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Colin MacKenzie and Aparna Kapur
2019 | 15 min

Selections and Awards

  • Official SelectionFIN Atlantic International Film Festival, Halifax, Nova Scotia (2019)

  • Official SelectionSt. John’s International Women’s Film Festival, St. John's, Newfoundland & Labrador (2019)





Colin Mackenzie
Writer and Director

Photo : Stephan Ballard

Aparna Kapur
Writer and Director

Photo : Stephan Ballard

Kat Baulu

Photo : NFB

Annette Clarke
Executive Producer

Photo : Dave Howells


Written and Directed by
Colin MacKenzie and Aparna Kapur

Very Special Thanks
Winton Cook

Art Director and Animator
Aparna Kapur

Additional Animation and Compositing
Elise Simard
Claire Blanchet

Story Consultant
Shandi Mitchell

Picture Editor
Susan Shanks

Voice of Winton Cook
Grady Ainscough

Voice Direction
Teri Snelgrove

Original Music and Sound Design
Judith Gruber-Stitzer

Assistant Sound Editor
Sandy Pinteus


David Gossage

Veenha & Guitar
Joe Grass

Bass Saxophone
Jason Sharp

Additional Music
composed by David Gossage 2019 (SOCAN)
and reproduced by permission

Live Action Unit – Kerala, India

Director of Photography
Santosh Sivan

Assistant Camera
Sojan Vn

Production Manager
Milind Verekar

Location Manager
Anirudh Menon

Consulting Elephant Biologist
Nibha Namboodiri

Technical Coordinator Project and Shooting Equipment Specialist
Steve Hallé

Documentary Interview Recording – Halifax
Allan Scarth

Karla Baumgardner

Foley and Music Recording
Geoff Mitchell

Voice Recording
The Mix Room

Audio Engineer
Jamie Mahaffey

Technical Director
Eloi Champagne

Technical Animation Coordinator
Randall Finnerty

Post-Production Coordinators
Daniel Lord
Jean-François Laprise

Technical Coordinator
Christopher MacIntosh

Digital Technical Coordinators
Isabelle Painchaud
Pierre Dupont
Patrick Trahan

Colin MacKenzie
Vincenzo Ravina
Ashley Corbett

Visual Archives
CBC Archives
Eric Hogan
Archives National Film Board of Canada
Nova Scotia Archives
Robert Nunn

The Chronicle Herald
Colin MacKenzie
John Gray
Lilly Zink
Mary Moland
Pramod Jolly
Winton Cook

Rights Clearance
Hélène Dubé

Bruce Alcock & Tina Ouellette
Claire Blanchet
Donald McWilliams
Firas Momani
Fred Casia
Michael Crummey

Dyane Provost

Mélanie Bouchard
Cynthia Ouellette

Online Editor
Denis Pilon

Jean Paul Vialard

Production Coordinator
Christine Williams

Senior Production Coordinator
Camila Blos

Production Manager Trainee
Marian Rebeiro

Studio Administrator
Leslie Anne Poyntz

Marketing Manager
Johanna Lessard

Patricia Dillon-Moore

Legal Counsel
Christian Pitchen

Associate Producer
Teri Snelgrove

Associate Producers
Mylène Augustin
Jon Montes

Maral Mohammadian

Kat Baulu

Executive Producer
Annette Clarke

Executive Director, English Program
Michelle van Beusekom

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