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John Ware Reclaimed

Cheryl Foggo
2020 | 73 min

Selections and Awards

  • Audience Choice Award - Alberta FeatureCalgary International Film Festival, Calgary, Alberta (2020)

  • Official SelectionVancouver International Film Festival, Vancouver, Canada (2020)

  • Official SelectionOttawa Black Film Festival, Ottawa, Canada (2021)

  • Official SelectionHalifax Black Film Festival, Halifax, Canada (2021)

  • Official SelectionToronto Black Film Festival, Toronto, Canada (2021)

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1-Liner and 2-Liner


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Excerpt #1: Racism in Canada

Excerpt #2: Black contemporaries


Shaun Robinson
Photo: Shaun Robinson

Director Cheryl Foggo and rodeo champion Fred Whitfield as John Ware
Shaun Robinson
Photo: Shaun Robinson

Rodeo champion Fred Whitfield as John Ware
Shaun Robinson
Photo: Shaun Robinson

Rodeo champion Fred Whitfield as John Ware
Shaun Robinson
Photo: Shaun Robinson

Shaun Robinson
Photo: Shaun Robinson

Shaun Robinson
Photo: Shaun Robinson

Rodeo champion Fred Whitfield as John Ware
Shaun Robinson
Photo: Shaun Robinson

Rodeo champion Fred Whitfield as John Ware
Shaun Robinson
Photo: Shaun Robinson

Rodeo champion Fred Whitfield as John Ware
Shaun Robinson
Photo: Shaun Robinson

Rodeo champion Fred Whitfield as John Ware

From Film: Cheryl Foggo discusses her family history with her brother Richard

From Film: Cheryl Foggo with Author/Professor Bertrand Bickersteth

From Film: Kris Demeanor and Miranda Martini perform '18 Hours' from the play 'John Ware Reimagined From the Film: Miranda Martini, Cheryl Foggo's daughter, performs 'Mildred's Lullaby ' from the play 'John Ware Reimagined'

From Film: Cheryl Foggo examines a photograph of John Ware

From Film: Western songwriter Corb Lund

From Film: Cheryl Foggo exploring John Ware archives with Mary Mallory

From Film: Cheryl Foggo with Michelle Thrush

From Film: Lawrence Hill, author
Photo: NFB

Recording session with Cheryl Foggo
Shaun Robinson
Photo: Shaun Robinson

Cheryl Foggo directing
Shaun Robinson
Photo: Shaun Robinson

Director Cheryl Foggo and Producer Bonnie Thompson


Cheryl Foggo

Photo : Mike Tan

Bonnie Thompson
Producer (NFB)

Photo : Debbie Boccabella

David Christensen
Executive Producer (NFB)

Photo : NFB


Written and Directed by
Cheryl Foggo

Bonnie Thompson
David Christensen

Director of Photography
Douglas Munro csc

Sound Recordists
Francesco Russo
Gary Bruckner
Stephen Anderson

Margot McMaster

Sound Editor
John Iaquinta – 6 Degrees

Alec Harrison – 6 Degrees

John Ware
Fred Whitfield

Bertrand Bickersteth
Dr. David Breen
Janelle Cooper
Jesse Lipscombe as John Ware – Duchess
Kirsten Alter
Kris Demeanor
Lawrence Hill
Michelle Thrush
Miranda Martini
Dawne Slater
Don Mallory Jr
Jess Jenkins
Lance Evans
Dr. Lindsay Amundsen-Meyer
Mary Mallory
Pat Fisher
Richard Foggo
Steve Fisher
Wanda Tailfeathers

Production Manager
Susan Bristow
Darin Wilson

Location Manager
Patrick Cox
Steve Fisher

Makeup & Hair
Angela McIntosh
Amanda Rye

Libertee Muzyka

Additional Cinematography
Alexander Snow
Scott Imler
Rene Collins
Jack Allred

Kathy Fisher

Katie Pollock
Elizabeth Klink

Production Assistant
Ami Beni Kenzo

Kris Demeanor
Corb Lund
Miranda Martini

Animation by
Justin Stephenson

Digital Animation and Compositing
Even Steven Inc.

Animation Compositing and Colour
Justin Stephenson

Cel Animation
Solis Animation Inc.

