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Teresa MacInnes
2016 | 20 min 41 s



Teresa MacInnes

Teresa MacInnes

Over the last 30 years, Teresa MacInnes’ films have tackled some of the most crucial social justice issues of our time. Her passion and balanced approach to producing and directing have engaged audiences around the world. She has won numerous awards and her films have screened at Hot Docs, Vancouver International, Margaret Mead, IDA, Barcelona, NY and Thessaloniki. In 2015, her recent documentary Buying Sex was named one of the top ten feminist films streaming on US Netflix by MS Magazine.

Annette Clarke
Producer / Executive Producer
Photo : NFB

Annette Clarke

Annette Clarke’s love of storytelling began around a kitchen table playing poker for pennies in a small community in Newfoundland. She honed her story instincts travelling with a 16mm projector and NFB film cans in the trunk of a car and fell in love with documentary when she witnessed the transformative power of its mirror. An accomplished and award-winning producer with 100 hours of screen time, Clarke is committed to stories that challenge stereotypes and shift the usual lens on the world. Her current productions, directed by both emerging and established talent, cross paths with courageous young girls and brilliant lawyers in Kenya, foreign workers in Labrador, the endangered Bluefin tuna, rock star chefs taking a stand against food waste, and an animated young girl who copes with her Mom’s mental illness by losing herself in the imaginary world of books.

Executive Producer for NFB’s Quebec / Atlantic studio, her recent producer credits include:
VIVE LA ROSE 2009 (TIFF and Sundance)
FLAWED 2010 (Hot Docs, Silverdocs, double honours at Palm Springs, EMMY nomination)
HOW DOES IT FEEL 2011 (Golden Sheaf award)
THE BOXING GIRLS OF KABUL 2011 (IDFA and CSA for best documentary short).
HARD LIGHT 2012 (FIFA Jury Award)
BUYING SEX 2013 (Hot Docs)
DANNY 2014 (Hot Docs Big Ideas series)
54 HOURS 2014 (Yorkton Founder’s Award)
GUNRUNNERS 2015 (Hot Docs)




Written & Directed by
Teresa MacInnes

Director of Photography
Kent Nason csc

Mabel Robinson
Lola Ewing
Ruby Johnstone
Nellie Westhaver

Sound Recordist
Arthur McKay

Animation by
Frank Forrestall

Sound Design and Original Music by
Judith Gruber-Stitzer

Edited by
Teresa MacInnes

Foley Artist
Karla Baumgartner

Dialogue Editor
Tristan Cappachione

Stills Photography
Shirley Robb

Teresa MacInnes
Wanda Nolan

Archives and Stock Footage
Edmund Norwood
Getty Images
Hubbards Heritage Society
Library and Archives Canada
Mitch Martinez
NFB Archives
Prelinger Archives
Rhys Harnish – Shore Club

Production Supervisor
Roz Power

Technical Coordinators
Jean-François Laprise
Christopher MacIntosh

Assistant Editor
Cheryl Murgatroyd

On-line Editor
Yannick Carrier

Title Design
Mélanie Bouchard

Foley & Music Recording
Luc Leger

Music Recording Assistant
Philippe Jeansonne

Jean Paul Vialard

Production Coordinator
Sarah Gignac

Senior Production Coordinator
Kelly Davis

Marketing Manager
Paule Béland

Legal Counsel
Dominique Aubry

Studio Administrator
Leslie Poyntz

Annette Clarke

Executive Producer
Annette Clarke



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