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Mariette Sluyter

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6 Women. 6 Recipes.



Produced by the National Film Board of Canada

Created by Mariette Sluyter
Associate Producer – Teri Snelgrove
Interactive Producer – Dana Dansereau
Executive Producer – Loc Dao
Written by Mariette Sluyter
Story Editor – Jen Moss
Designer – Tracey Lebedovich
Developer – Darren Ortiz
Operations and Production Manager – Janine Steele
Project Managers – Vanessa Fukuyama, Laura Mitchell
Interactive Editor – Nicholas Klassen
Copy Editor – Jen Moss
Recipe Editor – Stacey Sellars
Director of Photography – Andrew Coppin
Location Sound Recordists – Per Asplund, Frank Russo, Sean Feldstein
Video Editor – Bill Hardman
Audio Editor – Jen Moss
Sound Designer and Composer – Dan Leavers
Motion Graphics – Chris McKinlay
Studio Administrator – Jennifer Roworth
Production Coordinators – Karen Downing, Kat Jayme
Production Supervisor – Kathryn Lynch
Technical Edit Coordinator – Wes Machnikowski
Production Assistants – Karen Chapman, Sarah Hagar, Nancy Jibbe
Marketing Manager – Jenny Thibault
Publicist – Pat Dillon
Web Marketing – Julie Matlin, Kathryn Ruscito
System Administrators – Sergiu Raul Suciu, Bruno Gervasi

Special thanks:
Heather Jalbout
Moira Keigher
Natalie Muyres
Brian Nicol
Brian Padlewski
Pieter Stathis
Sean Toner
William F. White International
The women of Bread and their families

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