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Ash & Oil: Fort McMurray After the Fire

Julia Ivanova
2016 | 9 min




Julia Ivanova
Photo : Sergei Bachlakov

Julia Ivanova

Documentary filmmaker Julia Ivanova grew up in Moscow and was trained at the Russian Film Institute. After immigrating to Canada in 1995, Julia developed a deep commitment to making films that break individual and societal perceptions. She directed a number of intimate films on the topics of minorities, orphanhood and search for love. Her recent work includes Fatherhood Dreams (2007), Love Translated (2010), and Family Portrait in Black and White (2011), which premiered at Sundance Film Festival and won at Hot Docs Film Festival. She recently spent three years in Fort McMurray, Alberta, gathering footage for her latest production, Limit is the Sky.

Bonnie Thompson
Photo : Debbie Boccabella

Bonnie Thompson

Bonnie Thompson is a veteran National Film Board of Canada producer with over 65 film credits. She works with Alberta and Canadian media makers and producers out of the North West Studio in Edmonton, on a slate of documentary, interactive, and animation productions.

Thompson’s award-winning productions have been broadcast on national and international television, shown on the web, and screened at festivals in Canada and around the world. Recent production highlights include the Genie-nominated documentary Wiebo’s War; the feature documentaries Who Cares and Legend of a Warrior, which screened at Hot Docs; the animated short Wild Life, nominated for an Academy Award and a Genie; and the acclaimed Webby and FWA award-winning website Bear 71.


Directed by
Julia Ivanova

Ileana Pietrobruno
Brendon Woollard

Julia Ivanova

Adithya Sambamurthy
Bonnie Thompson

Executive Producers
David Christensen
Valerie Lapinski
Charlie Phillips

Executive Director
Michelle van Beusekom

Sound Design
Chris McIntosh
Postal Audio

Herman Ansink

Studio Post
Phone Footage
Steven and Mucharata Minog

Mucharata Minog
Brian and Dianalee Walrond
Rick Kirschner
MacMurray Gospel Assembly
NFB Pacific Studio
Wes Machnikowski
Shirely Vercruysse
Jennifer Rowan

Production Coordinators
Faye Yoneda
Ginette D’Silva

Production Supervisor
Esther Viragh

Program Administrator
Bree Beach

Centre Operations Manager
Darin Clausen

Produced by the National Film Board of Canada in Collaboration with The Guardian

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