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As the Crow Flies

Tess Girard
2016 | 83 min 54


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Air Cadet Emma Flanagan-Dellipizzi.

Air Cadets chatting before boarding the bus to the Waterloo-Wellington Flight Centre.

Air Cadets preparing to board the bus for the Waterloo-Wellington Flight Centre.

Aerial view from a plane.

Air Cadet Rhea Gaur.

Cadet Christopher Hoverd Air Cadet Emma Flanagan-Dellipizzi.

Air Cadets Namita Sharma, Ricardo Ferreira Da Silva, and Victoria Geveart.

Pilot log books, text books, and official name tags await to be handed out to the arriving cadets.

Air Cadet Victoria Geveart braiding her hair.

Waterloo-Wellington Flight Centre.

Air Cadets in their first class.

Air Cadet Maha Minni.

Air Cadets Rhea Gaur, Emma Flanagan-Dellipizzi and Victoria Gevaert.

Shadow of the plane.

Aerial shot of one of the planes.

Air Cadet Andre Charron.

Air Cadet Namita Sharma with instructor.

Air Cadet Namita Sharma with instructor.

Shot of plane from the ground.

Air Cadet Victoria Gevaert with instructor.


Lea Marin

Photo : NFB

Anita Lee
Executive Producer (NFB)

Photo : NFB

Tess Girard

Photo : Tess Girard


Written and Directed by
Tess Girard

Produced by
Lea Marin

Executive Producer
Anita Lee

Director of Photogrphy
Tess Girard

Ryan J. Noth

Sound Recordist
Mike Filippov

Original Music Composed by
Paul Aucoin and Snowblink

Michael Andrews
Raveen Appuhamy
Andre Charron
Emma Flanagan-Dellipizzi
Rhea Gaur
Julia Gevaert
Victoria Gevaert
Christopher Hoverd
Daniel Kang
Alexander Leung
Abhay Mahajan
Maha Minni
Brandon Moore
Stewart Norval
Joshua Timothy Shand
Namita Sharma
James Shaw
Ricardo Ferreira Da Silva
Brandon Lucas Spano

Production Supervisor
Mark Wilson

Studio Administrator
Stefanie Brantner

Additional Cinematography
Maya Bankovic
John Price

Additional Sound Recording
Maya Bankovic
Tess Girard

Production Coordinator
Andrew Martin-Smith

Technical Coordinator
Marcus Matyas

Assistant Editors
Curry Leamen
Zoya Rezaie

Production Assistants
Kanishka Gulati
Chris Niesing

Online Editor
Yannick Carrier

Re-recording Mixer
Serge Boivin

Sound Design / Editing Supervisor
Daniel Pellerin

Original Sound Design
James Mark Stewart

Dialogue / Sync Editor
Rob Hutchins

Sound Effects Editor
Geoff Raffan

Music Editor
Daniel Pellerin

Foley Artist
John Sievert

Foley Recordist
Randy Wilson

Voice Over Recording
Mike Norberg

Foley and Voice Over Recording Facility
JRS Productions

Sound Design and Editing Provided by
Daniel Pellerin Digital Sound Production 

Marketing Manager
Melissa Wheeler

Jennifer Mair

Stills Photographer
Dave Chidley

Legal Counsel
Peter Kallianiotis

“Best Loved Spot”
Written by Daniela Gesundheit and Dan Goldman
Performed by Snowblink
Courtesy of Arts & Crafts Productions Inc.

“Watching Herzog and Listening to the Idiot”
Performed by Rich Aucoin
Written by Rich Aucoin
Published by Third Side Music Inc.
Courtesy of Sonic Entertainment”

“The Sun Roars Into View”
Performed by Colin Stetson and Sarah Neufeld
Written by Colin Stetson and Sarah Neufeld
Published by Third Side Music Inc./ Sarah Neufeld
Courtesy of Constellation Records

“Goodbye Eyes”
Written by Daniela Gesundheit and Dan Goldman
Performed by Snowblink
Courtesy of Arts & Crafts Productions Inc.

“All at Once”
Performed by Pete Samples
Written by Brent Freedman (SOCAN)
Published by Brent Freedman (SOCAN)
Courtesy of Brent Freedman




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