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KENBE LA, Until We Win

Will Prosper
2019 | 83 min

Selections and Awards

  • Winner – People’s Choice AwardRencontres internationales du documentaire, Montreal, Canada (2019)

  • Official SelectionRendez-vous Québec Cinéma, Montreal, Canada (2020)

  • Official SelectionReelworld Film Festival, Toronto, Canada (2020)

  • Official SelectionRencontres du documentaire, Port-au-Prince, Haïti (2020)

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Will Prosper
Photo : Alexandre Claude

Will Prosper

A graduate of the École de cinéma et télévision de Québec, Will Prosper is a documentary filmmaker, human rights activist and community organizer. A former RCMP officer, he first gained attention as the co-founder and spokesperson for Hoodstock, a grassroots social-innovation incubator. Over the past 10 years or so, he’s channelled his passion for cinema and social justice into a series of films that offer new perspectives on under-represented communities and African-descendant cultures in Quebec. After completing his first documentary, The Lost Tapes du hip-hop au Québec (2008), about the ups and downs of Québécois rap pioneers of the 2000s, he directed music videos, corporate videos and TV reports in a variety of genres. His second film, The Last Pilgrims (2011), focused on members of the Haitian diaspora travelling to holy sites in Quebec to celebrate the Feast of the Assumption. He followed up with Républik Basket (2015), a documentary on an annual street basketball tournament in Montreal North, and Aller simple pour Haïti (2017), about Haitian-Quebeckers returning to the country of their ancestors to help with reconstruction after the 2010 earthquake. Kenbe la: Until We Win is his fifth film.

Nathalie Cloutier
Producer and Executive Producer
Photo : Liam Valdès

Nathalie Cloutier

In 2018, after 15 years at the NFB, Nathalie Cloutier was appointed Executive Producer of the French Program’s Documentary Studio. She has always championed a flexible creative process and supported a diverse group of auteurs, an approach that has yielded a number of bold endeavours. At the NFB, she’s produced several interactive projects, including Here at Home: In Search of the Real Cost of Homelessness, a multi-award-winning website about homelessness, and The Hole Story Interactive, a website that accompanied the feature-length doc of the same name by Richard Desjardins and Robert Monderie. In addition to her work on interactive productions, Nathalie has produced and co-produced numerous feature-length documentaries that have garnered attention both in Canada and internationally. They include The Amina Profile by Sophie Deraspe (Sundance 2015), Gulîstan, Land of Roses by Zaynê Akyol (Doc Alliance Selection Award, Locarno 2016), Freelancer on the Front Lines by Santiago Bertolino (closing film at RIDM 2016), and A Delicate Balance by Christine Chevarie-Lessard (Women Inmates’ Award, RIDM 2018). She also produced Waseskun, by Steve Patry, a Best Feature Length Documentary nominee at the 2017 Canadian Screen Awards. In collaboration with Nadagam Films of Val d’Or, in Quebec’s Abitibi-Témiscamingue region, in 2018 she launched the 5 Shorts Project, for which five local female directors each made a very short documentary for the web. Her most recent productions are Kenbe La: Jusqu’à la Victoire by Will Prosper, Le fond de l’air by Simon Beaulieu and Far from Bashar by Pascal Sanchez.

Nathalie Cloutier first came to work at the NFB as a production coordinator in 2003. After completing the documentary program at the Institut national de l’image et du son (INIS) in Montreal, she returned to the NFB as a producer at the Documentary Studio in 2010. Earlier in her career, she studied arts and literature and collaborated on several theatrical productions. Her experience directing short films for the 1998–1999 season of the Radio-Canada television program Course destination monde inspired her to pursue a career in film.

Colette Loumède
Executive Producer
Photo : NFB

Colette Loumède

Colette Loumède began her career at the Coop Vidéo de Montréal, a group that’s had a significant impact on Quebec cinema. Alongside Robert Morin, Lorraine Dufour, Jean-Pierre St-Louis, Louis Bélanger and others, she learned about every aspect of the film industry long before becoming the veteran producer she is today.

Currently working at the French Program Documentary Studio at the National Film Board of Canada (NFB), Loumède is known for producing documentaries that stand out for both their subject matter and artistry. The films she’s produced have screened at many of the world’s top festivals, including Hot Docs, CPH-Dox, the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA), the Berlin International Film Festival, the Rotterdam film festival, Visions du réel, Sundance, and the Rencontres internationales du documentaire de Montréal (RIDM).

