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Dear Audrey

Jeremiah Hayes
2021 | 90 min

Awards and Festivals

  • Best Documentary Film Iris Awards - Québec Cinéma, Canada (2023)

  • Best Editing, Documentary Film Iris Awards - Québec Cinéma, Canada (2023)

  • Grand Prix Documentary AwardRising Sun International Film Festival, Japan (2022)

  • Best EditingBrussels World Film Festival, Belgium (2022)

  • Best of Documentary Feature WinnerIndy Film Festival, Indianapolis, U.S.A. (2022)

  • Dr. Sydney K. Shapiro Philanthropic AwardPhoenix Film Festival, Arizona, U.S.A. (2022)

  • Cercle d’or Best Feature Film – DocumentaryFestival cinéma du monde de Sherbrooke, Sherbrooke, Canada (2022)

  • Silver Winner – Best Feature Documentary Tokyo Film Awards, Tokyo, Japan (2022)

  • Best Editing of a DocumentaryMadrid International Film Festival, Madrid, Spain (2022)

  • The Excellence in Editing AwardDocs Without Borders Film Festival (2022)

  • People's Choice AwardRIDM (Montreal International Documentary Festival), Canada (2021)

  • Nomination - Ted Rogers Best Feature Length DocumentaryCanadian Screen Awards, Toronto, Canada (2023)

  • Nomination - Best Editing in a Feature Length DocumentaryCanadian Screen Awards, Toronto, Canada (2023)

  • Nomination - Best Original Music in a Feature Length DocumentaryCanadian Screen Awards, Toronto, Canada (2023)

  • Nominated – Best Canadian DocumentaryVancouver Film Critics Circle, Canada (2023)

  • Nomination - Best Original Score for a Documentary Feature FilmCanadian Screen Music Awards, Canada (2022)



About Martin and Audrey

Director's Statement


Excerpt 1 - Audrey Gets Lost

Excerpt 2 - Tree of Life

Excerpt 3 - Budgie

Excerpt 4 - Nick's Birthday


Unknown photographer
Photo: Unknown photographer

Young Audrey, (circa 1970).
Jeremiah Hayes
Photo: Jeremiah Hayes

Martin is on a laptop, while Audrey stands behind him, watching him.
Jeremiah Hayes
Photo: Jeremiah Hayes

Audrey sits in the backseat of a car looking out of the window.
John Walker
Photo: John Walker

A young Martin Duckworth with his film camera (circa 1971).
Jeremiah Hayes
Photo: Jeremiah Hayes

Martin hugs Audrey after she walked away from him, wandering off in a city park.
Jeremiah Hayes
Photo: Jeremiah Hayes

Jacqueline runs into Audrey's arms after a very distressful moment where she believed her mother had gotten lost in the city.
Jeremiah Hayes
Photo: Jeremiah Hayes

In a pet shop, Martin, Audrey, and Jacqueline eagerly wait for the blue budgie that they picked out.
Martin Duckworth
Photo: Martin Duckworth

Martin and Audrey share an embrace in a photograph from their younger days together.
Jeremiah Hayes
Photo: Jeremiah Hayes

Martin Duckworth recounts his extraordinary life during one of the interviews with the director.

Promotional Materials

Filmmaker Bio

Jeremiah Hayes
Director and Producer

Photo : Ai Umeda

André Barro


Annette Clarke
Producer and Executive Producer

Photo : Dave Howells

Glen Salzman
Executive Producer


Pablo Salzman
Executive Producer


Katherine Buck
Executive Producer

Photo : Not available


Directed by
Jeremiah Hayes

Produced by
Jeremiah Hayes
André Barro
Annette Clarke

Written & Edited by
Jeremiah Hayes

Cinematography & Location Sound by
Jeremiah Hayes

Music Composition by
Walker Grimshaw

Music Played by
Flute and Clarinets
Patricio Böttcher
Eric Heidbreder
Nelson Moneo
Samuel Bisson
Andrew McLeod

Sound Design by
Mélanie Gauthier

Visual Effects Supervisor & Animation Director
Joshua Sherrett

Animation by
Dan Buller
Joshua Sherrett

Animation Post Producer
Yasmine Amor

Co-Written by
Daniel Diaz

Editing Consultants
Ai Umeda
Nicola Zavaglia
Arto Paragamian

For Cineflix Productions Inc.

