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If I Was God

Cordell Barker
2015 | 8 min




Cordell Barker


Michael Fukushima
Executive Producer


David Christensen
Producer & Executive Producer


Filmography: Awards and Recognitions

Interview with the filmmaker


Animated Gifs


a film by
Cordell Barker

Written and Directed by
Cordell Barker

Designed and Edited by
Cordell Barker

Stop-motion Animation – Classroom
(See Creature Animation)
Lead Animator
Sylvie Trouvé

Dale Hayward

Stop-motion Animation – Fantasy
Cordell Barker

Stop-motion Supervisor
(See Creature Animation)
Dale Hayward

2D Animation
Cordell Barker

2D Animation Assistant
Chris Cormier

Compositing and Stereography
Fred Casia

Stéphanie Weber Biron

Rig Removal Compositing
Dale Hayward
Sylvie Trouvé

Lighting Assistant
Peter Lavender

Online Editor
Denis Pilon

Puppet Fabrication
(Studio Jako Lanterne)
Laurent Canniccioni
Emily Bélanger

Puppet Costumes
Susana Vera

Classroom Sets & Props
Deborah Sullivan
Samantha Scafidi

Fantasy Props & Puppets
Cordell Barker

Puppet Armatures
Thea Pratt
Erik Goulet
François Pilon
John Sadowy
Adrian Vedady

Music Recording
Geoffrey Mitchell
Padraig Buttner-Schnirer

Cordell Barker
Natalie Viebrock

(Channels Audio & Post Production)
John Schritt

Foley Artists
Andy Malcolm
Goro Koyama
Sandra Fox

Foley Recording Mixer
Jack Heeren

Foley Recordists
Jenna Dalla Riva
Stephen Muir

Foley Recorded at
Footsteps Post-Production Sound Inc.

Jean-Paul Vialard

Script Consultant
Jason Sherman

Dillon Barker
Joshua Barker
Jackson Barker
April Barker

Production Supervisor
Mark Power

Technical Coordinator
Steve Hallé

Technical Director
Eloi Champagne

Centre Operations Manager
Darin Clausen

Studio Administrators
Bree Beach
Ginette D’Silva

Production Coordinators
Faye Yoneda
Jasmine Pullukatt

Marketing Manager
Christine Noël

Executive Producer
David Christensen

Michael Fukushima
David Christensen
A National Film Board of Canada Production
© 2015 National Film Board of Canada

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