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How to Create a Financial Crisis

Charles Trahan, Léon Courville and Folklore
2017 | 25 min
Mobile, tablet and desktop



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Quotes from Léon Courville

Clip #1: The Joy of Turning Debt into Profit !

Clip #2: It pays to take risks !

Clip #3: The Financial Machine Runs on Human Folly !

Clip #4: Democracy and the Financial System: a Delicate Balance!




Léon Courville's economic analysis


Léon Courville

Léon Courville

Léon Courville has devoted his entire career to the science of finance and management, first as a university professor and researcher in Canada and the United States, and then as president of the National Bank of Canada. At the same time, he has pursued a career as a speaker and author, developing a vision based on his observations of the changes taking place within society and the modern economy. Mr. Courville is an Associate Professor at the École des Hautes études commerciales and President of the Montreal Institute of Structured Finance and Derivatives. He has been the recipient of more than 10 awards and scholarships in Canada and abroad, as well as the Coopers & Lybrand Business Book Award for his book Piloter dans la tempête.

Charles Trahan
Creative Director

Charles Trahan

Charles Trahan has been exploring the close relationship between form and content for many years, first as a director and reporter for some of the most creative web and radio programs ever produced by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (1997–2014) and, most recently, as a regular contributor to ArteRadio.com in Paris. Today, he works as a digital-content director for Québecor Média. In addition, he specializes in production and content management for numerous mobile and transmedia applications (for the NFB, Institut Français, TV5, Fablabchannel, Quartier des Spectacles, and others). Over the years, Charles has become extremely skilled at popularizing complex subjects by making use of the public’s thoughtfulness, sense of humour, and intelligence. A native of Ottawa, he now divides his time between Montreal and Paris.

Katy Lemay

Katy Lemay

Katy Lemay creates original collages from unique objects, photos and sketches, mixing vintage and modern in her own unique style. Her collages have been published in magazines and newspapers across Canada and the United States, including Time Magazine, The Globe and Mail, Elle and The New York Times. She has illustrated numerous children’s books, notably Émilie la Mayou, written by Marie-Claire Séguin, Poissons et poissons, written by Christiane Dufresne and Schlick! and Cocorico!, both written by François Gravel. Katy has won numerous awards for her work.

David Mongeau-Petitpas
Development (Studio Folklore)

David Mongeau-Petitpas

David Mongeau-Petitpas is a Montreal developer involved in the cultural sector. He studied cinema, then design and digital arts at Concordia University, where he learned to program code and used it as a tool of expression.

In 2006, he launched ecoutez.ca, a site dedicated to broadcasting and promoting Quebec’s independent music, which includes more than 1,000 local artists. With skills in new technology and an understanding of social media, David redefines formats and ways of telling stories. He is the author of many collaborative sites with simple functions, such as repondeur.ca, bullshitteur.ca and yocheck.ca.

Since 2012, he is the co-founder and developer of the digital design studio Folkore, where he works on various interactive projects in collaboration with the NFB, Catbird Productions, the CBC and Urbania, amongst others. His projects earned several awards, including three Boomerang grand prizes, several Numix mentions and one Gémeaux nomination.

Marc-Antoine Jacques
Creative Director (Folklore)

Marc-Antoine Jacques

After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design at the Université du Québec à Montréal’s School of Design, Marc-Antoine Jacques gained an impressive body of professional experience. He completed an internship as a graphic designer in Montpellier, France, then returned to Quebec to join an exciting team at Toxa, editor of Urbania. Two years later, he joined the advertising agencies BBDO, BleuBlancRouge, then Commun, an agency specialising in digital marketing.

With his experience in creation, he co-founded the digital design studio Folkore in 2012. Since then, he has collaborated with some of the greatest Montreal cultural institutions, including the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, the Elektra Festival, the International Digital Arts Biennal of Montreal, the National Film Board of Canada, Urbania and the CBC.

His multidisciplinary approach earned him several awards and recognitions: he won ten Boomerang grand prizes, three Grafika grand prizes, one Lux grand prize and one Créa grand prize. He also contributes as an illustrator for several print magazines, such as Infopresse, Urbania and L’actualité.

