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Bear 71 VR

Produced by the National Film Board of Canada in collaboration with Google, IDFA Doclab, and Sound and Vision


About Bear 71

Strategic and Creative Details

Where Bear 71 Came From By Leanne Allison


Leanne Allison

Leanne Allison

Leanne Allison (Director) is a Gemini Award-winning filmmaker who takes audiences far off the beaten track to explore the experiences of endangered wildlife. Her credits include the NFB documentaries Being Caribou and Finding Farley, with husband Karsten Heuer.

Jeremy Mendes

Jeremy Mendes

Jeremy Mendes (Director) is a Vancouver-based artist with over 10 years’ experience working on interactive projects. A three-time Webby Award winner, he is currently working freelance on interactive projects with the NFB’s Digital Studio.

Dana Dansereau
Producer (NFB)

Dana Dansereau

Dana Dansereau is an interactive producer at the National Film Board of Canada’s Digital Studio, where he oversees the ideation and production of core projects. Over the years, he has brought to life such innovative works as Circa 1948, Bear71, War of 1812, and Hyperlocal. During his earlier work as creative technologist and technical director at Dare/Cossette, one of Canada’s leading interactive advertising agencies, Dansereau lent his inimitable artistic touch to numerous innovative and award-winning social media projects. His experience in the advertising industry brings a unique perspective to the creation of the NFB’s world-leading interactive storytelling experiences.

Rob McLaughlin

Rob McLaughlin

Rob McLaughlin (Producer) Currently an Editor-In-Chief and Deputy Publisher at Postmedia newspapers in Canada, he is considered one of his country’s leading innovators in the field of factual interactive content. His work has been awarded dozens of international honours including the 2011 and 2010 Webby Awards for best Online Documentary programs.

Loc Dao
Executive Producer

Loc Dao

As Executive Producer/Creative Technologist Loc Dao heads up digital content and strategy for English Programming at the National Film Board of Canada. Loc oversees the slate of digital projects and leads the digital team which has created and produced award-winning work such as Bear 71, Waterlife, Welcome to Pinepoint, The Test Tube with David Suzuki, This Land and more available on nfb.ca/interactive.

His work has been awarded dozens of major international and national honours including one 2012 Webby Award for God’s Lake Narrows (godslake.nfb.ca), two 2011 Webby Awards for Welcome to Pinepoint (pinepoint.nfb.ca), the 2010 Webby Award for Best Online Documentary program for Waterlife (waterlife.nfb.ca) and Best Cross Platform program for The Test Tube (nfb.ca/testtube) at the 2009 Canadian New Media Awards. Loc’s role varies from Digital Creator on The Test Tube, to Creative Producer on Waterlife to Creative Technologist on all of the NFB’s digital content.

Prior to joining the NFB, Loc worked in the private new media industry on projects such as the Vancouver 2010 Olympics’ Cultural Olympiad, citizen journalism startups and publishing companies strategic transitions from print to digital.

Loc’s background is in media having moved from Sound Engineer to Webmaster to Producer to Executive Producer for CBC Radio between 1992-1998. Loc created one of the first websites for CBC in 1994 and in 2002 was Executive Producer and co-creator the award winning CBC Radio 3 web magazine/FM radio/podcast platform (archive.cbcradio3.com) that won one Prix Italia, three Webby Awards, two New York Festival Grand Prizes and an Art Directors Club award among over 20 others.


Janine Steele

Janine Steele

Janine Steele has over 15 years experience working at the confluence of traditional filmmaking and emerging medias and technologies. She is currently Director of Production and Operations for Digital at the National Film Board of Canada, one of the world’s leading innovative media content hubs. Her production credits include such pioneering interactive documentaries as Circa 1948, Seven Digital Deadly Sins (with the Guardian) and Bear 71, as well as work in the emerging field of virtual reality such as Cut-Off (with Vice Canada) and Cardboard Crash. Janine’s work has received dozens of awards including a Cannes Cyber Lion, FWA Site of the Year and six Webby Awards (Oscars of the Internet). Prior to the NFB, Janine was a Business Analyst with the Canadian funding agency Creative BC where she was instrumental in establishing industry leading digital and interactive media funding programs for film and digital media makers.