Cel Animator and Illustrator
Les Solis

Animation Backgrounds
Michael Concannon

Cel Animation Producer
Leah Solis

Gregory McEvoy

Photo Restoration
Klyment Tan

Darren Bierman – Tribal Imaging

Narration Recording
Chris Vail – 6 Degrees

Dialogue & Re-Recording Mixer
John Iaquinta – 6 Degrees

Background & Sound Effects Editor
Regan Kuemper – 6 Degrees

For the National Film Board

Studio Operations Manager
Darin Clausen

Marketing Manager
Kelly Fox

Production Supervisor
Esther Viragh

Senior Production Coordinator
April Dunsmore

Production Coordinators
Ginette D’Silva
Hilda Amponsah
Faye Yoneda
Tanis Redcrow
Jasmine Pullukatt

Program Administrators
Devon Supeene
Bree Beach

Legal Counsel
Christian Pitchen

The Production Would Like to Thank
Clem Martini
Chandra Martini
Amanda Fisher
Andrew Wreggitt
Angie Bush
Anna Cooley
Anne Tingle
Art Slingsby
Barbara McKinnon
Benjamin Hall
Betty Poulsen
Beverly Foggo
Brian Cooley
Carolyn Ruether
Cassie Whitfield
Cheri Macaulay
Christine Hayes
Dallas Hayes-Sparks
Dan McManus
Daniel Foster
Darcy Foggo
Devin Atherton
Dionne Griffiths – Iconic Salon
Donna Zwicker
Doug Cass
Dr. Emily Cooley
Ellipsis Tree Collective Theatre Company
Erin Lamoureux
Guylaine Petrin
Hugh Smith
Iconic Salon
James McGregor
Janice Bateson
Jason “J Ross” Crawford
Jeff de Boer, ‘Cyclone’, Sculpture
Jess Jenkins
Joan Christianson
Joan Hampaul
Dr. John Poulsen
Jon Lambert
Jonathan McGregor
Jordan Lamoureux
Joscelyn McBain
Joy Oetelaar
Joyce Pettigrew
Judy Williams Graham
Karen Simonson
Lauren Repei
Laurie Westwood
Dr. Learotha Williams
Linda Clarkson
Malcolm Azania
Markiyan Fedyna
Marley Serbu
Mary Ann Wilson
Michael Imeson Harvey
Michelle van Beusekom
Natalia Pietrzykowski
Norm Whiteford
Pat Cox
Pat Fisher
Provincial Archives of Alberta
Quinlan Brown
Rhonda Christianson
Richina Foggo
Rob Macaulay
Rochelle Lamoureux
Ronn Christianson
Rosemarie Tailfeathers
Roy Penner
Sahia Hayes-Sparks
Dr. Sarah Carter
Sarah Kopjar
Scott Gittridge
Selwyn Jacob
Sheila Evans
Susan Priel
Dr. Suzette Mayr
Vern Thiessen
Workshop West Playwrights Theatre
Writers Guild of Canada Sondra Kelly Award
Zaire Sealy
John Ware’s cook pot was a gift from Nettie Ware to Doug Grant and appears with his permission

Thanks to the following locations, staffs and managers:
Ancestry Pro Genealogists
Bar U Ranch
Calgary Film Commission
Glenbow Museum Staff
Heritage Park
Lee McLean
Michael McLean
Milestones Restaurant Downtown
Record Office for Leicestershire, Leicester & Rutland
Stockmen’s Library, Cochrane
Union Cemetery and Reader Rock Cafe

Photographs supplied by and used with the permission of:
Amon Carter Museum of American Art
Averil Hall / McPhedran Phocus
Chatham-Kent Museum
Department of Natural Resources
Ethel Lewsey
Geoff Standish from the collection of Murray Standish
Getty Images
Glenbow Archives, Archives and Special Collections, University of Calgary
Heather Slater
Ian McKenzie
Irene Kerr
Jamie Nesbitt – Brooks Bulletin
Joan Armstead
John Ware Stamp © Canada Post 2010

L. Cannon
Lauri Seidlitz-Brush Education Press
Lawrence Malcolm Mayes
Library and Archives Canada
Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, Visual Materials from the NAACP Record
Marc J. Chalifoux Photography
Maxine Morrow
Norwich Archives
Oklahoma Historical Society Photograph Collection
Pauline Foggo
Postmedia Network
Provincial Archives of Alberta
The Museum of the Highwood
Vernie “Peggy” Brown
Millarville Shoot Animals
Fred Whitfield’s horse “Bob” provided by Laura Dunn
Fred Whitfield’s dog “Charlie” provided by the Fisher family
Other horses, “Johnny Cash” and “Buster” provided by Steve Fisher
Cattle provided by Glenn and Pat Ball
Bar U Ranch Shoot Animals
Horse “Cody”

Short Native Grasses (Prairies of Alberta)
Especially a Paint
Written and performed by Corb Lund
Courtesy of Corb Lund Music Inc.

Up Above My Head
Traditional / Written and performed by Ruthie Foster
Courtesy of Blue Corn Music

Stand Still Jordan
Performed by Janelle Cooper
Traditional Spiritual

Open Door
Mildred’s Lullaby
Spring 1902
Written and performed by Miranda Martini
courtesy of Miranda Martini

18 Hours
Written by Miranda Martini
Performed by Kris Demeanor and Miranda Martini
Courtesy of Miranda Martini

Additional Vocalizations
Jesse Lipscombe Zoe Theodorou

For Pearl Noël “Nonie” Foggo-Lamoureux

A Production of the National Film Board of Canada
North West Studio
© 2020 National Film Board of Canada

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