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Justin Simms
2016 | 13 min 19 s

Prizes and awards

  • Official SelectionAtlantic Film Festival 2016

  • Official SelectionTIFF 2016

  • Official SelectionPlanet in Focus 2016

  • Official SelectionSt. John's International Women's Film Festival

  • Official SelectionDevour Film Festival

  • Documentary Shorts CompetitionSanta Barbara International Film Festival 2017

  • Special Presentation – Culinary CinemaBerlinale - Berlin International Film Festival 2017

  • Official SelectionAmerican Film Institute – Docs 2017

  • Official SelectionSydney Film Festival 2017

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Dominic Penton, Aidan Penton

Anthony Cobb – Fogo Island Fish

Janice Thomson

Chef Lora Kirk


Justin Simms


Annette Clarke
Executive Producer

Photo : Dave Howells


Centuries of fishing for Northern Cod off Fogo Island ended when industrial practices swiftly depleted the stocks

Now fishers on Fogo Island are returning to the old ways by building their future on a technique rooted deeply in the past

This is the beginning…

A National Film Board of Canada production

Dominic Penton
Aidan Penton

Anthony (Tony) Cobb
Fogo Island Fish

Austin Reid

Toronto, Ontario

Chef Lora Kirk
Ruby Watch Co.

Dedicated to the Memory of
Colin Low

A very special thank you to

Aidan Penton
Anthony Cobb
Austin Reid
Boyce Reid
Dominic Penton
Janice Thomson
Lora Kirk

Written & Directed by
Justin Simms

Director of Photography
Andrew MacCormack

Edited by
Justin Simms & Andrew MacCormack

Produced by
Annette Clarke

Original Music by
Ian Foster


Sound Design by
Catherine Van Der Donckt

Cinematographer – Toronto shoot
A.A. Scott McClellan

Additional Camera
Nigel Markham
Justin Simms

Drone Operator
Michael Frere

Foley Artist
Lise Wedlock

Aaron Collis

Thank you

Fogo Island Co-op
Fogo Island Fish

Additional thanks
Frank Barnes
Cecil Hancock
Phil Barnes
Jon Montes
Stu Barnes
Wanda Nolan
Tom Barnes
John Osmond
Paddy Barry
Aubrey Payne
Betty Brett
Lewis Payne
Ken Budden
Marie Payne
Steven Cannizzaro
Bern Penton
Zita Cobb
Marcel Penton
Derrick Coffin
Stella Penton
Paul Coffin
Walter Penton
Kirk Decker
André Picard
Fogo Island Arts
Edward Riche
Fogo Island Inn
Phyllis Tobin
John Griffin
Laura Wayne
Michelle van Beusekom

Online Facility

Facility Technician
Bern Hammond

Online Editor and Colourist
Steve Cook

Production Assistant
Penny Cofield

Assistant Editor
Chris MacIntosh

Technical Coordinator
Jean-François Laprise

Post-Production Assistant
Mylène Augustin

Willow Kean

Serge Boivin

Marketing Manager
Melissa Wheeler

Senior Production Coordinator
Kelly Davis

Legal Counsel
Dominique Aubry

Studio Administrator
Leslie Poyntz

Executive Producer
Annette Clarke



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