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love, amma

avec amour, amma
Prajwala Dixit
2022 | 14 min 58 s
English and Kannada

Awards and Festivals

  • Nomination – Mental HealthYorkton Film Festival, SK, Canada (2023)

  • Nomination – Multicultural Yorkton Film Festival, SK, Canada (2023)

  • Nomination – Documentary POV Yorkton Film Festival, SK, Canada (2023)

  • Official Selectionqathet international film festival, Canada (2023)

  • Official SelectionFIN Atlantic International Film Festival, Halifax (2022)

  • Official SelectionSt. John’s International Women’s Film Festival, Canada (2022)

  • Official SelectionVancouver Asian Film Festival, Canada (2022)

  • Official SelectionMumbai Shorts International Film Festival, India (2022)



Long synopsis

Q&A with Prajwala Dixit


Excerpt 1 - Prajwala starts her letter to Maya

Excerpt 2 - Prajwala and her mom talk in the kitchen in Bengaluru

Excerpt 3 - Prajwala and Maya draw “poopy”


Prajwala overlooking the ocean in St. John’s

Prajwala and her mother in India

Prajwala and her grandmother in India

Prajwala and her husband in St. John’s

Prajwala's daughter drawing
Ajay D'Souza
Photo: Ajay D'Souza

Behind the scenes
Ajay D'Souza
Photo: Ajay D'Souza

Behind the scenes


Prajwala Dixit
Writer and Director

Photo : David Howells

Annette Clarke
Producer and Executive Producer

Photo : Dave Howells


Written, directed and narrated by
Prajwala Dixit

Directors of Photography
Danae Elon
Bakul Sharma

Additional Camera
Prajwala Dixit

Stills Photographer
Ajay D’Souza

Sound Recording
Danae Elon
Sathya Murthy

Heidi Haines

Sound Designer
Sacha Ratcliffe

Annette Clarke

Production Manager
Lynn Andrews

Production Assistant
Abhinaya Nair

Lori Heath

Karla Baumgardner

Foley Recording
Geoffrey Mitchell

ಭಜರೇ ಹನುಮಂತಂ || Bhajare Hanumantham
In the voices of Janaki S. K. Rao and Prajwala Dixit

With thanks to
Maya and Justin
Betaraya Swamy, Prathiba Swamy and Anantha Dixit
Janaki S.K. Rao
Bharati, Shravya and Subba Rao
Jenna, Yousef, Talia, Killy, Brooke, Tate and their parents
Ricardo Acosta
Michael Crummey
Christopher Darcy Dunn
Andrea Dorfman
Sharada Eswar
Rohan Fernando
Monica Kidd
Ruth Lawrence
Kerrin Rafuse
Tamara Segura

Production Supervisor
Roz Power

Technical Coordinators
Daniel Lord
Christopher MacIntosh

Narration Recording
Matthew Thomson

Finishing Editor and Colourist
Steve Cook

Jean Paul Vialard

Marketing Manager
Jamie Hammond

Osas Eweka-Smith

Legal Counsel
Dominique Aubry

Associate Producer
Kelly Davis

Studio Administrator
Leslie Anne Poyntz

Executive Producers
Annette Clarke
John Christou

A National Film Board of Canada production

love, amma

Part of the Re-Imagining the Islands shorts series


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