EVP Production & Administration
Sherri Rufh

EVP Post Production
Lynn Van Rooyen

Post Production Supervisor
Jacqueline Tam

Cineflix Marketing by

SVP, Marketing & Communications
Amber Baker

Senior Manager, Marketing & Communications
Katina Katadotis

Senior Manager, Publicity
Vanessa Marra

Archival Research by
Thea Toole
Jeremiah Hayes

Archives Courtesy of
Audrey Schirmer
AP Archive
Critical Past
Footage For Pro
Getty Images
John Walker
Marianna Rydvald
Martin Duckworth
National Archives & Records Administration
NFB Archives
Periscope Film
Watson Kintner Collection, the Penn Museum Film Archives
WPA Film Library
Swarthmore College/Medisch Comite Nederland Vietnam
Prelinger Archive
Satu Repo

Additional Music by

The Return, Seaone, Exploring
© Mark Orton Tunguska Music (BMI)
Performed by Mark Orton

The Barn (SUA_Facing_the_Truth)
© Mark Orton Tunguska Music (BMI)
Performed by Walker Grimshaw

Sunrise at Independence, New West
© Mark Orton Camp Watertown Music (ASCAP)
Performed by Tin Hat

© Ben Goldberg Njamin Music (ASCAP)
Performed by Tin Hat
Courtesy of BAG Production Records

Licensed by arrangement with Hans Wendl Produktion

Diminished Capacity
© Robert Burger Manners McDade Music Publishing Ltd. (PRS)
Performed by Robert Burger
Licensed by arrangement with
Manners McDade Music Publishing Ltd. and Robert Burger

Vive Solo
© Les Editions de la Bascule/Strictly Confidential (BMI) and Crammed Discs
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Written by Robert Griffin Lowe, Michael Allen Muller
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© Songs Of Universal, Inc. on behalf of Warner-Barham Music Llc. (BMI)
Written by Rob Simonsen
Performed by Walker Grimshaw

Audrey’s Photo Journey
© Ned Bouhalassa (SOCAN)
Performed by Ned Bouhalassa

Online Editing by
Serge Verreault

Graphic Design by
Cynthia Ouellet
Jacques Bertrand Simard

Music Clearances by
Katherina Huck
Key of Harmony Music Publishing
& Ann Mayall

Re-Recording by
Isabelle Lussier

Foley Artist
Simon Meilleur

Foley Recording by
Geoffrey Mitchell

For the National Film Board of Canada

Production Supervisor
Roz Power

Technical Coordinators
Daniel Lord
Christopher MacIntosh

Digital Editing Technicians
Marie-Josée Gourde
Pierre Dupont
Patrick Trahan

Sound Technician
Bernard Belley

Senior Production Coordinator
Cheryl Murgatroyd

Studio Administrator
Leslie Anne Poyntz

Marketing Manager
Jamie Hammond

Marketing Coordinator
Jolène Lessard

Jennifer Mair

Legal Counsel
Dominique Aubry

Thanks for the onscreen participation of

Denise Albert
Fatima Banane
Evelyne Brochu
Nicole Duong
Martin Duckworth
Marya Duckworth
Sylvia Duckworth
David Fennario
Dylan Hetherington
Natascha Thiara Rydvald

Khai Parchment
Satu Repo
Anana Rydvald
Marianna Rydvald
Michael Rubbo
Audrey Schirmer
Danielle Schirmer
Jacqueline Schirmer
Nick Schirmer
David Whiteside

Executive Producers
Katherine Buck
Annette Clarke
Glen Salzman
Pablo Salzman


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