Louis-Richard Tremblay
Producer (NFB)
Photo : Angel Carpio

Louis-Richard Tremblay

Louis-Richard Tremblay is intrigued by the power of interactive experiences and fascinated by all forms of media exploration. He collaborates with creators who manipulate technology to serve the subject at hand, resulting in works that appeal to participants’ intelligence and imagination.

After studying political science, Louis-Richard was drawn to architecture and radio before delving into the interactive world at Radio-Canada and the NFB. His productions have won numerous local and international awards (Online journalism award, Award of excellence from The Society of new design, Gémeaux, Webby and Peabody). He has also sat on the selection committee of several international excellence awards, including World Press Photo and the Tim Hetherington Trust.

His most recent projects include The Unknown Photographer, Do Not Track, In Limbo, Fort McMoney: The Movie and McLaren Wall to Wall, a tribute to Norman McLaren.


How to Create a Financial Crisis is based on a thesis paper entitled “Financial Crisis: A Perfect Storm or Regulatory Failure,” written by Léon Courville, Associate Professor of Economics at HEC Montréal and former president of the National Bank of Canada.

Creative Director
Charles Trahan

Concept and Writing
Charles Trahan

Concept, Design and Development
Marc-Antoine Jacques
David Mongeau-Petitpas
Nicolas Roy-Bourdages
Julien Carignan (Folklore)

Léon Courville

Katy Lemay

Sound Design
Gaëtan Troutet

English Adaptation
Kurt Chaboyer

Translation and Copy Editing
Leah Kosatsky
Anna Victor
Jovana Jankovic
Gabrielle-Lisa Collard
Bronwyn Haslam

Video Production
Guillaume Fortin
Anne-Marie Rainville
Erika Reyburn
Marie-Josée Galibert
Valérie Darveau
Studio Conifère, Michèle Provencher, Cédric Chabuel
HEC (Denis Paquet, Michel Desroches, Martin Robillard)

Video Clip Production

Valérie Darveau

Michèle Provencher
Valérie Darveau

English Adaptation
Kurt Chaboyer

Motion design and illustration
Amélie Tourangeau (Studio Conifère)
Samuel Jacques (Studio Conifère)

Sound Design
Cédric Chabuel

French Voice
Karina Aktouf

English Voice
Millie Tresierra

Technical Coordinator
Mira Mailhot

Recording & Foley
Geoff Mitchell

Photo Shoot

LM Chabot – Productions l’Éloi
Claude-Maurice Lavoie, Sybille Sasse Agency
Louise-Hélène Lacasse, Diane Riel Agency
Véronique Beaudouin, Diane Riel Agency
Kim Lambert, Robitaille Corbeil Agency
Qamar Abbas, Sybille Sasse Agency
Hugo Martinez, Sybille Sasse Agency

Hair and Makeup
Evangelia Pavlakos


Executive Producer
Hugues Sweeney

Louis-Richard Tremblay

Production Managers
Catherine Bourassa-Hébert
Marie-Pier Gauthier
Nathalie Bédard Morin

Editorial Manager
Valérie Darveau

Technology Director
Martin Viau

Production Coordinators
Caroline Fournier
Claudia Boutin
Dominique Brunet
Perrine Bral

Marie-Andrée Bonneau

Technical Coordinator
Mira Mailhot

Technicien studio d’enregistrement
Geoff Mitchell

Marketing Manager
Tammy Peddle

Marketing Coordinator
Florent Prevelle
Jolène Lessard

Social Media Strategist
Kate Ruscito
Emilie Nguyen Ngoc

Web Content Project Manager
Félix-Antoine Viens

Press Relations
Marie-Claude Lamoureux

Information Technologies
Sergiu Suciu

Legal Services
Peter Kallianiotis

With the support of HEC Montréal

Thanks to :

Dominique Willieme, Monique Simard, Minority Media (Vander Caballero, Tali Goldstein, Paul Di Marco, Nicholas Kornek,  Louis Sciannamblo, Pierre-Antoine Lafond-Simard, Philippe Brault, Denis Wolff, Game LAB at MIT, Philip Tan, Rick Eberhart, MIT Open Doc Lab (Sarah Wolozin, William Urichio, Ainsley Sutherland), Ana Maria Cimpoia, Agence agoodson.com

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