Bonnie Thompson
Producer (NFB)
Photo : Debbie Boccabella

Bonnie Thompson

Veteran National Film Board producer Bonnie Thompson has worked on more than 70 documentary, interactive, and animation productions out of the North West Studio. Her work has aired on national and international television and online, and has screened at prestigious festivals in Canada and worldwide.

Bonnie’s credits include Birth of A Family, which premiered at the 2017 Hot Docs film festival; Skin for Skin, an animated short that premiered at 2017 Fantasia; the feature documentary Angry Inuk, which won the Hot Docs Audience Award, the People’s Choice Award at TIFF’s annual Canada’s Top 10 Festival, and several other honours; the Oscar-nominated animated short Wild Life; and the online interactive documentary Bear 71, which won a Webby and was named FWA Site of the Year.




Leanne Allison
Jeremy Mendes

Bear 71 Voice
Mia Kirshner

Loc Dao
Bonnie Thompson
Dana Dansereau
Rob McLaughlin
Janine Steele

Executive Producers
Loc Dao
Rob McLaughlin
David Christensen

Written by
JB MacKinnon

Jennifer Moss

Produced in partnership with

Commissioned by
IDFA Doclab
in collaboration with
Sound and Vision

Interactive Design, Development and Programming

Executive Creative Director
Pablo Vio

Creative Director
Dirk Van Ginkel

Technical Director
Aaron Morris

Tomasz Dysinksi
Matt DesLaurier
Arturo Paracuelos
Gauthier Pompougnac
Wenchen Li

Designers (VR)
Steven Mengin
Pedro Barroso

Executive Producer
Michael Dobell

Ben McEvoy

Design (Original – Web)
Aubyn Freybe-Smith

Sound Designer
Joshua Stevenson

Video Editor
Bill Hardman
Hart Snider

Music Consultant
Jonathan Orr

Wordmark Design
Patrick Johnson

Social Story Design/Installation Co-Creator
Lance Weiler


Associate Creative Technologist
Vincent McCurley

Project Managers
Laura Mitchell
Vanessa Fukuyama

Centre Administrators
Darin Clausen
Carla Jones

Production Coordinators
Faye Yoneda
Ginette D’Silva
Jennifer Roworth
Teri Snelgrove
Jasmine Pullukatt

Tammy Peddle

Jennifer Mair

Social Media
Kathryn Ruscito

System Administrators
Sergiu Raul Sucio
Bruno Gervasi

Legal Services
Christian Pitchen

Trail camera images
Parks Canada
Alberta Provincial Parks
Montana State University

Stills Photography
Graeme Pole / Mountain Vision

Additional Footage
Alex Taylor
Leanne Allison

Written by Thomas Edward Yorke, Jonathan Richard Guy Greenwood, Colin Charles Greenwood, Edward John O’Brien, and Philip James Selway
Performed by Radiohead
Reproduced with Permission from Warner Chapell Music Canada and Beggars Group Media

“Zone 4”
Written by Cooper Crain
Performed by Bitchin’ Bajas
Reproduced with Permission from Cooper Crain

Written and Performed by Laurie Spiegel
Courtesy of Laurie Spiegel/ Laurie Spiegel Publishing

Written and Performed by Tim Hecker
Published by Tim Hecker (SOCAN)
Appears Courtesy of Kranky, Ltd.

“Sheets Two”
Composed by Brendon Anderegg and Koen Holtkamp
Performed by Mountains
From the Album Choral
Reproduced with Permission from Thrill Jockey Records

“White Oak White Pine”
Written by Per Henrik Svalastog
Performed by Svalastog
Courtesy of Rune Grammofon

“Minuet for a Cheap Piano”
Written by Adam Wiltzie & Dustin O’Halloran
Performed by Winged Victory for the Sullen
Reproduced with Permission from Kranky, Ltd. & Erased Tapes

“Dragging the Streets”
Written by Liz Harris
Performed by Grouper
Licensed Courtesy of Liz Harris

“Alien Observer”
Written by Liz Harris
Performed by Grouper
Licensed Courtesy of Liz Harris

“Midnight On Princess”
Written by Scott Morgan
Performed by Loscil
Licensed Courtesy of Ghostly International

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