Loumède’s work is driven by a desire to produce work with meaningful content directed by auteurs who tackle the important issues of the day. She’s worked with Luc Bourdon, Jean-Claude Labrecque, Serge Giguère, Richard Desjardins, Patricio Henriquez, Hugo Latulippe, Paule Baillargeon, Céline Baril, Benoît Pilon, Carole Laganière, Zaynê Akyol, Claude Demers, Jean-François Caissy and many other contemporary Quebec directors.

Over the course of her career, Loumède has collaborated with a wide range of groups and people. She was responsible for analyzing documentary projects for SODEC, Quebec’s public film-financing body, and founded and led the documentary program at the Institut national de l’image et du son de Montréal (INIS), Quebec’s foremost professional cinema training institute. She is actively involved with the Documentary Network, RIDM and other festivals across multiple genres, and has regularly served on panels, juries, and many domestic and international platforms devoted to promoting auteur documentary.


Alain Philoctète with students from Collège Jean-Price Mars
Alain Philoctète and his son Malcolm Ismé-Philoctète
Alain Philoctète and inhabitants from Eco Vilaj Hinche, Haiti
Chantal Ismé and Biko Ismé-René
Malcolm Ismé-Philoctète and Cassandre Étienne-Joseph
Alain Philoctète with students from Collège Jean-Price Mars
Alain Philoctète and Chantal Ismé
Aerial view of the Haitian countryside


A film by
Will Prosper

With the participation of

Alain Philoctète
Chantal Ismé
Biko Ismé-René
Malcolm Ismé-Philoctète


Gina Anglade
Marc Anglade
Margareth Neff-Philoctète
Valencia Philoctète
Richard Philoctète
Cassandre Etienne-Joseph

Researched, Written and Directed by
Will Prosper

Produced by
Nathalie Cloutier

Vanessa Abadhir

Natalie Lamoureux

Original Music
Jenny Salgado
André Courcy

Sound Design
Marie-Pierre Grenier

Location Sound
Olivier Léger
Simon Plouffe
Sylvain Vary
Pablo Villegas

Production Manager (Haiti)
Henri Pardo

Shooting Consultant (Haiti)
Tara Johns

Drone Footage
Drone Box
Vanessa Abadhir
Romain Brot

Technical Consultant – Camera
Steve Hallé

Technical Support – Editing
Pierre Dupont
Isabelle Painchaud
Patrick Trahan

Translation and Subtitling
Jacquelin Telemaque

Graphic Design
Cynthia Ouellet

Online Editing
Yannick Carrier

Lise Wedlock
Assisted by
Marie-Kathryne Viens

Foley Recording
Geoffrey Mitchell

Shelley Craig

Guitar André Courcy
Piano Alain Legagneur
Piano Martin Courcy
Percussion, keyboard and other instruments Jenny Salgado

Jenny Salgado

Additional Music
Traditional song

Mal du pays
Composed by Emmanuel Charlemagne and Francine Chouinard
Performed by Emmanuel “Manno” Charlemagne

Music Rights Research
Sylvia Mezei

Thanks to
Joseph Abraham
Estin Andrall
Orlando Arriagada
Mylène Augustin
Carla Beauvais
Yousra Benziane
Johanne Bergeron
Chavanes Jean-Baptiste
Karla Étienne
Martin Ferron
Andrea Henríquez
Nicole Hubert
Éric Idriss Kanago
Jean-Pierre Laurendeau
Philippe Lefebvre
Wissam Mansour
Viviane Michel
Nargess Mustapha
Emilie Nicolas
Georges Antoine Noël
Dr. Paul Perrotte
Fabrice Philoctète
Jonathan Philoctète
Olivier Philoctète
Huguette Prosper
Donald Prosper
Hantz Prosper
Yendrich Prosper
Kyana Prosper
Sankara Prosper
Johanne Renous
Wébert Rochelin
Marguerite Surprenant
Collège Jean-Price Mars
Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal
La route de Champlain
La Régie des installations olympiques

Legal Advisor
Christian Pitchen

Press Relations
Marie-Claude Lamoureux

Marketing Manager
François Jacques

Marketing Coordinator
Sophie Thouin

Sia Koukoulas

Studio Coordinator
Pascale Savoie-Brideau

Production Coordinator
Chinda Phommarinh

Technical Coordinator
Mira Mailhot

Acting Development Producer
Denis McCready

Line Producer
Mélanie Lasnier

Executive Producers
Colette Loumède
Nathalie Cloutier




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