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Arab Women Say What?!

Les femmes arabes disent ÇA ?
Nisreen Baker
2023 | 82 min
Original version in English, Arabic with English subtitles

Awards and Festivals

  • Official SelectionAANM’s Arab Film Festival, Michigan, U.S.A. (2024)

  • Official SelectionFestival du Monde Arabe, Montreal, Canada (2023)

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Nermeen looking at Edmonton skyline

Hala and her kids looking at a photo album

Photo: NFB

Women featured in the film

Aya, a Syrian-Canadian musician, serenading the women during their gathering.

Laylan, an Iraqi-Kurdish-Canadian estimator, talking about the situation in Iraq.

Nermeen, an Egyptian-Canadian health policy advisor, talking about her feelings when she visits Egypt.

Nedra, a Tunisian-Canadian Educator.

Carmen, an Egyptian-Canadian IT project manager.

Sanaa, a Moroccan-Canadian IT business analyst, with her dog, Lola.

Tereza, a Sudanese-Canadian manager.

Hala, a Lebanese-Canadian IT manager


Nisreen Baker

Photo : Nayeem Mano

Coty Savard
Producer (NFB)

Photo : Conor McNally

David Christensen
Executive Producer (NFB)

Photo : NFB


Written and Directed by
Nisreen Baker

Participants (Alphabetical Order)
Aya Mhana
Carmen Eissa
Hala Hassan
Laylan Alzahawi
Nedra Kharrat
Nermeen Youssef
Sanaa Khalil
Tereza Demian

Picture Editor
Hans Olson

Director of Photography
Tamarra Lessard
Holly Mazur

Additional iphone footage
Aya Mhana
Carmen Eissa
Hala Hassan
Laylan Alzahawi
Nedra Kharrat
Nermeen Youssef
Sanaa Khalil
Tereza Demian

Sound Recordists
Ariana Brophy
Dmitri Bandet
Myles Belland

Original music by
Aya Mhana

Adham Radwan
Alaa Alabdallah

Amjad Aljaramani
Anas Srayaldin

Original Music by
Aya Mhana
© National Film Board of Canada (SOCAN), 2023

فوق النخل orفوق إلنا خل
“Foog El Kehl or Foogen Elna Khel” [Above the Palm Tree or Upstairs We Have a Beloved Person]
Composed by Othman Al-Mawsili
Lyrics by Jubouri Al-Najjar
Public Domain

قضCة عم احمد
“Kadyt Am Ahmed” [Uncle Ahmed’s Case]
Written and composed by Omar Khairat
© SACERAU, 2023

و من الشPاك
“Wemn el shebak” [And Out of the Window]
Composed by Mohamed Abdel Rahim El Masloob
Public Domain

آە Uا حلو Uا W Y مسليX
“Ah Ya Helw Ya Msaleeny” [Oh You Beautiful Who Is Keeping Me Company]
Composed by Mohamed Abdel Rahim El Masloob
Public Domain

دقوا المزاهر
“Douqqo El-Mazaher” [Play the Drums]
Composed by Fareed Al-Attrach
Lyrics by Fathy Quora
© SACERAU, 2023

تحت الCاسمينة W Xi اللCل
“Tahat El Yasimena Fil Leel” [Under the Jasmine Tree at Night]
Written and composed by Med Hedi Jouini
© OTDAV, Organisme Tunisien des Droits d’Auteur et des Droits Voisins, 2023

Composed and performed by Aya Mhana
© National Film Board of Canada (SOCAN), 2023

Dmitri Bandet
Hans Olson

Sound Design & Mix
Johnny Blerot

Nisreen Baker
Roula Salam

Roula Salam | Words Without Borders

Online Editor & Colourist
Serge Verreault | NFB
Jason Ludwig | Studio Post

Titles & Graphics
Alicia Krawuchuk | Studio Post
Cynthia Ouellet | NFB

Music Clearance
Elizabeth Klinck

Nisreen Baker

Story Consultant
Bonnie Thompson

Production Supervisor
April Dunsmore
Esther Viragh

Studio Operations Manager
Devon Supeene
Darin Clausen

Production Coordinator
Jessica Smith
Everett Sokol

Studio Administrator
Bree Beach
Darin Clausen

Technical Coordinator
Lyne Lapointe
Luc Binette

Legal Counsel
Christian Pitchen

Marketing Manager
Leena Minifie
Carly Kastner
Kelly Fox

Marketing Coordinator
Michelle Rozon

Katja De Bock

Coty Savard

Executive Producer
David Christensen

Associate Producer
Devon Supeene
Everett Sokol

Thank You
Abdel Kharrat
Haitham Kharrat
Brittany Goertz
Amber Haque
Sophia Haque
Susan Demian
Enya Ajram
Ahmed Kashkash
Katya Avalos
Baya Ben Fadhel
Maysa Ben Fadhel
Lana Razzo
Israel Carapia Garcia
Yara Jaber
Jude Jaber
Jay Jaber
Alissar Jaber
Ghayth Jaber
Julnar Jaber
Loubna Jaber
Lucy Jaber
Chalimar Jaber
Bayan Jurdi

Nathalie Jurdi
Tania Jurdi

Diane Akl
Rana Akl

Tatiana Akl
Jad Akl

Wajdi Akl
Hana Karame

Iris Ng

Filmed in amiskwacîwâskahikan (Edmonton, Alberta) in Treaty Six Territory, the Metis homelands and Metis Nation of Alberta Region 4. The traditional territories of many First Nations such as the nêhiyawak (Cree), Dënesųłı̨né (Dene), Nakota Isga (Nakota Sioux), Anishinaabe (Saulteaux) and Niitsitapi (Blackfoot).


A National Film Board of Canada Production

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