign Soil, along with recent releases The Whale and the Raven, Because We Are Girls and the musical documentary The Road Forward. Short works include the documentaries Now Is the Time and Highway to Heaven, the animated films Old Dog and The Zoo, as well as the Webby Award-winning docu-series True North: Inside the Rise of Toronto Basketball.

Teri Snelgrove
Producer (NFB)
Photo : Emily Cooper

Teri Snelgrove

Teri Snelgrove is a Producer at the National Film Board of Canada’s BC & Yukon Studio.  Prior to stepping into the producer position in August 2019, she worked as an Associate Producer at the studio for 7 years, working on a range of documentary and animation projects, including the short docs, Highway to Heaven,  Now Is The Time and The Way of the Hunter, the musical documentary The Road Forward and the feature doc, Because We Are Girls; and the animated shorts, The ZooShop Class and The Mountain of SGaana. Teri is a Newfoundlander and a graduate of the film/video program at Emily Carr University.


“Dedicated to the memory of my older sister, Rose Benovich. Her courage in Auschwitz is the reason I am alive today.”
– Martha Katz

Directed by
Daniel Schubert

Written by
Daniel Schubert & Birdie Hamilton

Shirley Vercruysse
Teri Snelgrove

Director of Photography
Michael Dinsmore

Hart Snider
Jason Schneider

Brent Belke

Line Producer
Jennifer Roworth

Vancouver, British Columbia

Production Manager
Caroline Coutts

First Assistant Camera
Travis Lee

Chris Judson

Mathew Gilroy

Construction Coordinator
Travis Devlin

Location Manager
Caroline Coutts

Production Designer
Jennifer LeCaine

Art Department Assistant
Anäisa Visser

Costume Designer
Barbara Gregusova

Hair & Make-Up Artist
Pamela Silvey

Production Assistants
Mathew Gilroy
Özgün Gündüz

Falcon / Narine Casting
Catharine Falcon & Bim Narine

“Young Martha”
Mila Bursac

“Dr. Mengele”
Shaun Morse

Orsolya Szabo

Los Angeles, California

Hair & Make-Up Artist
Catherine Sherwin

Location Sound Recordist
Iryna Kucherenko

Sound Designer & Re-Recording Mixer
Chris McIntosh

Peggy Lee, Cello
Mark Ferris, Violin

Lorne Wright

Visual Effects
Bun Lee

Titles & Credits
Jason Lau

Caroline Coutts

Licensed Footage

Narration by Sir David Frost
in “The Search for Mengele”
Courtesy His Family

Associated Press

Special Thanks
Martha Katz
Sharon Schubert
Jack Katz
Jebby Wilkey
Ilona Mermelstein
Dr. Harry Karlinsky
Irvin Benovich

The Katz family
The Schubert family
The Benovich family
The Adler family
The Weiss family
The Hamilton family

Thank You

Roedde House Museum
Sara Hepper
Sheila Duff Grant
Vivian Davidson

Pacific West SPFX
Ed Deeth

SIM International

Omnitsky Kosher
Eppy Rappaport

Label’s Table Deli

Technical Coordinator
Wes Machnikowski

Production Coordinators
Nicolas Ayerbe Barona
Nathan Conchie

Studio Administrator
Carla Jones

Marketing Manager
Kay Rondonneau

Katja De Bock

Executive Producer
Shirley Vercruysse

©2020 National Film Board of Canada

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